David Online Bible Study Week 3

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Welcome back as we continue this exciting online Bible study, David: Seeking a Heart Like His by Beth Moore.  This week we read about David fleeing from his new wife and his best friend in a cave. Also during this week’s lesson, Saul was putting innocent people to death.  This is something that should pull on the heart strings of many.  Too often, certain events are reported around the world that causes us to share grief and  anger as a country, as a nation.  Beth Moore tells us that, “In the face of unimaginable horror, we must cast our imaginations on Christ, our only hope.  His Word will be our anchor when our faith is tossed like the waves” (pg. 66).  Only God can get us through those tough situations.  Staying in prayer with Him and reading His Word will give us peace.

Saul continues to hunt for David so that he may kill him.  In the twist of this hunt, David is given the opportunity to kill Saul.  Yet, David chose to do the right thing even though he was being urged by his men to kill Saul.  There is something to be said about peer pressure here.  David overpowered that peer pressure to do what he knew was right in the sight of God.  David refused to hurt God’s anointed man.

We must do the same as David did; allow our hearts to be convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit when pressured to do something wrong. When we are faced with a similar situation of feeling like the world is against us, we must not take revenge or cut corners to achieve our goals.  God always desires a more powerful statement to be effectively displayed.  With the power of the Holy Spirit within us, believers can demonstrate our courage and faith in our amazing God!  We have the power to choose not to succumb to our emotions.  When we do, God’s blessings will come in His timing and will be in abundance!

I pray that as we continue to grow and strengthen our relationship with God, we will continue to allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us.

Prayer Requests

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Assignment For The Week

  • Read Week Four: David, Seeking a Heart Like His in your workbook
  • If you are listening to the audio CD’s or watching the videos, watch Session Five, available through Lifeway.com (not required for participation in the study). To download the videos- CLICK HERE
  • To join a Facebook small group- CLICK HERE

 Discussion Questions- Answer in your small group or post a comment below

  1. From page 60 – In one sentence what you believe to be the theme of Psalm 142.
  2. When was the last time you were stunned by the depravity of humanity?
  3. How do you sort through your feelings when faced with a difficult situation?
  4. From page 69: David did not question God a second time because he doubted God but because he needed to be certain in what God was instructing him to do.  Have you ever double-checked God’s direction in your life? If so, briefly describe what happened.
  5. Have you ever finally arrived at your chance to get a little justice and God wouldn’t let you have it?  If you recall an example, briefly describe it.

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