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Welcome to our final week of the Gideon Bible study by Priscilla Shirer.  Throughout this study we’ve learned how God is able to turn weakness into strength. By now you realize there is more to Gideon than wet fleece! Our final chapter this week unveils the obstacles Gideon faced- his own self interests and idolatry. We had the opportunity to complete “The Interview” and then reflect on own situations from a Biblical perspective. Did you claim your own idols after the lesson on page 150? It’s easy to read the pages of scripture and judge Gideon, and as we learned this week, much harder to judge ourselves. Yet for a Bible study to be effective and have lasting impact, we need to apply scripture to our individual lives. We need to live it…not just read it!

What impacted you most during the Gideon Bible study? Which lesson or statement from Priscilla Shirer took root inside your heart? It would so so wonderful to gather together at the Table and hear your personal stories. In the meantime, we have the Facebook chatroom where you can gather and share your thoughts with each other. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook look for the hashtag #LessonsfromGideon and see what others are posting about this Bible study.

In the final chapter this week, I personally discovered how something inherently good became an idol in my life. I’ve know that I struggle with emotional eating, and food which is good has power over me when I use it to fill an emotional need. I was reminded this week that only God fills those empty spaces in my life, and the solution is to turn to Him in prayer and not food. Chocolate is my cure-all for any mood…and something I need to limit inside my home. I use chocolate to celebrate something or to comfort a feeling I might be having. How about you? Is your idol a Facebook game, a television show, an addictive habit…what are you a bit obsessed over? For some women, even Bible study can become an idol when it becomes a badge on the wall and replaces a relationship with God.

Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test? 2 Cor 13:5 NIV

Pause from your busy day or your heavy burdens and examine your own heart. Make sure you are in alignment with His will, in relationship with Him and detached from potential idols. This needs to be a daily habit as you center your life inside His Presence. My prayer for you is that by finishing this Bible study, you now recognize your own strengths and weakness from a spiritual perspective. With this knowledge, you are then in a position of authority in spiritual warfare. Walk in victory…beside Jesus. Here’s the last video update from Beth Moore…


Thank you for joining us in this Bible study! It has been a pleasure to spend this time with you. Thank you to our 20 volunteers who lead the small groups and pray for you by name. God is good, always!

Prayer Requests

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For Next Week

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Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group 

  1. What do you automatically turn to for comfort or relief when you’re unhappy? (page 150)
  2. Which of your answers from question one are a testament from the bad-to-worse principle we read about this week? (page 158)
  3. Have you ever considered that idol worship is “spiritual adultery” as described by Priscilla Shirer? Knowing this, what are you going to change in your life to remove idols?
  4. How does impatience play a role in idolatry in the life of modern believers? (page 160)
  5. Priscilla gives 3 principles for guarding ourselves against idolatry: 1) pinpoint your tendencies to comfort 2) re-commit to a God-structured existence 3)rearrange your priorities. Of these three, which do you need to implement immediately and why? (page 162)

QUESTION 6: After completing the Gideon study, what is one thing you learned that really impacted you personally?

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  • Pamela Bolls says:

    I like Gideon am a behind the scenes person. I need to totally trust and not try to change God’s plans to fit me or my situation. I need to not focus on me, myself and I but Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I learned more things and applications in this short profound study and I want to apply all of them Thank you Priscilla for allowing God to speak through you and be so transparent. The gals in our church study really love that about you and can relate to you so easily.
    Blessings on you and your family and your ministry.
    Pamela Bolls

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