Wonderstruck Online Bible Study Week 6

Welcome back to online Bible study for women, today we complete our Wonderstruck study by Margaret Feinberg. What an amazing six weeks of Bible study! Margaret framed the topics of divine expectation, God’s presence, rest, prayer, friendship and forgiveness. I hope you did not miss a single lesson in your workbook….the discoveries we made are key ingredients to living a fruitful Christian life.


We’ve finished week six in our workbooks and ended our Bible study focused on forgiveness. We’ve got some great questions for small group discussion this week, so please visit one of the groups since this is the last week for Wonderstruck discussions. The final group will be Sunday morning with Sonya Nelson.

Our focus this week has been on how God forgives you personally. The Bible is rich with stories of forgiveness and grace extended to the undeserving. Allow freedom to sink into your heart when you forgive others. Realize that the consequence of unforgiveness is bitterness, resentment and anger. Don’t let that marinate in your heart! If you struggle in this area, pray constantly and ask the Lord to teach you to forgive. Stop telling yourself “my whole family is this way” and stop playing a victim. It’s time to realize that we are Daughters of the King, not victims. We are forgiven and free. It’s time our words and actions reflect Christ.

True forgiveness will leave you wonderstruck, when you recognize that God is the author of your life.

You can write a book based on resentment, bitterness, anger and hurts….or you can write a book on freedom, forgiveness and love. If you author with God…you can easily see which book you would choose  I love the fact that God already has a “publication date” and knows the contents of my book. See Psalm 139

Forgiving others takes the burden and puts it at the foot of the cross. I don’t need to carry the weight because I am truly free by nail pierced hands. There is struggle in freedom, sometimes its even ugly, yet in the end we come out as a beautiful child of God. Sometimes I need to remind myself “Jesus loves her too” and then I see someone from His perspective. It would grieve the Holy Spirit if I did not forgive someone He loves. I need to frame my thoughts through scripture.

Embrace freedom. Live wonderstruck in the Presence of the Lord. After these last six weeks of Bible study, you should have a new vision and an expectation of wonder. May the Lord continue to awaken you to the wonders…from now until eternity.

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall has many requests, so please visit the page during the week and pray for these women who are asking for your help. If you have a prayer request, post a comment on the wall.

Group Discussion- Answer below or with your small group

  1. When have you seen a person forgive someone else that was particularly powerful or meaningful for you? (page 138)
  2. How does reflecting on God’s forgiveness, and the experience of creating the list of 30 things God has forgiven you, strengthen your resolve to forgive others? (page 141)
  3. When have you felt like a prisoner of unforgiveness? (page 151)
  4. How does forgiving others make you feel freer? (page 153)
  5. After completing this study, how does nurturing a sense of divine expectation and praying for wonder make you more sensitive to God in your own life?

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  • Susan says:

    you know it is only God who has blessed me with tremendous peace in all of this. I think my problem has been in that others have been judgmental. I will continue to trust God with this and not listen to the other voices around me. Staying focused on Him. It’s the best place to be! Thanks for the reminder!

  • Susan says:

    I have to say the chapter on forgiveness was hard for me. I have wrestled with this for many years. I am one who finds it easy to forgive – when the person asking is sorrowful, is genuine . .but when they are just saying the words, just going through the motions, it is hard to extend grace – because then it seems like my feelings don’t really matter to the person – they are just trying to push the problem away. And, me , well honestly, I hate confrontation, so I push aside facing the wrongs, so there won’t be a reason to discuss or face life’s hurts. And I don’t stand up for myself. I am one to apologize quickly, the one who “begs” for forgiveness if I have hurt someone. I hate to even think of hurting someone.
    But then there are the times when the person who has done the wrong doesn’t seek my forgiveness, or God’s forgiveness. are we required to forgive the injustices they have done against us? how do we handle those times? and ex-son-in-law who was found guilty of molesting his step-child . . .despite evidence, he says he is not guilty. I had someone say I needed to forgive him . .he hasn’t asked, hasn’t sought forgiveness, instead he shows anger and hatred and accuses others . . .I don’t think I need to extend him forgiveness. I just don’t need to hate him. What do you think? I’ve wrestled with the idea of forgiveness for over 25 years . . .ever since I was a victim of a violent crime. The offenders never sought forgiveness, yet I was told by someone in church that I needed to forgive them . . . is forgiveness extended to those who don’t seek it? the person I forgave was the church member who spoke judgmentally out of ignorance . .

    So I would appreciate some feedback on this – is forgiveness required when the person doesn’t seek forgiveness? I think of Jesus prayer – forgive those who have trespassed against you . . . .- I want to be forgiven of my sins . . .but I seek forgiveness, what do we do with those who don’t seek our forgiveness?

    Christine, I am so glad you picked this book as one to study, it is not one I would have picked up on my own. I enjoyed it, it made me think . . . I wasn’t able to participate on the facebook discussions – my schedule has been crazy lately . .but I have read several of the discussions when they were over. Wonderstruck reminded me to stop and just appreciate God.

    • Forgiveness is not about the other person Susan, its about you. Regardless of what your offender does, forgiveness and freedom come from within. When we take our eyes off the offender, and place them of Jesus, we have a different view.

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