He Is My All Online Bible Study Week 2

love letter 2Welcome back to womens online Bible study as we discuss week two from He Is My All  by Debbie Alsdorf. I hope you enjoyed reading scripture verses about God’s love during the same time we celebrated Easter week! God’s timing is always perfect. We have more than 700 women around the world participating in this online Bible study, growing in wisdom about God’s love. My prayer is that by the time we complete the study, each of you will personally accept His love into your heart. God’s love is not something we read in a fiction book…His love is endless through time. Let’s not generalize His love and conform God to human standards or fictional characters. Look up…beyond your human experiences…and imagine the love that would lay down His life for you and give you eternal hope.

During our study this week we looked up Psalm 17:6-7 and the adjectives to describe God’s love. If you used only Bible translation, you probably found just one description. When you look at several translations you’ll find these adjectives: great (NIV), unfailing (NLT), steadfast (ESV), marvelous (ASV, KJV), miraculous (GW) and faithful (HCSB). This is the wonder of His love!

Jesus commands us to “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind” (Matt 22:37 NKJV).  This week in our study, Debbie Alsdorf expanded on the meaning of these words. She explains:

  • HEART= the things of the spiritual life
  • SOUL= the things of the emotional life
  • STRENGTH= the things of the physical life
  • MIND= the things of the thought life

Take time and pray on these, as you seek balance in your life. Write them down and carry them with you. Personalize the meaning of heart, soul, strength and mind for you personally. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and convict you in relation to this command.

Assignment For the Week

  • Please read Lesson Three (week three) in your book this week.
  • Join a small group discussion

Discussion Questions For the Week (answer here or with your small group)

  1.  Debbie Alsdorf says “When things go wrong, we fall apart and run from the love God has for us. We become disappointed, depleted and worn out.” When this happens to you, do you blame yourself, others, or God? (page 36, day one)
  2. On day four, Debbie Alsdorf says we find balance when these things come together: heart, soul, strength and mind. Which of the four is easiest for you to balance and which is the most difficult? Why?
  3. The Bible says “Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT). What does it mean for God to plant eternity in your heart? (page 42, day four)
  4. Do you compare your life and your spirituality to other women? How does that affect you? (page 46, journal  page)
  5. Debbie Alsdorf writes “Before I ever sought God, He was coming after me. He has called me to be His.” Have you experienced God coming after you for a love relationship? Describe the experience. (page 46, key points from lesson two)

You are His treasure, you are loved!


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  • Kay says:

    1. When things do not go the way I envisioned I dont usually blame myself but I do get quiet, moody and a bit frustrated.
    2. I find balancing strength and mind easier at times.
    3. I really should trust God and His will more than my own understanding and desires.
    4. Sometimes, I wonder “if I am doing it right”
    5. Yes. God was in everything I did. I could literally feel HIs presence and I realized that I was operating without a really steady purpose. I was just flowing with the tide.

  • Angie Coleman says:

    1) It depends on how spiritually and physically exhausted I am. Mostly I blame others first and then God and lastly myself because when I am so spiritually and physically and emotionally exhausted I can’t see what God is trying to teach me.
    2) For me I find all of them the hardest for me to balance
    3) God’s eternity being planted in my heart means that God is not only with me here on Earth but that we will be together forever.
    4) Yes I do compare myself with other Christian women. It makes me feel like I’m not strong enough in my faith.
    Yes, most definitely. He is teaching me this right now in my life. I have been learning to rely on Him for everything and that is teaching me to have such faith in him which is showing me his abundant love for me.

  • Magdalena says:

    1. I blame myself almost exclusively.
    2. The mind is the easiest one for me to balance. Having spent my entire life studying various subjects I prefer to logically think through life. The heart is the hardest one for me to balance. I do not devote enough time to my spiritual life. It is most often the first thing to get pushed aside when life gets busy. I try to push through on my own strength rather than God’s, and this is a constant struggle for me.
    3. Our life is more than what we have in this world.
    4. I often compare my life and spirituality to other women and assume I am lacking or inadequate in one or more ways. I do this without actually knowing anything about other women’s spirituality – I judge it by the outward presentation. It affects me in that it causes me to constantly feel inferior and makes my relationship with God seem like something that will never be as good as other women’s.
    5. God speaks to me in quiet, persistent ways. As a pre-teen I attended a Bible camp that had a huge impact on my spirituality. It was there I felt God’s real presence in my life for the first time. Since then I have had that feeling return from time to time when I turn my attention back toward my relationship with God. It is always joyful when that happens. Even when I turn back away because I’m ‘busy’ God patiently turns my attention back towards Himself in many life situations. I am noticing this happen more and more frequently, and realize He is not giving up on me.

    • Most likely the Bible camp is where you were quiet and still, and your relationship with Jesus grew! Keep seeking Him…finding quiet places and quiet spaces to be still and listen. God is always near…not just in crisis.

  • Q1 Yes.and I blame myself usually, sometimes others, just depends on the issue.
    Q2 Mind is most difficult, but usually all. I think about things way too much. I need to stay focused on God more!
    Q3 It means he is always with me …for eternity and as long as we believe and go to him, trust in him in every thing, he will not leave us.
    Q4 Sometimes….., I look up to some that have been through a lot and trusted God to get them trough it. i learn from them and it helps me grow with my relationship with God knowing others trusted him to get them through it.
    Q5 Yes! He chases me all the time! i need to give him a break and chase him more! It is a wonderful feeling knowing he wants to help me and love me so I can witness that to others 🙂

  • ccfarmgirl says:

    1. When things go wrong I tend to blame myself or others and become frustrated, depressed or angry. This week I was reminded with scripture Ephesians 3:16 to cry out to God because He alone can strengthen me with power through his Spirit in my inner being….and He did!

    2. HEART= the things of the spiritual life is the easiest for me to balance because of Jesus and the Bible. SOUL=the things of the emotional life is the most difficult because I don’t always feel like I would like to feel. I am encouraged this week to personalize and love HIM in ALL things …heart, soul, strength and mind…look to love HIM in all the details however that may look like this week for me!

    3. For God to plant eternity in my heart means to have Jesus in my heart because He alone gives us eternal life. John 3:16

    4. Yes, I do compare myself with other women in a positive way…look to older women as mentors and examples and look to younger women as to how I am an example to them.
    Comparing in a negative way is frustrating and is not pleasing to our Lord.
    The scripture that comes to mind on comparing ourselves with others is John 21:22
    “…what is that to you? You must follow me.”

    5. Yes, this study is helping me see that in my life.

  • Hi my name was considering. Joining how much is the book and where does one get it.

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