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Our womens online Bible study continues as we reflect on week six from He Is My All by Debbie Alsdorf. We studied building a firm foundation than is not shaken. Debbie writes, “If we are going to be wise women, we must build our lives not on the sands of time, but on faith in Jesus Christ and His Word. Otherwise, we will be Nervous Nellies, anxiously living through each day as if there were no God in Heaven.” Have you ever considered that your anxiety is rooted in a weak foundation? Are you living a life of fear, worry, regret and constant frustration?

God’s love fuels our confidence, strengthens our foundation and washes those worries away like grains of sand. Until we know Jesus, we do not know this peace and confidence.

We can place our confidence in our looks- grooming, exercising, dieting and buying designer clothes. Yet over time and with age, the confidence diminishes and we cry out “What happened to my body!”

We can place our confidence in our work- gaining promotions, networking and leveraging into powerful positions, earning an income we never dreamed possible. Yet over time when the economy demands downsizing, a newer boss seeks a fresh team, or our physical bodies cannot keep up with the demands we cry out “Why did I ever work here in the first place!”

We can place confidence in our children- sports teams, dance lessons, violin recitals and private school educations. Yet over time when our kids become self-centered we cry out “Why don’t they appreciate all my sacrifices of time and money!”

Life is filled to capacity with insecure thoughts. When we take our focus off God and place it upon ourselves, we begin living in the flesh rather than the Spirit. A flesh-centered heart and mind seeks to please others and fails. A flesh-centered woman focuses on the demands of others, or herself, rather than the will of God.

Step outside your comfort zone and put the Lord’s welcome mat at at your front door. Let the first step of your morning and the last step of your evening be anchored to the foundation of God. When you practice this daily, your world does not crumble, your heart does not sink and you are filled with the Fruit of the Spirit. Place your confidence in God.

If you struggle with negative thinking, consider these useful books: Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf, BattleField of the Mind by Joyce Meyer and Overcoming Emotions That Destroy by Chip Ingram. Read Psalm 139 everyday as Debbie Alsdorf did during a difficult season of her life. Stand firm in the foundation of God’s Word.

Assignment For This Week

Discussion Questions For the Week (answer here or with your small group)

  1. Insecurity can cause us to feel terrible about ourselves, why do you suppose God would want to deliver you from feeling terrible about yourself and your life? (Day Three, page 102)
  2. After reading Psalm 136 out loud, we discovered that the repeated theme was “God’s love endures forever.” How does it make you feel knowing God’s love for you endures forever? (Day Four, page 108)
  3. We are half way through our study, let’s revisit this question from Lesson 1/Week 1: On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, what place does a relationship with God rank in your life? Why? (page 17) Do you remember your response from Week/Lesson 1? Are you pleased with your progress?

Choose to build your foundation with God!

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  • ccfarmgirl says:

    1. God would want to deliver us from feeling terrible about ourselves and our lives so we can be God focused instead of self focused a much more fulfilling way to live!
    2. Psalm 136 theme ..His love endures forever makes me feel “forever loved”!!!
    3. Making Him #1 is amazing!!

  • Kelly says:

    Q1 He wants us to be confident in Him and be obedient to him so he can bless us and so we can be witness to others . If we feel bad about ourselves we tend to be introverted ,not happy , angry have self pitty and therefore can not be a good witness to others. Why would anyone want to have faith if we all acted of felt like that.? i know this because I have been there. God can deliver us from all of this if we let him 🙂
    Q2. I am so thankful that he forgives and loves me no matter what. It is hard sometimes to imagine that no matter what he will be there unlike people here who come and go in your life who have no idea how to treat others or those who are fake to you then turn around and gossip about you. It has made me realize I can always trust in him pray about it and it will work out.
    Q3 It is higher for me now because I now because i have been able to focus more on him with out a lot of craziness that was going on in my life. You have to give up on somethings and let it go so you can hear God and all his blessings he wants to give us.Stay focused on what is right and important and that is God and his love for us.

    • What a blessing this study has been… as we let go of how the world views us and embrace how God loves us. Dust of that tarnished crown, put it back on your head and never ever forget that you are a Daughter of the King, loved by your Father! 🙂

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