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Read the Bible For Life

Read the Bible For Life video sessions are optional for our study. We do not share them online due to copyright laws and to respect the work of the authors. If you want to watch the video sessions, you’ll find them at or via iTunes. Type in the name of the book title on these websites. There are free audio podcasts on iTunes if you’d like to listen to those. Like the videos, these are interviews with Bible scholars and the same content you will find in the book version of Read the Bible For Life. They are not required to participate in this online study.

The video sessions are typically shown at a church Bible study and the purpose is to enhance your study. You will still be able to complete the workbook pages without watching the videos. All you need to do is download the answers to the viewer guide when you click here. Or you can type this direct link into your browser:

We are using the workbook for our online Bible study. The book version of Read the Bible For Life, with the Biblical scholar interviews, is currently on sale for $3.99 USD on Kindle. You can get a copy when you click here.


We look forward to any questions you may have, please post them here or in your small groups this week.


Welcome to online Bible Study!


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