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A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David
by Beth Moore

Years ago, I sat propped up in bed and began reading the hardback edition of A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David.  For all my love of Bible Study, I’d never read one of Beth Moore’s books before.  A friend had recommended it to me and I settled in that night planning to read the book quickly and voraciously.aheartlikehis2

Normally, I speed through books, but this time I couldn’t.  After growing up in the church and hearing the stories of David portrayed on hundreds of flannel boards, I was shocked by the fresh perspective of Beth Moore.  Shocked that I had so much to learn about David.  Shocked by the application and challenge in each chapter of the book.

So I slowed down and read the book in small pieces.  Now that I’ve re-read the book in the paperback edition, I knew what to expect from Beth’s studies—in-depth discussion of Scripture and continual life application.  This is not Bible Study aimed at filling our heads with knowledge; it’s a passionate look at Scripture so that we can learn, change and grow.

The book is divided into 52 chapters and covers the backstory leading up to David’s life and kingship all the way to his death and the legacy he left with his son Solomon.  Each chapter is short and easy to read in one sitting with prompts directing you to the passage of Scripture being covered so you can read it first in your own Bible.  Whenever possible, she aligns the descriptions of David’s life with his own poetry and songs, making this an in-depth study of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Chronicles and portions of the Psalms that works well for individuals or groups.

Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to a group of women share what they had learned after studying the life of David for nine months as a group.  Some women confessed struggling to understand how a guy who made so many mistakes could have a heart like God’s.  Others stood to their feet and admitted that they felt just like David and his need for God’s grace.  Ultimately, any study of David isn’t really about David at all; it’s about God and how He works to draw us to Him, to transform and mature us, and to make us usable vessels that bring Him glory.  That’s just a portion of what you’ll learn as you read this book, which makes it worth reading, studying, re-reading, and sharing with others.

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  • Isabel says:

    A few weeks ago, I was at the Lifeway Bookstore, and I wanted to get a study, seeing so many there and being new to this, I chose seeking a Heart Like Mine (I have not started, because I feel (and this is my opinion) that it always takes me longer than the weeks that are given, I have never done a bible study like its being done on WBC, and I have to say I love it, I want to slowly go thru this one, because I asked myself the same question. How does a person who has a heart like his, do so many things that seem so wrong, (I am not wanting to judge) but yes I need to read this slowly and I really want the Lord to minister to me through this study. Thank you so much for posting this information.

    Bible studies that I have seen are usually done in form of preaching, but I must say This to me is a wonderful way to do this, because you get to read, research the scripture, answer the question, and look into your own life. I wish I would have found this site a Long time ago, but I am truly happy I did.


    • Thanks for sharing, Isabel! I also love the workbook format for Bible study, so you can dig into Scripture yourself and learn so much through the interaction! I hope you are blessed by the new study!!!

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