Children of the Day Online Bible Study Week 1

Children of the Day Online Bible Study

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Welcome back to online Bible study as we study Children of the Day by Beth Moore. We have about 700 women participating in this online Bible study so remember to pray for our leaders and the women participating in your groups. By now everyone should have their study books and hopefully you’ve started working through the book. A few women accidentally ordered the leaders book (28 pages) instead of the study guide/member book (240 pages) so you’re a tad behind on the lessons from where the rest of the group is right now. Please don’t worry about this if you are one of these women. Just pick up the book where you are today and move forward. You’ll make progress one page at a time and before you know it you’ll be on track with the group again.

What an absolute privilege to be joining you in this Bible study on Thessalonians! This study was just published and already has many positive reviews. Like any Bible study, it also as a few challenges as we get started and you might even feel like you’ve gotten in over your head! To overcome these challenges our leadership team has created this list of suggestions:

  1. Pray before you begin your lesson each day and the Holy Spirit will lead you and convict you in your daily study
  2. Read the entire letters first… 1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians… so you have an understanding of the wider picture or context
  3. Keep reading and the answers are usually in the next paragraph
  4. Don’t stumble on the vocabulary or writing style, just look for the main idea of the lesson that can be applied to your life
  5. Try different Bible translations for the passage or verse if you don’t understand it. Use Bible Gateway free app or YouVersion
  6. Post convictions or questions in the chatroom and discuss with other women
  7. Contact any WBC ministry leader if you are frustrated, discouraged or confused

Anything God emphasizes, the Devil seeks to exterminate.” Beth Moore, Children of the Day

Our first week of study included a historical background of Thessalonians. We learned about the townspeople, the missionaries and the purpose of the letters. We’re seeing how the gospel spread from eyewitness testimonies to people around the world in this Biblical time.  One of the key characters in the narrative is the Holy Spirit, moving like the wind. Through Him we learn to be imitators and an example to all believers (See 1 Thess. 1:6-7).

Grab your books, keep reading the lessons and enjoy conversations online in our Facebook group!


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

  1. Did you research your given name? What does your original name mean? (page 18)
  2. What is your current, ongoing reminder that life here is temporal? (page 22)
  3. How many parallels do you see between the wind and the Holy Spirit? (page 26)
  4. As you glance back in your past to your turn to God, what was the hardest part of the old you that you had to leave behind? Has the turn thus far been worth the trouble? Explain why. (page 35)


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