Gideon Online Bible Study Week 3

By July 1, 2013Gideon

We’re still reading Gideon by Priscilla Shirer and just finished our third week of womens Bible study. I found this lesson so uplifting, I have to confess that several times in my workbook I wrote the words “Yes!, Whaoo! and Wow!” Did you find this week’s lessons equally exciting? The entire week is based on my One Word for 2013: Simplicity.

door2We learned the simplicity of turning a small portion of bread and fish into food for thousands. We saw how five small stones in the hands of David brought down his Goliath. We read the testimony of Gideon as he battled his army and his fears not by his own strength, but by the strength of God. Wow!

I’d love to sit beside you in small group and see what you wrote for humility and pride on page 76 in your Gideon workbook. In my own workbook I wrote down  two strategies I can use to maintain humility: 1) keep memorizing scripture and Truth, and 2) continue to praise and thank God with gratitude for His many gifts. What did you write down?

We also learned this week about fighting fear and staying alert as members of God’s army here on earth. What does this mean to you personally? How will you apply the concept to your own battles in life. Do you seek strength from the Holy Spirit, or are you depending on self to carry you through? Pray and ask for more discernment about this as you finish the remainder of this week. Look for ways that your feelings might not be in alignment with God’s Truth, and celebrate those that are inside His will. Finally, seek opportunities to apply this great wisdom from Priscilla Shirer “The secret is not in obtaining but in releasing.” Who or what do you need to release in order to be inside the will of God? What is God calling you to fast from?

Move with the Spirit, in the same direction. Walk closely with Him across the narrow path. He will lead you across the high road and not cause you to stumble…if you allow Him room beside you.

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall has many requests, so please take a minute and pray for these women. Post your own prayers and lift one another up with your words.

For Next Week

  • Read Week Four in the workbook
  • Listen to Audio Session four or Video Session four at (optional due to cost)

Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group 

  1. What would redirecting your focus look like in practical terms? Discuss some strategic things believers can do to redirect their attention off themselves and onto the Lord. (Page 73)
  2. What practical strategies can you put in place to foster humility? (page 76)
  3. Without getting in to details, Has pride gotten in your way?
  4. Has your confidence in your ability and in God been enhanced as you’ve moved forward with less? How (page 80)?
  5. What is your normal response when faced with letting go?
  6. If you had to pinpoint something that most often distracts you from remembering and using your unseen supply, what would it be? (Page 91)

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  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Amen agree with Christine, what fresh air this idea brings, thanks for posting it–may you be Blessed!!

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Jacqueline, your reply made my day, thanks soo much for the encouragement and for taking time to reply!your e-mail makes me feel better–so much so I sent for the book starting the next study-Faith Dare or whatever its called!just lets all just Go forward with Him, and He will go above and beyond, and take us places we never dreamed—thanks again, sweet sister—Warmly, Carolyn

  • Susan says:

    I haven’t been posting . .mostly because I have been exhausted with my workload. I don’t do this study daily – -but every Saturday morning I have my own little retreat. I pack up my Bible, my study guide, water, my journal and usually my camera and go to the local Botanical gardens, I find a spot, settle down and spend my time with God. This week really was a lesson that touched my heart… because I have been weary, exhausted. and it reminded me I was trying to much to depend on me. My focus and vision haven’t been clear. Life has had several changes . . .and I have been learning to be still. Being still is hard for me, I’ve always been a doer. At this point I believe God is calling me to seek rest, and to seek what it is that He wants me to do. I am praying for vision, for passion, I am praying as my life situation is changing that He show me, clearly, what He wants me to do, This study, from dealing with the mundane last week . .to trusting Him daily, is such a good reminder for me, My pride has not gotten in my way, my fears have. I think they distract me. Today I spent time in the butterfly house and the butterfly garden. Seeing the eggs, the caterpillers, the cocoons and then the butterflies… what a reminder to me . . .with God we evolve, and it isn’t an easy process . ..but with Him, He will turn my life into beauty, I will trust Him, He hasn’t let me down…so, even like Gideon, I will obey, even if it’s hard to understand His methods!

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    1/ Just discussed overwhelmed with being behind in study, I’m taking time in morning or afternoon to do it!!b.asking God to empower time whenever it is, and also I’m telling myself not to make it legalistic to me but asking God to teach me simply, c.when I get up do what is needed then go directly to His presence first. 2/Remember this alot “In Him we Live, Move and have our Being” and Be Still and KNOW that He is God!!those thoughts help keep my heart humble! 3/Pride gets in way when I think of all the productivity I get done during the day, then I think HE EMPOWERS me, its totally different ride when He is filling and empowering me, it seems easier the work and its truly satisfying and simple. 4/Its scary to let go BUT sometimes I’m happy with the idea, Hes handling all, especially at end of day, I’m happy to give Him things, we were made to give burdens to Him, its very gratifying and a Blessing once you trust Him more and more!!6/Sometimes in the summer I can’t wait till vacation and I don’t give myself to serve with a full heart, because I can’t wait to get away, BUT He comes and fills me if I ask Him, and He takes me forward—with Love!! Thannks, Carolyn

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Hi, Ladies, I’m way behind in study I feel soooo overwhelmed and feel I didn’t apply enough discipline, BUT God, I know enough with the Lord NOT to let feelings, dictate me, sooo what if this happened, we had alot of transition going on etc., SO I’m starting lesson 4 and my goal is to stay focussed on Him and go out with a BANG and be of good cheer because He has overcome the world and empowered me, amen, so pray for strength and empowerment and Blessing!! Warmly, Carolyn

    • Jacqueline Hunt says:

      Don’t worry about being behind. Take you time so that God can speak to you. I started late, but I always learn something. I follow the study book from the point that I started, for me at this time, I just finished Week 2. I will go to Week 3’s Small Group night. I will review Week 2 Small Group to see if there is anything that I can learn, and I write in in my journal, This is something that I do sometimes at lunch time. It is not that we finish together, it is that we learn first and finish second. I hope that this helps you. Don’t rush, it will only help you to skip that most important message that you need to receive.

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