David Online Bible Study Week 10

By March 16, 2014David

Lamb2Welcome My Sisters to the final week of our online study, David: Seeking a Heart Like  His. What a wonderful journey the past ten weeks have been! We have studied God’s word and learned about the ups and downs of His servant David.

If you have not completed the workbook yet, please don’t worry. The goal is of Bible study is not completing the book…it’s spending time with the LORD and drawing closer to Him.

Our next study does not start until April 7th so you’ll have time to complete David if you want to, or finish the study where you are now in the workbook and when you see if offered at another ministry or your local church, repeat the study. We’re delighted that you have joined us and many women have shared how much the David study has blessed them personally!

Beth Moore has a new Bible study coming out soon…we are part of the launch team for Children of the Day  and we will share updates from Beth Moore as we receive them.

This week we return to see King David in his final days as king. He has completed his work for God and his heart remained completely devoted to God.

Summer, summer, summertime! I enjoy the warm and hot weather that comes with summer. I realize I am a little early, but I love to sit out on a lawn chair, read and enjoy the sun. But even when I m just sitting, the heat wears me out and I become weary, hot and thirsty. Nothing quenches my thirst and revives me like a nice, tall glass of ice cold water. It is refreshing to me and gives me the second wind that I need to continue to enjoy the day. This reminds me of how God’s word and our relationship with Him can give us a fresh purpose, renewed energy and a new willingness to serve Him when we have become complacent or overwhelmed by life.  It may come in the form of spending time with God, it may come in God’s provision for you, it may come in an answered prayer, it may come in the form of a friend speaking kind words into your spirit, or it may even come from you ministering to someone else.  However it comes, God always gives us what we need to energize and sustain us.

The last ten weeks we have seen King David ‘s high points and low points, but we always witnessed him calling on God for help and praising Him through every situation. David ‘s heart was totally devoted to God. I want a heart like that! Have you totally devoted your heart to God? Do you always remember to call on Him in every valley and mountain experience that you have? Do you praise God when times are tough and when you are walking on sunshine? God desires to for our hearts to be devoted to Him.

As our study concludes this week, I challenge you to list and examine the things that occupy your heart. I challenge you to give God more of your heart so that you may have a heart like that is completely devoted to Him and will praise Him continually. This week, carry this verse with you, Psalm 34:1, “I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” (KJV).

Prayer Requests

Our Prayer Wall is the place to reach out with your prayer needs and praise reports. Please visit the page and pray for those people who are asking you to lift them up in prayer. Pray for the leaders of this study and the women in your small group.

Assignment For The Week

  • If you have not completed the workbook, spend more time and work through at your own pace.
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  • Register for the next online Bible study (starts April 7) when you CLICK HERE

Discussion Questions For the Week:

  1. From page 224 – Why do you think we have difficulty accepting ourselves as God’s good choice?
  2. How has or is God preparing you for the good works He has ordained for you?
  3. From page 227 – How do you acknowledge God in your life?
  4. From page 230 – How has a leader in your life ever motivated you to give your time, talents,  gifts or treasures by his or her own example and how did it affect you?
  5. From page 232 – What have you learned about your heart through your journey with David?

Congratulations and thank you for completing this study with The Women’s Bible Cafe!

Sonya Morris Nelson

Thank you to Sonya Morris Nelson and LaTanya Knight for writing the updates and discussion questions for the David online Bible study. We are truly blessed to have you in our ministry at the Womens Bible Cafe. I adore you both! ~Christine Smith, Womens Ministry Director

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