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The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World
by Susan Merrill

Susan Merrill’s book: The Passionate Mom, is one of those rare finds in the world of parenting advice books for mothers.  It’s not focused on being a particular kind of mom versus another.  It’s not going to please “helicopter moms” while annoying those with a more “hands-off” parental style.  It’s not pro-playful moms or organized moms, fun moms, creative moms, or intense moms.  It’s really one of those few books on mothering that can really connect with all of us moms who care about parenting our children well, regardless of our personality type or preferred Mom-style.passionatemom

Using the Biblical book of Nehemiah as her inspiration and source, Merrill discusses the traits of what she terms a “passionate mom.”  She balances personal stories and examples with the study of God’s Word and reminds us how we as moms are responsible for building our children just as Nehemiah rebuilt the Jerusalem walls.  We help build who they are, as well as boundaries for their protection, gates that lead to freedom and personal responsibility, and a firm foundation for their faith.

Her writing style made this a quick, easy, and insightful read.  There may have been times when I longed for more concrete examples or practical tips on how to put the principles in the book into action, but overall I was inspired, encouraged, and challenged along the way to be the foremost expert on my children, their advocate, teacher, defender, and corrector.

I enjoyed this book’s Biblical foundation.  Her use of Nehemiah as a guide for parenting wasn’t a stretch and truly made sense since Nehemiah himself has served as an example for leaders and those in authority in many venues.  So many parenting books hinge their entire philosophy and plan on one verse here or another there, but Merrill’s principles all emerge from an entire book of the Bible, focusing on how Nehemiah led his people and how we as moms lead our children.

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