2014 Summer Bible Study: Children of the Day

children of the day bible studyAre you ready for another Summer Bible Study? The 2014 summer bible study will officially begin on June 3, 2014 and we are reading Children of the Day by Beth Moore. Do not begin reading your workbooks until June 3, 2014. This is a brand new Bible study workbook and we are thrilled to participate as Beth Moore prepares discussion questions, fun videos and her unique style of “siesta sisters” during the summer season. This is an eight week study and we will meet in small groups every two weeks for fellowship and book discussions. These studies begin Tuesday each week, and all you need is the brand new workbook  Children of the Day by Beth Moore.

If you have never participated in online study at the Womens Bible Cafe, it’s pretty simple. You’ll read the workbook at home, then visit the Womens Bible Cafe to participate in online group discussions. We have small group meetings everyday of the week, morning and evening, via a private Facebook group.  Choose a small group that best fits your schedule…and if you miss a session then you are welcome to attend another one during the week so you do not fall behind.

Children of the Day Information Video

Participate by yourself or with a friend. Either way, you won’t be alone! We have many women from around the world and your participation in the group discussions makes the study enjoyable for all! At the Womens Bible Cafe we anticipate  900 women joining our small groups this summer. You are not assigned a leader, you will simply come to the first small group session on the day and time you want to participate. The leaders will ask you to introduce yourself and your name will be added to the group membership list. No emails to find, no secret groups to locate…we all meet in one large “chatroom” at different times during the day.

We strongly recommend you get the book early…as Beth Moore is also leading this for the summer bible study. It’s so much fun…you don’t want to miss out because you ordered your book too late! Learn more about the 2014 Siesta Summer Bible Study when you –click here to visit Beth Moore’s blog.

The Beth Moore videos sessions for Children of the Day are available for download via Lifeway. They are not required for the study due to the cost, though highly recommended and enjoyable. To download videos from Lifeway- click here

Beth Moore also has audio sessions of this study- to download from Lifeway click here

How to Join the 2014 Summer Bible Study

  • Register for this study at the Womens Bible Cafe when you post a comment below. Be sure to introduce yourself and tell us where you live.
  • Subscribe to the email updates for the Womens Bible Cafe if you are new to our studies- click here
  • Join us on Facebook for fellowship and small group meetings- click here
  • Order your Children of the Day workbook from Amazon Lifeway or Beth Moore’s website.
  • Make sure you read the Getting Started page because the most common questions are answered here

Once you post a comment below and subscribe to updates by email, you are officially enrolled with us and will receive email updates the week of June 3.

Welcome to Summer Bible Study!


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