He Is My All Online Bible Study Begins Today!

Welcome to our 40th online Bible study as we study  He Is My All by Debbie Alsdorf.  Today we begin a journey of discovering how God loves us individually. If you’ve wondered “How could God ever love me?” or “How much does God really love me?” then this is the right study for you. This Bible study will help identify feelings of insecurity and doubt, and replace them with truth.

Each week you will be reading one “lesson” in your book. The lessons include a five-day format. On the first day of each week the author introduces the theme of the lesson, so the first day is involves more time than the other four days. Plan your time for one hour the first day and then 15-minutes the following days of the week. You’ll need a Bible, Dictionary and Thesaurus for this study. You’ll find these resources online.

If you are using a Kindle version of He Is My All, you can probably “read” the entire book in two hours BUT in doing so, you miss the life-changing lessons. Don’t skip over the assignments and don’t be tempted to read this like an ordinary book- if you do so then you’ll be terribly disappointed. Use your book as a study guide, write scripture verses in your own handwriting, research the keyword meanings and journal your progress. The goal of this online Bible study is to deepen your understanding of God’s love for you personally. Spending time with Him and completing the daily assignments will lead you to achieve that goal.

At the end of the study,  if you have attended at least 8 of the 10 small group sessions, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Womens Bible Cafe. Come to these small group discussions and you will be amazed at how the Holy Spirit convicts and teaches us. Each small group session lasts for one hour, and you only need to attend one small group per week. If you miss your regular small group, then feel free to join any of the other groups during the week instead.

If your book has not arrive yet, you will have time to catch up on the reading. The first week of small group is an introduction session and we are not discussing the book yet. The second week of small group is when we discuss your reading assignment.

We are non-denominational and our leaders and guests use a variety of translations for online Bible study. Please use any Bible translation of your choice for this online Bible study. In the front of the book, on the copyright information page, the author has listed the Bible translation she is using for the study. If you want to read the same verse in different Bible translations, use an online Bible to assist you:  BibleGateway.comBible.com or BlueLetterBible.org

This study is not a theology class or a seminary school course. It’s easy to understand and follow, which is why so many women around the world are participating in the study. The goal is to draw women into a closer relationship with God. If you are not interested in the current study we are leading, then consider some of the other online Bible studies offered by ministries such as Girlfriends in GodProverbs 31 and Precepts. We also encourage you to attend a local study such as Bible Study Fellowship or Community Bible Study.


Small Groups For Online Bible Study

  • Our small groups currently meet via Facebook. This is a private Facebook group and only the members of the group can see the group content. You need to request to join the group and one of the leaders will approve your request.
  • You will select your own group based on your schedule. The schedule is posted in our facebook group.
  • On the day you want to attend the small group, you will visit the private facebook group and look for the group photo. The leader will post a photo with the day and time of the meeting, and the discussion will take place right under the photo.
  • All groups have open attendance, so if you miss a group then you are invited to attend another group during the week. The group discussions start Monday and end Sunday. We start a new set of discussion questions on Monday. Each group has the same questions so you only need to attend one group meeting per week.
  • The leader will post questions and allow time for everyone to answer and participate.
  • After the first small group meeting, the leader will take attendance and create a list of the members. She will pray for you during the week.
  • If you stay with the same group long enough then you will discover friendships as you study and pray together.
  • To join our closed facebook group, visit my personal page http://facebook.com/lifeverse and you will see the link to “join group”


Assignment For This Week

  • Read Lesson One, The Relationship of Love in your  book and complete the daily assignments
  • Join a Facebook small group this week when you click here.


Welcome to Bible study!

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