He Is My All Online Bible Study Week 10

you are lovedIt’s time to complete our womens online Bible study He Is My All by Debbie Alsdorf! We’ve just finished reading week ten in the book and studied how God’s love lifts us to new heights. Debbie writes, “When you are in as secure relationship, you act securely. You do things that secure people do.” To reach new heights you need to be secure in Christ. Self-sufficiency keeps us in those low places, were we feel burdened by a stronghold or tied to a bottomless pit of despair. Move past these experiences as you allow His love to lift you higher.

Life’s struggles are minimized when we keep our focus on things above. We look up, pray up and think up. The answers are available 24/7 as we pray and seek God. As we walk in His counsel, we no longer walk in the counsel of the wicked and we are blessed (Psalm 1:1-3).

Give thanks to the LORD. Praise Him in your storm and in your blessings. Call out to Him and lift your burdens into His hands. Live the life of a woman loved by Him. Shine His light for others to see….


Assignment For This Week

Discussion Questions For the Week (answer here or with your small group)

  1. Debbie Alsdorf says “It is possible to refuse worry and anxiety.” How can you apply this to your life today? What worries do you need to surrender? (week 10, key points, page 173)
  2. Share your final thoughts on God’s love. How will you walk deeper in relationship with Him after completing this Bible study?


Debbie Alsdorf has been receiving private messages from WBC women about how this study has changed them. If you want to message her via Facebook, I assure you that she does read them and your words bring beauty to her heart.

You are loved!

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  • ccfarmgirl says:

    1. I have learned that it is only through God and His Word that I can overcome worry and anxiety.
    This study has been a reminder and encouragement to always look to Him for He is my all!
    2. I will continue to focus on his love for me for He “hems me in- behind and before.” Psalm 139.5

  • Bonnie says:

    I know that the scheduling conflict was unseen….but it’s been harder to get as much from the lessons when I’m trying to “double up.” What started as a great learning experience has turned into a chore. I am still feeling a great change in my relationship with God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit and I thank you and this study for the opportunity to find this part of my life. But I would have rather kept the schedule the same for “He is My All” and just used the comment page to answer the questions for the lessons we would’ve studied after May 30. I’ve signed up for the next study, but really feel I’ve been left behind. Maybe that’s something to consider if this happens again. This is my first bible study on this site so perhaps it’s something you’ve dealt with in the past.

    • I would ahave preferred that also Bonnie and I’m sorry we had to speed up the study to meet the Beth Moore schedule. We’ve learned from this and next summer we will allow a longer gap between studies.

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