Girls With Swords, Book Review

By February 20, 2014Book Reviews

Girls With Swords: How to Carry Your Cross Like a Hero
by Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere’s book, Girls With Swords, encourages women to be the heroes God designed them to be in an age when Satan is full-out attacking women through prejudice, sex trafficking, abuse and genocide.  It’s a book about spiritual warfare, spiritual growth, and discernment.girlswithswords

Her premise and the way she walks through each mention of ‘sword’ in Scripture was innovative and enlightening.  I liked how she covered topics such as remaining silent when others speak out against us and about needing to know the fullness of God’s Word and not just spiritual catch-phrases and the highlight moments of the Bible.

Perhaps my chief disagreement with the book was the way some of the points seemed stretched and ill-fitting.  Fencing terms and random other sword history or information about swords may be intriguing, but much better to work from the Biblical discussion of swords and move out from there–not the other way around.  I wasn’t convinced by her explanation that ‘God’s word’ was close to “God sword” to make the connection.  How about instead relying on Ephesians 6:17 in its discussion of the “sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”?  No need for ‘fancy footwork’ to make that point.   Because she used anything that related to a sword as the basis for each chapter, the overall progression of the book seemed choppy and occasionally jarring and confusing.

With that said, I loved some of Bevere’s points in this book and have many statements underlined so I can return to them and remember.  She writes with clarity and directness and her passion for God’s Word is unmistakable.  That alone can stir readers up to take a stand and fight battles with the Word of God as our source of strength.

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