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Women’s online Bible study based on the book Read the Bible For Life by George Guthrie, we are discussing week six in small groups this week. Join us as we discuss the how to read the stories of the New Testament. Below is an update from Missionary Mom and Ministry Leader Stasis Nielsen as she shares her own experiences bringing the Bible to others. These are her words:

How could I ever forget him? When I met him, he was carrying a bewildered goat in a sling on his back.  I immediately fell in love with this kind, old man with the toothless grin.  His body was all knotted and crumpled from decades of hard work in the fields.  He did not seem to be bothered by it as he waddled up to greet me with those rough, farmer’s hands.

We had just finished doing an open air evangelism event when the old man tottered up to speak with me.  He spoke Mayan and I was grateful that I had someone who spoke Mayan with me.  Normally, we had to translate from Mayan to Spanish and then Spanish to English when I was unable to go along.  I am fluent in Spanish so this was not a problem for me.

His words were simple.  “I could never give my only son for another person. He is all I have.”  He wanted to hear more of the grace and salvation of God. He was genuinely longing to know about this loving God who gave His Son for the bad in the world.  It was easy to talk to him and pray with him.  He was ready and willing.  I will never forget the joy that shown on his wrinkled face when we finished praying.  It is an amazing feeling to lead someone to the Lord through prayer.

Nearly 15 years ago my mom was diagnosed with cancer.  We happened to be in California during her illness as I had been struggling with my own at the time.  Although we were never really close, I love her dearly and felt the strong need to share the Gospel message of hope with her.  I think it is ironic that after sharing the Lord with hundreds of people through the years while serving as a missionary, the thought of sharing the gospel with my mom was frightening for me.  Yet, I was determined and prayed daily for the right opportunities in our conversations to arise.

As an ordained minster, I was able to be with her as the Drs prepped her for surgery.  I stood next to her in my sterile garb and whispered a prayer for the Lord to open the door for us to pray together.  It was at that moment that my mother, the woman who never discussed anything religious, turned to me with serious concern and asked me to tell God she was scared.  Wow, isn’t it amazing how the Lord can just open the windows of heaven to answer your prayers?  “Mom”, I told her,  “you can tell the Lord how you are feeling right now, He wants you to talk to Him.”

A tear slid down her cheek as she laid on the gurney there in that sterile room.  She had none of her usual props as she lay there with the funny little paper cap covering her auburn hair.  Her jewelry, makeup and pretty clothing had been carefully stored away for the surgery.  She was just another weary soul, ready to give in and let God take control.  She prayed the most simple yet powerful prayer, and a tear slid down my cheek.

As we consider the Gospel of Salvation this week in our Read the Bible for Life Study, let’s remember to be generous in our prayers for others.  That person who cut you off while you were driving to work, that friend who broke your trust, and even that family member who may have deeply wounded you.  Don’t be afraid to boldly share God’s love with those He places into your life.

Be generous to yourself in your prayer life by expecting the Lord to do wondrous things through you.  Ask Him to help you to conquer your fears and boldly share His loving mercy with those He prompts you to share His love with.  Great joy will be your reward when you are obedient to the Lord in sharing His love with others.

Stasia Nielsen

Stasia Nielsen

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Assignment For The Week

  • Read WEEK SEVEN in your Read the Bible For Life workbook
  • Download the Answers to the Viewer Guide when you click here
  • Optional: Listen to the Read The Bible For Life podcasts or watch the videos

Small Group Questions from the Read the Bible For Life workbook (Post your answers here or share them in a small group this week)

  1. How does the secular culture show or represent Christians in a negative light? Is there any truth to these charges?
  2. Identify walls that modern religious people build between themselves and those who do not follow Christ (page 117). How does this impact a believer’s influence on nonbelievers?
  3. What can we learn about temptation from Jesus’ experience in the wilderness (page 124)?
  4. Why is it important to ask, “What does this story teach about Jesus?” instead of “What does this story say about me?” What did you learn about Jesus from the activities on page 128-129?
  5.  How are the cross and the resurrection the climax of the New Testament stories? How are they focal points for the story of your life? (page 134)

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