Read the Bible for Life Online Bible Study Starts Sept 16, 2013

Read the Bible For LifeYou are invited to participate in online Bible study at the Womens Bible Cafe.  After praying over our decision, we’ve selected Read the Bible For Life by George Guthrie.  We’ll start reading week one on Monday September 16, 2013 so please order your books now. There is a book version and a member workbook version, please make sure you have the member workbook. Resource links are provided below.

Each week you’ll read a session on Read the Bible For Life and will spend about 30-45 minutes a day at home in Bible study. We recommend you read each morning, so you’ll have time to reflect on the content and the summary questions during the day. Often the Holy Spirit will be working in you during the Bible study to convict and demonstrate how God is working in your life. If you begin your day with God, you’ll be alert to notice Him. Set your alarm clock and rise one hour earlier than you normally do, or get up at the usual time and push back your activities by an hour so you’ll make room for God. Some women prefer to read at night before bed- select the same time each day and be intentional about when you study.

Once a week we post an update for the study here at the Womens Bible Cafe. We’ll post a summary for the week, along with a few questions for group discussion. You’ll visit this website anytime after completion of your reading, and respond to the group questions. There are two ways to participate: 1) post your answers to the group discussions here on the website each week or 2) join a small group discussion via Facebook. These groups are private and only the women in the closed group will be able to see your comments. They will not appear in your timeline or in your personal Facebook page. Your small group leader will pray for you by name, and check-in with you each week.  Her role is to help you stay accountable and on track with your study.

About the Read the Bible For Life Bible Study

Read the Bible for Life – Workbook by George Guthrie is a participant’s guide to a whole-church approach to greater biblical literacy. This study equips individuals and churches to better understand the Bible by introducing readers to its history, genres, interpretation, and proper application to transform lives through reading and studying God’s Word. God inspired the biblical writers to use a variety of literary types, including stories, poetry, proverbs, parables, and others.

Read the Bible for Life teaches believers how to read the various types of biblical literature in a way that unlocks God’s intended meaning, enabling them to accurately interpret the Bible and appropriately apply its teachings to life. Read the Bible for Life provides tools and a process in the life of a church for ongoing, life-changing training that equips members to understand this grand story and how its various parts fit together. Once people understand the story of Scripture, they can better understand how they fit into that story.  (source

How to Register to Read the Bible for Life Online Bible Study

  1. Introduce yourself: Post a comment below with your name, where you are from, and answer to this question- if you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
  2. Subscribe to the email updates for this bible study when you CLICK HERE
  3. If you are new to our ministry please read our welcome page when you click here


Resource Links for Read the Bible For Life

The workbook is available at Amazon, Lifeway Stores, and Christian Book. Please use the member book (workbook  version) for this study.

Required Resources For Read the Bible for Life Online Bible Study

Read the Bible for Life Workbook Version with daily lessons- click here


Optional Resources For Read the Bible For Life Online Bible Study

Read the Bible For Life Video Sessions- click here

Read the Bible For Life iTunes App– click here

Read the Bible For Life Book Version- click here

Read the Bible For Life Kindle Version- click here


**Note: If you are international and unable to get the workbook (member book) version then you are welcome to join us using the  Kindle, iTunes or book format. These do NOT include the daily Bible study lessons and we know from experience these formats will cause frustration or confusion. You’ve been warned 😉





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