Children Of The Day Online Bible Study Week 8

image via Maria Theodosiou

image via Maria Theodosiou

Congratulations on your perseverance and completing this online Bible study with us! I’m sure you had many distractions over the course of the study, and even encountered spiritual warfare along your journey. Yet you have arrived at your destination and completed Children of the Day by Beth Moore..I am so proud of you! I would love to end our online study as we do in my local Bible study groups: with a banquet table and a celebration feast filled with memories of our time together. Yet this is one of the downsides to online study so we’ll make do with the resources we have. Maybe you can celebrate with a girlfriend or family member and report back to us how you spent that time.

Our study of Thessalonians concludes with a reminder to seek peace. This is often difficult in a world saturated with social media, where nonverbal cues and tonality are lacking in our communication. Women are easily offended, sometimes hurt and display public contempt towards one another. We are cautioned by Beth Moore, “Perhaps only one thing is more dangerous in a pulpit than ignorance. It is dangerous thing to treat contemptuously those whom God has called.” Keep this in  mind as you fill your assignment for God. Be loving towards one another, just as Christ loves you. Be a reflection of His Light, even when you are struggling with hurt feelings or hormonal emotions. God has created an action plan for you..all you need to do is open the Bible and read from Genesis to Revelation. Look for your identity in Christ.

As a reminder, Beth says “I don’t think people set out to become critical or cynical or irresponsible. I think more often than not, we catch it from somebody.” If you’ve spent enough time online then really consider the word “viral.” You can catch more than popular votes and “likes” when you are online! Guard your hearts and minds.

Finally, “We as the church in this time and place have been given the Word of God and a mission to share the good news of Jesus Christ. As we wrap up our time together, please place a marble in your pocket or purse.  Let it travel with you each day as on ongoing reminder that you’ve got the ball; YOU are the bearer of Gods good news to the world.  Let His Word influence your interactions with your sisters in the Lord.  Let Him change the way you relate to those in your home. Let Him work through you to call others to His side.” Beth Moore

May you continue your journey with Jesus. Walk in the Light.

If you identified with some of the personal issues addressed in this Bible study, seek support from eMentoring by Family Life. Connect anonymously via email with a personal mentor who will walk with you through a struggle- it’s free.


The prayer wall is a great place to post prayers, find the monthly Womens Bible Cafe prayer calendar and to pray for one another. Be sure to visit the page when you click here.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

  1. Question from page 202: without mentioning names, describe a destructive attitude you seen go viral among believers.
  2. If you have one primary thing you believe this eight week series has been about between you and Jesus, what would it be?
  3. From page 185,  What do you think it means to keep yourself in the love of God? How are you planning to keep yourself in the Love of God after this study?




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