He Is My All Online Bible Study Week 8

Daughter of the King

Join us for women’s online Bible study as we discuss week eight from He Is My All by Debbie Alsdorf. We learned in our reading this week that God’s love changes us. As you mature spiritually you’ll experience more and more of this love. Open your hearts to Him..and be changed! As Debbie writes in her book, “Every day God allows us to make choices. The most important choice each day is walking in His Spirit.”

When we are self-focused, we walk in our own limited vision. We see what others want to see in us. We live people-pleasing lives  rather than God-pleasing lives. We focus on posture and rules rather than love and relationship. Yet Scripture tells us we can be renewed and transformed. As we continue to LOOK UP and seek His will, we change our focus to Jesus.

Do you desire to be transformed into the Fruit of the Spirit?

Is it your will to become clay in the Potter’s hands?

Are you attending too many pity parties and not enough praise parties?

Change begins when you say “Not my will but Your will.” It’s letting go of unbelief and resting in the peace of Jesus. Allow Him to be the center of your thoughts and actions.

Psalm 84:5 NLT says” What joy for those whose strength comes from the Lordwho have set their minds on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.”  What pilgrimage is your mind set upon? Are you on the victim pilgrimage? Revenge pilgrimage? Achievement pilgrimage? Or does your pilgrimage lead to the Lord?

Pause and pray…..

Assignment For This Week

Discussion Questions For the Week (answer here or with your small group)

  1. What is a pity party? How do we recognize the beginning signs and what can we do when disappointment or discouragement cloud our thoughts? (wk 8, day 1, p135)
  2. Did you create a list of things you don’t like about yourself this week? Were you surprised by some of the items you listed? The first list is all the things you don’t like about yourself, the second list includes things that you can change. How do you feel about facing that list? What happened when you prayed over your list? (wk 8, day 1, p133)
  3. Were you uncomfortable with the topic of discipline and change this week? Share your thoughts on what you learned during the study.


You are loved!

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Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • ccfarmgirl says:

    1. A pity party is “a statement of discouragement…catered by Satan and his lying demons”.
    Beginning signs are a” low or unworthy concept of God…attack from Satan to destroy our confidence in God’s kindness like Eve”…feeing unhappy, disappointed, discouraged.
    We are to be “of good cheer” instead…have courage and strength that “comes from knowing Jesus and trusting that He is working in and through all things that touch my individual life.
    2. Still working on this question….
    3. When remembering a parenting mistake in discipline by earthly father it was a bit uncomfortable but am learning that discipline from heavenly Father is for me to learn a life lesson because He loves me.
    “The Lord disciplines those he loves.” Hebrews 12:6

  • Crystal says:

    What I recevied from this was totally at the end when it asked, “what is your pilgrimage?” My pilgrimage has been toward success and although it has been towards the promises that Jesus says I can have, I haven’t had much peace. The reason being is that I have let myself become frustrated because I haven’t seen the promises in the natural. God has been dealing with my heart about walking in peace. I have been seeking Him more for who He is and not for what He can give me. I have never been more happy in my life! Now that my pilgrimage is towards “Jerusalem” things are becoming more clearer.

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