He Is My All Online Bible Study Week 4


It’s time for another online Bible study as we continue learning about God’s love. Yet again, God’s timing is perfect! Our small groups are discussing “Love Created Me” the same week we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday May 11 in the United States. Please note that Beth Moore has announced her Summer Bible study “Children of the Day” with a starting date of June 3, so we need to revise our current reading schedule in order to participate. See details below!

We are currently discussing He Is My All by Debbie Alsdorf, week four. In our reading assignments this past week, we learned that God created us, fearfully and wonderfully made. We were not conceived by accident, unwanted by our Father and an inconvenience to Him. We were created by God’s love and made in His image, for the time we are living here on earth.

As women, we often tend to view ourselves negatively and do not see in ourselves what God has created us to be. We wear labels impressed from our own mothers- some positive and some negative. We attach those labels to our thought closets and they become comfortable identities. Like those comfortable jeans or clothes we wear, we forget over time that labels change and they no longer look attractive upon us. Once we realize our identity as Daughters of the King, the labels fall away and we only wear “designed by God.”

It’s time to realize we are loved and accepted children of God. He did not create flawed women; He created women in His image. Psalm 139:14 says, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” 

I like to call this my “birthday verse” and a good reminder of how I am created by God. I am not flawed and insignificant because God carries me (Deut 1:31)  and rescues me (Isaiah 46:3-4), and  because I am His treasure (Deut 14:2). Never forget you also are His daughter.

My prayer is that as you continue in your Bible studies, you will be transformed and renewed. While the flesh distorts truth, and the secular world distracts from it…keep in mind the answers have been trusted more than 2,000 years. All we need to do is open the Bible and read with our hearts, not just our minds.

Assignment For the Week- Schedule has changed in order to join the Beth Moore Children of the Day study on June 3, led by Beth Moore.

  • Please read Week Five and Six in your book this week.
  • Join a small group discussion
  • READ TWO LESSONS (Week of May 5, 2014)

    Lesson 5: Love Ordains My Days

    Lesson 6: Love is My Foundation and My Confidence

    READ TWO LESSONS (Week of May 12, 2014)

    Lesson 7: Love Corrects Me

    Lesson 8: Love Changes Me

    READ TWO LESSONS (week of May 19)

    Lesson 9: Love Has No Fear and Gives Me Hope

    Lesson 10: Love Lifts Me to New Heights (Week of May 26, 2014)

    Revised Reading Schedule

    You will read the first lesson (longer) and follow with two lessons per day.

    Monday= Day one

    Tuesday- Day two and day three

    Wednesday= Day four and day five

    Thursday= Day one (start new lesson)

    Friday= Day two and day three

    Saturday= Day four and day five

    Sunday= catch up if you mised anything


    Read the entire week of lessons in one day, as long as you have the flexibility to do this in your schedule and are not rushing the work just to complete it. Dig deep, learn and pray as you go!

Discussion Questions For the Week (answer here or with your small group)

  1. According to Genesis 1:27, God created you in His image. In what ways are you created in His image? How do you usually see yourself? (day two, page 66)
  2. How does viewing yourself negatively affect your feelings and actions as a Christian woman? (day two, page 66)
  3. The Bible tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). The devil tells me that I am…. (complete the sentence).
  4. The Bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to take our thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ. How does a person do this? (day four, page 71)
  5. On day five (page 75) there is a beautiful poem by Donna Burke called “Jewels in the Lord’s Crown.” Which jewel describes you: sapphires (bold and brilliant), rubies (energy and enthusiasm), topaz (warm and merciful), amethyst (quiet and gentle) or diamonds (strong and powerful)?

You are fearfully and wonderfully made…you are loved!


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  • Deb Schlaud says:

    Sorry – I’m a bit behind on my study….but I figured I’d go ahead and do the questions today in the hopes of catching up!
    Q1. How am I created in God’s image. I think that I’m created to love and help others – to draw them to Our Father as Jesus was doing in His time on earth. I don’t see God in terms of human form, I see Him as loving, caring, giving, and always available.
    Q2. Viewing myself negatively makes me feel worthless. If I don’t see myself as capable then I won’t follow through on anything. If I feel that I don’t have the skills for something like sewing, knitting, etc., then I won’t even TRY it – so if I see myself negatively in terms of my spirituality then I shy away from that too.
    Q3. Oh that devil! Does he ever tell me “stuff”. “look at that time you lost your temper and screamed at the kids for nothing” “look at that time you weren’t feeling well so you didn’t make the effort to go to your son’s parent’s night in basketball when he was in 9th grade. What a lazy, rotten, good for nothing mother YOU were” – etc. etc. He knows what buttons to push and he continually try’s to push them. I have managed, however, to make several of those buttons no longer functional and I’m working on the others. My favorite phrase whenever I start to feel down on myself is “get behind me satan – you’re nothing but a low down snake, liar, and deceiver”.
    Q4. To take our thoughts captive we must first kind of “sort” them. The thoughts we need to take captive are the negative, down on yourself, thoughts – but simply taking them captive, to recognize them and remove them from your thought pattern, isn’t enough. I have to replace them, fill their spot, with uplifting good thoughts. Otherwise that space in my mind is open and empty – and who moves in then? I no longer want to rent space to my enemy so when I evict him, I will move in with good thoughts.
    Q5. I think I fit into the amethyst category with a tweaking of topaz.

  • ccfarmgirl says:

    1. Created in His image like Jesus….in a human body with a connection to God the Father because of Jesus! I view myself as daughter of the King most days….and some days just as daughter of my parents…
    2. Seeing myself negatively robs me of enjoying my day and what I am doing.
    3. The devil would say I am not able or enough or capable….
    4. We take negative thoughts captive by replacing with God’s Word like “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
    5. Topaz and amethyst best describe me.

  • Magdalena says:

    Q1 In all ways: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Every characteristic I have is from God. I usually see myself as just another average person. Somewhere along the line I stopped believing in ‘special’.
    Q2 Sometimes feeling average makes me act ‘average’ and not strive to do better and be better because ‘what’s the point’. It’s a self-defeating attitude which I’m working on.
    Q3 insignificant. Writing down the answers to these questions and journaling along with this study has certainly shed a lot of light on this topic for me. I need to shed the lies imposed on my life by the devil.
    Q4 By daily reflection and studying God’s word. The more good we put in our minds the less room there is for evil.
    Q5 I would say diamond. I am resilient and persistent…almost to the point of bull-headedness. I am patient and determined….and occasionally could work on being more soft!

  • Robin Carr says:

    Q1 To be able to love and be kind
    Q2 negativity never helps us grow as Christians We cannot grow spiritually in negativity.
    Q3 not worthy and full of doubt.
    Q4 to read the Word and try to live by it.
    Q5 I hope Topaz, warm and merciful.

  • Kelly says:

    Q1 To me we are to be like him….to good things and love everyone! the best way I feel like I might even come close to him is that I have compassion for everyone and I have a kind heart, sometimes I let my emotions get in the way and don’t want to when others hurt me, I am working on that!
    Q2. When we see ourselves negatively, I my case, sometimes i feel like I am not good enough or try hard enough, I “give up” and don’t stay in the word of God, I end up not doing my bible studies and start feeling negative about everything in general, I those times I am no help to anyone, I am working on that and getting better at staying focused so I can be a positive influence and help others 🙂
    Q3. I think that when I feel down or depressed that is the devils way of keeping me down and makes me feel I am not worthy of many things,
    Q4.Stay Obedient to Christ! Stay around positive people !
    Q5.Well I would I have to say I am a mixture …sapphire because i can be bold! But not brillant…diamonds because I can be very strong but not powerful, rubies because when I am being obedient i have more energy and have a lot of enthusiasm!

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