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throneWelcome back to womens online Bible study as we continue our Beth Moore study of David: Seeking a Heart Like His.  We have just finished reading week five in the workbook. Don’t worry if you are behind on the daily assignments, there are two ways that you can catch up:

Method one is to read two lessons per day, about one hour per day, until you are on track again.

Method two is to set aside time on the weekend and complete the entire week that you missed, it should take you about 3 hours.

Method three, which we do NOT recommend, is quitting and giving up. Do not let the Devil tell you that the study is hopeless, you’re too far behind or everyone is far ahead of you…that’s just a lie!

Pick up where you left off and move forward in your relationship with God. Ask your small group leaders to pray for you and help you stay accountable to completing the study. You will be blessed and so will your leaders!

This week’s study can be summed up with the equation Beth More gives on page 105:  “Time + Conflict = Change”


If we walk the path God has destined for us, long enough, we will definitely encounter some conflict.  David certainly did!  His conflict was long-lasting but, with God’s guidance and help, David finally made it to the throne.  Like David, we too, can make it to our destined thrones.  Whether our throne leads us to a healthy and whole family; the throne of a successful career; or being whole in the person God has called us to be.  There are too many thrones to mention here but, I hope you get the picture.  God has successes in our journey of life and with that success to our thrones; we must come face-to-face with conflict.

Many battles come against us as children of God.  Some of us are well acquainted with the long lists, you know lists like: spiritual battles, addictions, fear, insecurities, etc.  Even though we struggle for long periods of time, our change will eventually come.  How you ask?  By crying out to God and seeking his guidance.  David cried out to God to help him during his times of struggles and battles.  God was always there to help David; and if we are careful to go back and look over some of our past battles, we too will see that God did the very same thing for us.  You see, it was not a coincidence that you ended up making the right choice.  It was not a happenstance that you ended up on the right road to victory.  The truth of the matter is that it was solely the hand of God looking after us at each junction of our lives.

On page 111, Beth Moore writes, “We cannot pick fights or choose our own battles and expect God to get involved and fight for us.  But when God ordains or permits our battles to be used to accomplish a divine end and we depend on God through every sweep of our sword, we will grow stronger instead of weaker.”

This week, let us remember the words of Psalm 20:6, “Now this I know: the Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.”  Continue to seek God for direction and cry out to Him in times of trouble.  As you continue to do this, God will be faithful to answer your cry and call!

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall is the place to reach out with your prayer needs and praise reports. Please visit the page and pray for those people who are asking you to lift them up in prayer. Pray for the leaders of this study and the women in your small group.

Assignment For The Week

  • Read Week Six: David, Seeking a Heart Like His in your workbook
  • If you are listening to the audio CD’s or watching the videos, watch Session Seven, available through Lifeway.com (not required for participation in the study). To download the videos- CLICK HERE
  • To join a Facebook small group- CLICK HERE

 Discussion Questions- Answer in your small group or post a comment below

  1. Describe how it felt to finally settle into a home, job, church, place of service, or relationship after a long season of unrest. (page 108 )
  2. We had our attentions drawn to our three enemies: (1) Satan and the evil principalities, (2) the world, and (3) our old sin natures.  What have you learned from week 5 to help you in your battle with these enemies? (page 111 )
  3. Beth Moore shared that we grieve God when we use the Sword of the Spirit (the Bible) to unnecessarily wound our brothers and sisters.  The Word of God is to be used as a sword against the Evil One, not against our brothers and sisters. How can we wrongly use the Bible to cut off someone’s hearing rather than invite her to listen? (page 114 )
  4. Can you see ways God may be using you to shepherd a flock?  List those God has entrusted to your care for His eternal purposes. (page 116 )
  5. Have you ever encountered devastation when you thought you were going to experience celebration? If so, what happened to turn your celebration into devastation? (page 120 )

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