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By September 27, 2013Bible Study Tips

Recently we asked the Leaders of the Women’s Bible Cafe if they could let us know what Bible(s) they prefer to use in their personal study.  Here are some of their answers.  (Editor’s note from Stasia Nielsen: I tried to make this user friendly by adding product links.  Some of the links may not be the exact Bible or study guide the leader is using for various design and publishing date reasons.)

  • Christine Abraham says, “When I was a new Believer, my favorite teaching Bible was the Life Application Study Bible NIV Large Print. My current favorite is the New Spirit-Filled Bible NLT. On my Kindle device I use the Life Application Study Bible NLT version and I find it helpful to highlight and add notes to this digital Bible. I’m also using the ESV New Inductive Study Bible with the pretty green cover, though it’s my last favorite because it does not include historical background information or cultural context.”

    Life Application Study Bible that Christine, Stasia, Lakecia, Sonya, Sheree, Carrol and Carla Brooks are using. Available in many translations, sizes and large or regular print.

  • Jennifer M Adams Deffendall is using the HCSB.
  • LaTanya Geiger Knight uses the John Maxwell Leadership Bible.   She says, “I love the biblical leadership principles from this point of view…awesome study notes & references included!”
  • Sheree Amos Poole uses The Ryrie Study Bible.She says, “Dr. Charles Ryrie is right to the point with his brief commentary notes for helps. Dr. Ryrie is always right on the money with his commentary. It also has wonderful cross references and an awesome concordance.” She also said she “uses the New Inductive Study Bible NASB version for studying God’s Word inductively and marking key words. It has wide margins writing notes. An amazing Bible!”
  • Rebecca Rojero says, “I use The Word For Today New King James Version, I like the side notes that include the Pastors perspective (we use in church with Calvary Chapel). For personal study & prayer time I use the New International Bible, for me it easy to understand, although sometimes I have to check down in notes because some scripture is not included in the text.”
  • Carrol Bier Warkentin says, “I use NIV LIFE APPLICATION as well as NLT. Like the footnotes and cross references.”
  • Sharon Seymour Lewis says, “I use the NIV Life Application Bible most often, and I love it! The Life Application commentary is excellent! I use NIV the most just because it is the most familiar to me. However, I also read the Bible on biblegateway.com so I can compare translations. NLT has become my favorite translation of all, but I also like to read NETNKJV, and The Message. I never stick to any exclusively.”
  • Rhonda Sartain Collins loves the ESV and NKJV
  • Mary Beth Floyd says, “I mainly use NIV versions of different Bibles. I use a Celebrate Recovery Bible because it helps me easily apply Bible truths to every life & recovery. I use YouVersion on my computer & phone when I’m out. I can read the NIV better, and don’t have trouble relating it to my life. Sometimes I do use a parallel BIble to better understand all the different translations.”
  • Flyfisher Scholl says, “I use a combination of both KJV and NIV Study Bible. I love both of them because KJV has pretty language and NIV Study Bible which I leave home (too heavy) for every day language. Sometimes, I do like Amplified and The Message.”
Remember…as Christians, its very important NOT to judge the Bible of another believer. This is equivalent to judging their relationship with God. Let the Holy Spirit be the judge…not us.
Sheree's NASB Inductive Study Bible

Sheree’s NASB Inductive Study Bible

What Bible translation is your favorite? Did you ever receive a Bible as a gift from someone? Share your stories with us…


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  • Pat Tayes says:

    I grew up using the KJV. But now I used the NKJV and NIV.

  • Sandra says:

    Bible Gateway at BibleGateway.com has so many translations and you can get it as an app for your mobile devices! It is a great way to compare translations. It even has the Good News Bible which was a Bible from my teen years that I no longer have, but enjoyed. It has an audio feature, so you can select a passage and have it read to you!! So if you want to hear the psalms while out on a walk, you can do that! I recently used the audio feature with my 13 year old son. We were reviewing the 10 commandments, and it was a great reinforcement. Lastly, BibleGateway also has topics you can sign-up for, and they will send you a verse daily on that topic. It is very interactive and is a great place to start the day.

  • Michelle says:

    I bought my NIV Life Application Study Bibke when it was first introduced. It is really a wonderful study too and excellent way to really get into a deeper Bible study. I bought one for my son and sister.

    • LaTanya Knight says:

      Hello Michelle…my husband bought me a NIV Life Application Study Bible! I absolutely love this version also:-)

  • Pam Hagan says:

    I’m a New American Standard Life Application Study Bible kid (in light of eternity). It is the most literal translation, from the original text, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. <3 I also enjoy the Amplified Version as well!

    • Pam Hagan says:

      My first Bible teacher, (I was age 34, reared in the catholic church and school, where we were NEVER encouraged to read God’s Word) explained to me the N.I.V. was a sixth grade reading level, and the deity (Him, His, You…) words for God, were all in lower case lettering. I have made a personal challenge to myself to highlight the Word’s spoken by God in the Old Testament and the New Testament for them to pop off the page at me. So today I challenge to you! O how I love His precious Word, it is Power! And It endures forever! It is the one thing you can take with you to heaven. The other is His love.
      Your Word O LORD I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.
      LORD you have seared it in my mind and It’s the forever in my soul.
      Glory to God!
      ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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