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Read the Bible For Life online Bible study begins today with 400+ women from around the world. We are excited to journey through the history, translations, context and meaning of scripture as taught by George Guthrie. This week you will read week one in your workbook and join a small group discussion via Facebook. Welcome to online Bible study!

Introduction to the Bible From a Missionary Mom (written by Stasia Nielsen)

I was dancing in the street when our eyes met.  It was as if she was carrying this enormous burden and suddenly chose me to share it with. The moment I finished my last majestic arm movements, I whirled around to find her.   Although we had never met, she threw her arms around my neck and asked if I could come to hear her story.  We sat on a nearby pile of dirt as she wept and began to pour her heart out to me.

Nearly a quarter of a century ago I was serving as a missionary mom in Olongapo.  Our goal was to share the love of the Lord with the young women living in the red light district.  At that time the local government required prostitutes to have a clean health card.  The women would go to a local clinic twice monthly where health checks were completed and cards verified.  This process was to help prevent the spread of disease.  We ministered via dance and song at the clinics during the day and on the streets at night.

The sweet young girl, weeping before me was but 19 years old.  She had a baby boy who she saw only on occasion as her lifestyle was not conducive for raising a child.  As she wept, she told me that she despised herself for what she was doing, but that someday she would earn enough money and break free to have a normal life with her son.

I pulled out my Bible and began to share scripture upon scripture of God’s love with her.  She immediately grabbed me by the hands and half dragged me to her tiny room in the brothel where she worked.  She sat me down next to her and asked me to read to her.  I began to read from the book of John.  After a chapter or so, she begged for more.  Minutes turned into hours and I read on.  Those big beautiful brown eyes were moist with tears for the whole of the Gospel of John.

She fingered my Bible and told me she had seen a Bible but had never read nor even touched one before.  She begged me to pray with her to receive the Lord in her heart.  She then asked me to pray she would have the strength to “choose right” because now she knew God and she knew that she wanted to follow Him.  She kept looking at my Bible like a child in a candy store yearns for those gigantic lollipops.  I gave her my precious book and introduced her to a marvelous tee-shirt sewing ministry home where she could learn a trade as well as keep her son with her.

“When you read the Bible, you must think that here and now God is speaking with me.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

 As I was preparing for the Read The Bible For Life study, I could not get the memory of the young girl, who never owned a Bible before, out of my mind.  I wish you could have seen the wonder, joy and deep gratefulness in her eyes.  After only 21 chapters in the Gospel of John, this young girl was fervently desirous to understand God and His Word.

My prayer is that as we begin Read The Bible For Life, we would have that same motivation and consistency in studying His Word.  George H. Guthrie says, “The more you learn form the Word, the more passionate you become about reading it.”  God wants us to have the same passion and excitement that young girl had while I read chapter upon chapter to her.  We can never be passionate about something we are unfamiliar with and we need to become familiar with the Word of God.

Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law. Psalm 119:18 (NIV)

Today in our study we will read of a young girl who had a strong desire to be immersed in God’s Word as well.  From the time she was a young girl, she wanted to have a Bible of her own so that she could come to know her Lord in a deeper more personal way.  Her heart was receptive to the truth and His love.  She devoted herself to reading and studying.  She had attached value to the Word of God and it changed not only her heart by her whole way of viewing life.  She was passionate about what she truly loved.  God’s Word is meant to change us that way.

As we study God’s Word together in the coming weeks, my prayer is that not only will we cultivate a passion for His Word but that our lives would begin to bear the fruit of an obedient heart.

Blessed is the one…whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night. That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers. Psalm 1:2-3

Stasia Nielsen

Stasia Nielsen

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 Assignment For The Week

  • Read week one in your Read the Bible For Life workbook
  • Download the Answers to the Viewer Guide when you click here
  • Optional: Listen to the Read The Bible For Life podcasts or watch the video for week one and week two
  • If you are still waiting for your book to arrive, download week one from the workbook when you click here

Small Group Questions from page 8 in the Read the Bible For Life workbook (Post your answers here or share them in a small group this week)

  1. What do you hope to gain from this Bible study?
  2. What is your greatest challenge in consistently reading the Bible?
  3. What are your expectations when you read the Bible?
  4. What is your biggest frustration about your usual time in the Bible?
  5. Think of a time when you read the Bible consistently. What were the circumstances that drew you to God’s Word? How did it change you?


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  • Donna Orr says:

    1. Discipline in the importance of daily Bible Study.
    2. Setting aside a routine time so it can become a habit and consistency.
    3. My expectations is to increase my knowledge base and a greater understanding of the Word.
    4. The ringing of the telephone and when I do study I tend to over do it…make it an entire day.
    5. In the prayer group I belong to I encountered some questionable information and felt a need to research the information for myself to acquire a better understanding and clarity. I feel it is so important NOT to listen to others’ interpretation of the bible but research for yourself. There’s lots of false prophecies out here, especially with social media on the rise.

  • Rose says:

    I hope to gain a better understanding of what I read in the bible.
    I consistently read the bible on a daily basis, sometimes skipping Saturday. I have know reason why.
    My biggest frustration is not always understanding what I read or the commentary that goes along with it.
    I usually read about 30 minutes in the morning and really miss it if I don’t. When I get lucky, or blessed, depending on how you look at it, I can sense that God has this passage in mind for me that day. It makes me feel special and gets my day off to a good start.

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    Stasia, How do I get on the Saturday eastern time link——with the 11:00AM study???Once I understand —I can do it with His help–thanks for your kind words–Carolyn Wall

  • Mala White says:

    Mala White
    1.My hope in this study is developing a regular daily date with my bible. As is what the studyis eessentially going to help us gain.
    2.My biggest challenge in daily time and consistent quiet time would be ,,trying to do far to much in a day. I feel as though I need to accomplish all I’ve set out to do. And therefore leaving me with little to no time of relationship.

  • 1. I guess a better understanding, but I’m coming into this with an open heart and mind with no expectations, just wanting to be open and read to receive what God wants to give me
    2. Truthfully, I just don’t want to sometimes.
    3. I guess to see what God is wanting to show me when I read.
    4. Not knowing how to pronounce names or places and not really knowing what they all mean… however in my Wednesday night Bible study I just started, I’m learning that the names have a HUGE meaning to the events that happen
    5. When I knew that he was speaking directly to me and that it was relating to me in my life right then and there. I learn sooo much.
    6. It changed me to a better person, understanding God and really learning to trust him and follow his will for me and to really listen. Not to try to go my own way, but go his way and be the person he wants me to be.

  • Anne says:

    1. Have a more in depth understanding of the Bible
    2. Time demands
    3. To hear from God
    4. Not having enogh time
    5. Needing Gods wisdom during a difficult time

  • Diane Ivey says:

    1. A better understanding of God and His will for my life.
    2. Concentration and focus.
    3. Deeper relationship With God. A better prayer life.
    4. Constant interruptions.
    5. The loss of my father. My granddaughter missing for months. I learned to keep my focus on God.

  • Rheiko says:

    Is it to late to join this study?

  • KC says:

    1. What do you hope to gain from this Bible study? I hope to gain better understanding of God’s word and hopes for us.

    2. What is your greatest challenge in consistently reading the Bible? I have always had problems with being disciplined in reading. I am not good at keeping a schedule or routine.

    3. What are your expectations when you read the Bible? I expect to feel enlightened and have more direction in my life.

    4. What is your biggest frustration about your usual time in the Bible? I get frustrated with how long it takes me to read.

    5. Think of a time when you read the Bible consistently. What were the circumstances that drew you to God’s Word? How did it change you? I was surrounding myself with people who were studying the Bible, so it encouraged me to do the same. It made me feel supported and I was more motivated to read.

  • I will answer question #3. I hope to hear a fresh, living word every day that is for my life…it is helpful to read with a pen and journal close by.

  • condie gaddy says:

    1. I want to have a better relationship/understanding with God.
    2. My greatest challenge is to stay focus, and to get an understanding, it seems as though every time I try to study I get sleepy or there is a thousand distractions
    3. I want to hear from God, I want to know my purpose in life, I want to live right
    4. My frustration sometimes is not understanding why when I study and pray I can’t hear from God, what am I doing wrong?
    5. When me and my husband got our first apartment, I was so grateful because I knew God has blessed us with it, an at that time I felt the spirit of he lord, It change how I felt about God’s people and the things that He blessed us with.

  • Shirley says:

    1. I hope to be more disciplined in my Bible reading and using the resources and tools I do have more effectively for study.

    2. Great challenge is definitely sticking to my daily routine and actively seeking out Bible reading time.

    3. To see what God wants me to and listen to it.

    4. Being distracted by other people and things

    5. when a student at Bible College and having to use the Bible as my textbook for several courses, in the Bible that much was amazing!

  • Candice says:

    What do you hope to gain from this Bible study?
    ~ To Learn and understand what God is trying to teach me.

    What is your greatest challenge in consistently reading the Bible?
    ~ getting my mind to rest and stop so I can focus on it.

    What are your expectations when you read the Bible?

    What is your biggest frustration about your usual time in the Bible?
    ~trying to learn how to say the names and Learning on how to do this on my own.

    Think of a time when you read the Bible consistently. What were the circumstances that drew you to God’s Word? How did it change you?
    ~ There is to many. but, when my Husband was in the Navy and was over Sea, ( 1994 and 1995) It was hard trying to be a mom on her own with a new born. When Moving and my Hubby lost his job. I kept my eyes on God and I would stop and read the Bible. When i was in a fight with a family member and he or she would use the Bible to make me feel like I was worthless. I stop and read the chapters from the Bible and see what God needed me to see. I have notice that In my time of stress I go to Him and read to see what He wants me to see and know. Thank You Lord…

  • Nancy says:

    I’ll answer the first few questions in one general statement. I have no desire to read the Word and when I do it’s out of duty, not delight. I envy those I hear that have a passion to read His Word and even sigh as they are reading it. It’s like a hunger they have that when they read it it’s satisfied with the Words on the page. I’ve never had that. I’ve been a follower of Christ for almost 19 years and I seem further from God than ever.

    • Condie Gaddy says:

      I feel like that sometimes, I want to have that joy an excitement, I’m not going to give up I believe that I/ we have a purpose an I’m going to keep praying for knowledge an understanding until I have that fire in my heart & soul also and you should to don’t give up keep seeking Him He will come, I believe that, Be Blessed Nancy

  • Sharon Brewer says:

    1. I want to become closer to the Lord. I also want to interact with other women who are also studying the Bible. I am eager to talk to them and learn from them. I also want to learn more about the Bible.
    2. My greatest challenge is finding the time to read and study. I also have trouble keeping the momentum going. I get tired so I will skip a day. Before I know it, I am not reading and studying as I should.
    3. My expectation is talking to the Lord, and finding out how he wants me to live my life.
    4. My biggest frustration is understanding what I am reading. Also, I have some trouble remembering what I’ve read.
    5. I read the Bible consistently when I was taking a Bible study class at church. When I talked to the Lord and studied everyday, I learned so much. I felt peaceful in my life, and like I could handle anything.

  • Trisha Bartz says:

    1. I hope to have a more consistent and committed time set aside to study the Bible.
    2. My greatest challenge is staying committed to the time I set aside to read the Bible.
    3. To hear what the Lord wants me to hear. To communicate with the Lord and become closer and deeper in His word.
    4. Not always understanding what I am reading.
    5. When I was participating in a small group study I was connected and felt at peace with life. I didn’t feel alone.

  • Leeann H. says:

    1. I hope go gain a closer relationship with God and a deeper understanding of the Bible.
    2. My biggest challenge in consistently reading the Bible is making time.
    3. When I read the Bible my expectation is that I will find something that pertains to me…words of encouragement, directions for how to live my life, etc.
    4. My biggest frustration is not always understanding what I’m reading; whether it’s the traditions of the time of writing or the meaning with regard to my life.
    5. Last Summer when reading the Nehemiah study I read the Bible consistently. I can remember the feeling of peace that flooded my body. I so badly want that peace to be revived in me.

  • Alice says:

    1.What do you hope to gain from this Bible study?
    Gain practical insight into what the scriptures say that we so often miss because we don’t understand the curlture, lifestyles, and customs of those times. Soften we miss the depth of God because we don’t have a grasp of these things.
    2.What is your greatest challenge in consistently reading the Bible?
    Just doing it.
    3.What are your expectations when you read the Bible?
    To know God more clearly, know myself in light of his word, where I fall short (oh so many places) and need to let him in deeper. His word is life so I expect to find it when I read and study.
    4.What is your biggest frustration about your usual time in the Bible?
    Depends on my current state of… relationship with the Lord. If I’m wanting to avoid his workings/dealings, I tend to get distracted more than usual. If not, it would probably be the slow progress I seem to make growing in him.
    5.Think of a time when you read the Bible consistently. What were the circumstances that drew you to God’s Word? How did it change you?
    I read pretty consistantly. There are times when it’s kind of dry and I will admit, boring, but when I read to seek him, he changes me. No matter how rotten I may feel or think I’m just the worst person in the world, I almost always come away refreshed, encouraged, challenged sometimes, but always with a sense of his presence. It often leave me in awe that he would care so much.

  • Jackie says:

    I desire to gain a much deeper understanding of God’s Word. The greatest challenge in consistently reading the Bible is finding time to do so. I know that I can make time, but sometimes a busy (or tiring) day results in placing Bible time on the back burner until a future time. My expectations are not only to understand His Word, but for my relationship with Him to deepen. My frustration about my usual time in the Bible is that sometimes I so look forward to it, and other times it’s a struggle. My reading the Bible consistently happens in ebb and flow (unfortunately) – sometimes as a result of negative circumstances, other times I just have a yearning if I’m gone for too long (without reading The Word). One observation is that consistently reading His Word often results in my being able to respond to circumstances better, and a sense of communion with Him…

  • Patti says:

    I would like to join this study to become closer to God

  • Dear Raquel,
    Thank you for your honesty here. I know for me, in the midst of what we do and having a special needs child, finding the time to be disciplined can be difficult. But God honors a willing heart, and I know that we can do this together. I am looking forward to this study as much as you are. God bless you dear.

  • Jennifer says:

    1. I hope to gain new insights about how important God’s Word is to my life and a renewed connection to th Lord.
    2. My greatest challenge in consistently reading the bible would be being discouraged in believing that his promises are real and for me, especially when I need Him to show up in my life in a great way.
    3. My expectation in reading the bible is to get a revelation for my life. I need to be able to know that God’s Word is for me and that my Destiny is tied in it.
    4. My biggest frustration with my time in the bible is knowing what to focus on and being committed to regular study time.
    5. I read the bible consistently early in my Christian walk and It gave me hope that everything will work out somehow. It did workout, but not without setbacks and disappointments. I felt bad that I gave credit to God for just minimum help and I knew that He could have came through in a greater way, but chose not too. I’m now trying again to trust God past my hurts and be willing to examine myself more to see his promises flourish in my life.

  • Lee says:

    What do you hope to gain from this Bible study? I hope that this will deepen my understanding of the Bible, as well as, give me the ability to find answers to questions I have when I spend time reading.

    What is your greatest challenge in consistently reading the Bible? The morning is the best time for me but during the times when I get off-track on going to bed at a reasonable hour, I have difficulty getting up to read/study/pray before starting my day. I need to do better with being consistent in my bed time the I’m far more consistent with my reading time.

    What are your expectations when you read the Bible? To hear what God is saying to me that is timely for where I am at that moment.

    What is your biggest frustration about your usual time in the Bible? Not knowing how to breakdown some passages of scripture to find the deeper meaning. I know there is a scriptural context for each passage but I also believe that God uses what He wants to use to speak to us and what’s in context may not be the same application for my life. The frustration knowing the difference and when to apply it.

    Think of a time when you read the Bible consistently. What were the circumstances that drew you to God’s Word? How did it change you? I was going through an extremely difficult time and I felt God call me to spend more time with Him. It changed the way I viewed the situation and my reaction/responses in the relationship. I experienced a peace and calm that I never knew and it was awesome!

  • Rebecca Wadel says:

    My first question is how to sign up for the Bible study. I have aready bought both the book and the workbook.
    To answer the questions above. I hope to gain a greater understanding of the Bible and how different parts are related.
    My greatest challenge is time. I have an active schedule and must discipline myself to read consistently.
    When I read the Bible, I expect to learn how God wants me to live.
    My biggest frustation when reading the Bible is understanding what it is telling me.
    I think when I read the Bible most consistently is when I am doing Bible studies. This forces me to sit down and read.

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    1.I want the Lord to go above and beyond in His infinite Power teaching me from His Holy Spirit what He has to say to me and teach me– 2/I need to set aside time and come and BE in His Presence and sit at His feet. 3/I know I have fire in my heart I just want to exercise the flames of my heart an develop more passion and love for Him–etc/4. I can box that time in to becoming a Homework assignment instead of “Time Learning at the King of The Universe’s Feet”need to keep wonderstruck with Him—learn to listen and perceive even if its just a nugget at a time–we’re learning Revelation NOT IMFORMATION–Revelation sinks down into the core of our Being and stays there, eternally!5/It has always changed me to matter how little or much I came to it, during grieving for my parents passing on it comforted me, because I was coming to the Creators Words of Life, reaching out to me, He is the Word of Life. to me, Carolyn

  • Raquel says:

    I hope to gain renewed discipline and focus in reading Scripture.
    I struggle with having a reserved time for reading and/r knowing what to read.
    I am expecting to grow closer to the Lord, to gain understanding and wisdom, I am expected renewed fire in my heart.
    I have read the Bible cover to cover several times, I get frustrated when I gloss over familiar sections because I know that I am missing the fullness of what God has for me.
    When I first came to the Lord, I didn’t have a church but I knew that I needed to read the Bible whether I understood it or not…so I did 3 times over the course of about 3.5 years. Those years prepared me for when I entered church and became involved in serving and leading others. To this very day I see the fruit of that time even in daily conversation. My language changed, my understanding and wonder deepened, I changed and became more compassionate as I responded to the conviction in my heart and lived in repentance.

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