Raising Boys By Design, Book Review

By October 17, 2013Book Reviews

Raising Boys by Design: What the Bible and Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs to Thrive
by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD and Michal Gurian with Ann McMurray

I’m a mom to three daughters who just brought a brand new baby boy home from the hospital, so I was eager to read Raising Boys by Design and learn more about parenting a son.  Combining Biblical instruction with scientific raisingboysstudies, Jantz and Gurian argue that boys are in jeopardy in our schools and society.  More and more boys are being diagnosed with learning disabilities and ADD/ADHD, failing to succeed in school, and even committing suicide.  After years of studies and interventions for girls (rightfully so), we now need to shift our focus back to helping boys become responsible, successful, honorable men.

The book isn’t so much an anecdotal encouragement for moms of boys.  It’s not an easy read by any means.  Even with their own personal accounts and anecdotes, the authors keep things sounding more scholarly and didactic.

Their argument, however, is fascinating–that boys need us to be more purposeful in our parenting and advocacy in classrooms, at church, and in our homes to help them develop the traits of a HERO (Honor, Enterprise, Responsibility and Originality).  They strongly advocate for the place of both maternal and paternal influences for boys, even if those roles are filled by grandparents, uncles, church leaders, etc. in cases of single parent families.  The authors also give information and tips on how parents can work with the schools to create educational environments where boys can be successful rather than labeled, medicated, and ignored.

They conclude the book by encouraging a rite of passage for boys to usher them into manhood, something most boys don’t get to experience.  Whether it’s through an organization such as the Boy Scouts or the HEROIC program the author discusses, this ritual encourages parents to build into a boy’s character and help him assume the responsibilities and roles of manhood.

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