Children of the Day Online Bible Study Week 5

A bolt of Greece lightning” is how the National Geographic characterized Thessaloniki in its “Best of the World 2013″ list. Thessaloniki is the European Capital for 2014. (Photograph by Peter Schickert, Alamy)

A bolt of Greece lightning” is how the National Geographic characterized Thessaloniki in its “Best of the World 2013″ list. Thessaloniki is the European Capital for 2014. (Photograph by Peter Schickert, Alamy)

Welcome to another discussion for Children of the Day by Beth Moore. We are meeting in small groups again this week as we discuss week five, “Children Of the Light.”  Do you remember the words of Beth Moore this week? She writes, “We can keep our heads buried in Scripture and believe everything we read, but if we study only God’s acts and not His character, our sum-total god still won’t be the God of the Bible. A lesser god is not our God.” What does that mean to you personally? Do you understand the message she is delivering… studying God is not the same as knowing God. She encourages us to be awake in the Lord and has a beautiful message on page 121 in the study guide.

I remember several times when I have been awakened by God, and sadly, this is also a reminder that I have slumbered. Maybe you recall similar events? In our small groups today several women shared how a relationship, financial hardship or health issue pulled them out of their slumber. The commonality in their testimonies is love and I’m reminded how Jesus is  Christian love. It is in Him and through Him that we are awakened to God.

This week we contemplated online relationships vs local relationships. We can edit our words and delete our comments in the social media world (Facebook, Twitter, etc) yet at the same time we have a larger audience for our message. I’ve seen women lose their tempers, condemn others, make suicide threats and even post comments while drunk. Yet they are ashamed to be truthful with their closet friends because they do not want to be accountable. Why is it easier for them to be authentic online than in person? Some hide behind fake profile names and then reveal their true self.

Remember that God sees, whether you are online with your real name or a fake name. He sees when you are transparent online, or when you are filled with lies. He sees when you build up the church and when you bring it down. He is ever present..and you should always be speaking for an Audience of One…online or in person!

Don’t be a people pleaser, online or in person. Be an authentic woman of God, Daughter of the King.

God calls you to be Christ-like, not social-media acceptable.

As I write this I am attacked with another round of spiritual warfare. Have you noticed intense pushing from Satan as you read the book, discuss the book or even grow closer to God because of the book? Wow… today’s been fierce as the enemy pushes hard to keep me distracted or silent. I am praying 1 Thessalonians 5:8 NLT over myself and you as well:

But let us who live in the light be clearheaded, protected by the armor of faith and love, and wearing as our helmet the confidence of our salvation.

There is a beautiful intercessory prayer for awakening by Beth Moore on page 129 of your study guide. I hope you keep this prayer where you can see it, and consider praying it for the next 30 days.


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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

  1. On page 121 Beth Moore asks “What one event in your life shook you to your most awakened state?”  If you feel spiritually unawake, talk about a way that you really need the Lord to awaken you with His Spirit and to His presence and His activity in your proximity.
  2. Beth Moore makes a powerful statement when she says “We feel free to ask astonishingly personal questions to complete strangers, yet we’ve grown increasingly timid face to face.” (page 132) What implications do you see from getting into the habit of drawing fewer boundaries with the wider social arena and airtight boundaries with your closest companions?
  3.  How do we warn someone who is irresponsible without the person feeling judged? (page 133)

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