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By June 10, 2013Gideon

Welcome to Summer bible study as we begin reading Gideon, Your Weakness God’s Strength by Priscilla Shirer. In this 6-week womens online bible study, you’ll discover one man’s struggle with his own weakness and the One True God who transformed it into triumph. You’ll also learn personal reflections applicable to your own experience and life.  It’s not too late to sign-up and join us in the Gideon study, just click here.


Each week there are five daily lessons in the Gideon Bible study, so you will read one per day for five days of the week. As you read your Bible study, for six weeks you’ll put God first in your life. Your focus will be on Him at the start of your day. It’s interesting when we read in the morning, we’re often reminded of our lesson throughout our busy day. A verse or a phrase will simmer in your mind and then refreshes itself sometime in the day. For me, this is one of the greatest benefits of Bible study and why I desire to share it with you as I lead the study. Some of you may prefer to read in the evenings or on your lunch hour…the important thing is to get started and create a routine.

Create a daily appointment with God, and don’t let anything pull you away from intimacy with Him. A good plan is to read each morning Monday through Friday, allowing the weekend to make up any lesson you missed during the week. Keep your study time simple and free from distractions.  You may find that keeping everything you need in one place will help you stay motivated.  I have a basket with my Bible, workbook, journal, pens, highlighters, reading glasses and post it notes.  If you are new to Bible study and don’t own a Bible yet, then use one of the many online versions at FREE sites such as BibleGateway.com or YouVersion.com or you may want to read this article~ How to Shop for a Bible

You are invited to participate in small group discussion via Facebook, or here at the website.  To participate in a discussion here on the website, you will answer the questions below by posting a comment. The first week our small groups will have introduction sessions, where you’ll meet your leader and co-leader, as well as the other women in your group. We’ll explain how the small groups function and help you get started in online Bible study.

VERY IMPORTANT:Please note that the first week of study, the small groups are quite populated! Many women will visit the groups to “see what it’s about” and might visit more than one group during the week. The timeline will move VERY FAST during the first week and might challenge you or frustrate you. This only happens the first week….then the small groups adjust in size and the conversation is easier to follow. During the first small group meetings, you might need to refresh your computer screen F5 to keep up. You can always go back later and re-read the timeline for your small group or jot down the prayer requests. Mobile devices are not recommended, please use a computer to access the small groups if possible.

Summer Gideon Study 2013 from LPV on Vimeo.

Prayer Requests
Our Prayer Wall is the place to reach out with your prayer needs and praise reports. Please visit the page and pray for those people who are asking you to lift them up in prayer. Pray for the leaders of this study and the women in your small group.

Assignment For The Week

  • Write a letter to God on the inside cover of your workbook. Put today’s date inside your book and tell Him where you are in your life right now, and where you hope He leads you during this study.
  • Pray before you begin reading. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to wisdom.
  • Begin reading Week One in your workbook
  • If you are watching the Priscilla Shirer videos, watch Session One, available through Lifeway (not required for participation in the study). To download the videos click here. If you are not watching the videos, the answers to the video sessions are in the back you your workbook on page 189
  • To join a Facebook small group- click here.

 Discussion Questions- Answer in your small group or post a comment below (the questions are from Beth Moore’s blog)

  1.  A fun one: What title to a popular song – from any decade you wish – best captures you right now? (It can be serious or ridiculous.)
  2.  Write one sentence describing something about your present season – your right-here-and-now – that makes it unique. Life changes constantly. What is distinct about this particular season?
  3.  In one sentence, what is one thing you wish your sisters in Christ would know about you sooner that often doesn’t come out in your relationships till later?  Complete this sentence: “I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I…”
  4.  Optional: Watch the devotional video from Beth Moore. Make a one-sentence comment regarding anything in the video devotional that resonated with you.

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  • Susan says:

    Week 2 Day 1- Priscilla shares that we must become aware of and honor God’s presence in order to get on with the purposes of God. Opened eyes precede your calling being realized.
    I think about how often I am like Jacob when he said “surely God was in this place and I knew it not”. I believe our lives would change so much if we would learn to have a constant awareness of God in our lives. Lord open our spiritual eyes that we might see you more clearly. Lord many of us need a second touch from you on our eyes that we might see clearly. Touch us as you did the blind man, that we might see you more clearly than ever before.

  • Susan says:

    (Week 2, day1) Priscilla shares that if we are constantly anticpating a grandiose event to accompany the times when we encounter God and hear His voice, we will miss out on many intimate moments in our relationship with God. The Lord reminded me of that scripture in 1Kings 19:11-12 God’s Revelation to Elijah-
    The Lord said to Elijah “Go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord passed by, and a great wind tore into the mountains and broke the rocks in pieces; but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind, an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire was a small still voice of the Lord.
    Sometimes God speaks through earthquakes, wind, and fire. We remember those times and expect Him to always speak in those ways. But most generally, when God speaks to us, I believe He speaks in a small still voice. If we are spiritually sensitive our hearts will be tuned to hear the small still voice of God.


    ~QUESTION 1~

    ~QUESTION 2~

    ~QUESTION 3~

  • Marianne says:

    1) Imagine me by Kirk Fraklin.
    2) Presently finished with my students in Year 11 and can’t wait to see their results.
    3) I wish my sisters in Christ will know that I do not get too close to people.

  • Susan says:

    Susan Duncan, Wichita, Ks./small group, #1 The song that best describes me this week is “Itsy Bitsy Tennie Weenie yellow polka-dot Bikini. Not that I am itsy bitsy or tennie weenie; but one of the youth pushed me in the lake at the church baptism and I came up out of the water with my top around my waist. As a pastor’s wife I have faced many trials, but this is more transparent than I ever dreamed of.

  • Ann says:

    1. “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder
    2. Dealing with a season of weariness because of pull on teenage daughter from “the world”; many friends whose families are “Christians/church goers” but walk with Jesus is different from our family.
    3. I wish my sisters in Christ knew that procrastination affects my resilience (which is what everyone else “sees”).
    4. Exciting Word from Beth about summer and fruit ! Summer is a season for something to ripen !!

  • SKay Fires says:

    Sharron Kay, Possum Kingdom Lake, Tx, solo: 1)”Don’t Worry, Be Happy”/”His Eye Is on the Sparrow” 2) semi-retired, relocated, new lifestyle & friendships, new church worship & fellowship, but still seeking accountability/friendship with Christian sisters 3)I’ve always been a type A personality/control freak but God is humbling me to learn submissiveness and servant hood. 4)There will always be “Summer fruit” ripening in my life that needs plucking, preparing, storing, and sharing with others for the glory of God.

  • Gail Milling says:

    The song that would reflect my life right now is called Makin’ It from the movie called Meatballs. Since my divorce I have been given the chance to go back to school,something I look forward to doing that with great excitment. I wish my sisters in Christ to know at the age of 53, I completed high school.

  • Diane says:

    Diane from VA…
    1.Song- took some thought although I keep singing the “Friendship” song from I Love Lucy to my 6 year old son … you know.. “when you’re ever in a jam here I am, when you’re ever in a mess S.O.S.” But I think I will choose “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” since I am craving more of God in my life!
    2. Seeking, no, I mean LONGING for a deeper walk with God and very excited about it!
    3. I am very playful and caring even though I am reserved.

  • christina says:

    Hi! Im Christina. I am excited about doing the Gideon study and seeing what God is going to teach me through it.

  • Sondra Stephens says:

    Sondra from VA
    1~ “I will Celebrate” by Maranatha Praise Band
    2~ Resting, waiting & praying after getting BA and seeking where God is leading me in the job market.
    3~ I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I had a sense of humor.

  • Kelleen Bent says:

    Kelleen from WA.
    1)Song that discribes me in this season. Oh How I Love Jesus.
    2)I am resently unemployed and seeking God’s will wether to return to work or use this as a growing season.
    3) I wish my sisters in Christ knew how conflicted I am.

  • Debbie Williams says:

    oops another song that came to my mind is Whom shall I Fear? by Chris Tomlin words are
    I know who goes before I knows who stands behind the God of angels armies are always by my side.

    verses that we can use for this bible study(Gideon) are Philippians 4:13 I can do all things
    thru Christ who Strengthens me cannot do it by ourself I (we)will fall down everytime.been there done that oops
    11 Corinthians 12:9 God will give you strength & power. 11 Timothy 1:7 God did not give us the spirit of fear but the power of Faith.
    God Bless you all as we study the book of Gideon! Enjoy! LiveLoveLaughDance(ifnotinachair)LOLSingPray

  • Juana says:

    I have not been in a bible study for 6 years. I miss it very much. I look forward to growing spirtually with my sisters in Christ. I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I yearn to have the Fire in Christ that I once had.

  • Eileenvp says:

    Hi I am Eileen and I live outside Vancouver British Columbia in Canada
    1. The song that probably best describes my season right now is “need you now” by plumb.
    2. This particular season I am finally finding me and reconnecting to God and who I am as His child
    3. I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I am a Christian but I am also gay and I can be both and I am not going to hell
    4. Listening to Beth talk about “fruit” that is ripening right before our eyes and I pray as she did that God will open my eyes to what it is he wishes me to harvest and use to glorify Him and not let evil devour it

  • Louella says:

    “Set me Free why don’t ya Babe” This is a unique season because I have discovered what have been holding me back from things in my life.
    I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I was once a loving a giving person because the dead of two babies and a divorce have let me feeling empty for many years. My spirit is repress. I found it funny that figs was used in her annote. I was in line at the grocery today and the customer ahead of me spend a good bit of money on figs. I was thinking how as a child we picked figs and it was a time of happiness and joy. I found that usage of figs quite refreshing and enlighten. LOL

  • Chandra Albritton says:

    My favorite song and title to a song is “What a Friend I Have In Jesus”,
    This season for me is very challenging and trying to find where I fit in life I have jst finished my Masters deree and now I need direction.
    I wish my sister in Christ knew that I feel lonely alot.

  • vanda says:

    I joined this morning’s small group but we didn’t do #4. Finally got to finish Beth Moore’s video. this struck with me. not only do we need to see and recognise the fruit, we need to also do something about the fruit – we need to gather it, save it, use it!

  • Christine Weckerly says:

    Can a transcript of the video be posted or made available?

  • Debbie Williams says:

    Hi Debbie from FL1.: my fun songs are Celebration/Kool & the Gang/Me without you/Toby Mac/Everything Good/The Afters(where I am at) 2. I love to decorate everyday not just holidays lifts others spirits & my own! I love having theme parties all year long once a month if I can fit it in.(Retired) 3.I have a testimony been 20 years since my husband admitted what I was going thru. Thanking God for this! God’s timing is always perfect intimeontimeeverytime. Don’t ever give up God wants us to win! Ephesians 6:10 Spiritual
    Warfare. When I had nowhere to go but up or down I choose God took praying trust and
    eventually lead to Faith after all these years(20years)I have lots of joy to give away!
    When family or others see the change in your life they want to change their life & look to
    God knowing Jesus(God) is our joy,peace& strength thru it all. People families are changed thru forgiveness(seen this just recently) in our family always praying God’s will be done ! Love the Video thanks Beth cute & inspirational ! Love the hit by a Banana
    LOL name Sara on the banana’s cool idea! LiveLoveLaughDance(ifnotinachair)LOLSingPray

  • Allison says:

    Allison from Scottsdale, AZ
    1. “Today is Your Birthday” by The Beatles because…well, today is my birthday!
    2. While I celebrate the anniversary of the day I was born, I just received a call from my sister letting me know of my father’s passing just an hour ago giving me so much to reflect on regarding the impact he has had on my life thus far and on my life going forward.

    3. “I wish my sisters in Christ knew that I…” am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband , four adult children, and a brand new grand baby, but I tend to self-sabotage situations or even sometimes relationships because of my insecurities and approval addiction.
    4. *Optional: Make a one-sentence comment regarding anything in the video
    devotional that resonated with you. Beth’s articulate analogy regarding taking note of the ‘fruit’ that is ripening right before us that we don’t even recognize…I share Beth’s prayer that I will have enlightened eyes for what God would like for me to see and to understand what God would want me to do with that fruit.

  • Amy says:

    Unfortunately, this bible study online s NOT deaf friendly !!! Videos for Gideon is NOT closed captioned nor is NOT provided written script. That is very discouraged for us !!!! This is year 2013. They have not accommodate our needs yet !!! They need to do close caption on all videos and have written scripts handy. What is so disappointed is that I was very much looking forward to join the online BIBLE study learning more on HIM. I am sorry to say it is hopeless at this point. And I certainly hope you all take consideration to make all materials accommodated very soon.

    • I’m really sorry Amy, however the Womens Bible Cafe is not affiliated with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer or Lifeway…so we are unable to help beyond what the publisher and authors create, because it’s all protected by copyright law. My prayer is that they will created closed captioned videos for you…or a software that converts voice to text… PLEASE be sure to contact Lifeway customer service…they are very helpful!

      Also, the videos are NOT required for our studies and only about 10% of the women here use them. So please join us!

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