The Power of God’s Names Online Bible Study | Week 1

25528354_sWelcome back to our online Bible Study of The Power of God’s Names.   We have over 500 women participating in this online Bible study so please remember to pray for our leaders as well as the women in your small groups.  There are many women who have joined us that are completely new to online Bible study and it has been inspiring to see those of you who have been with the Women’s Bible Cafe™ for awhile stepping up to help them in the format of the small groups.   In truth, it has been an amazing week.

We had women joining us as late as this morning so do not feel discouraged if you are a bit behind on the lessons.  Just grab your book, and make yourself the promise that you will commit to moving forward one day at a time.  In reality there are only 5 lessons each week and they are easily managed within 30 minutes.    I start each morning by reading through the lesson.  I use those ’empty spaces’ throughout my day, such as carpooling, to reflect on what I have read and take notes on it.  Then I write my responses and whatever notes I have into my Member Book before bed.   When you break it down into small manageable chunks, it is easier to accomplish.

Some suggestions from our leaders on the challenges of online Bible Study:

1.  Pray before you begin your lesson each day and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in your daily study.

2.  Join a small group

3.  Post questions and  inspirations in the group and discuss them with other women.

4.  Contact any WBC leader if you are feeling frustrated, confused or discouraged.

5.  Know that The Lord loves you and has great things for you during this very special time.


During our first week of study we explored not only why we should learn more about God’s names but also about the Majesty and Power that His name represents.    As we learn more about God’s names we will have a greater understanding of His character and how He works in our lives.

O Lord, our Lord, How majestic is Your name in all the earth.  Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens.  Psalm 8:1


It was no coincidence that the first of God’s Names we have looked at is Elohim, Our Strong  Creator God.   Elohim, the God who creates any and everything out of nothing, the One Who creates beauty out of chaos, has been my Strong God this tumultuous week.  I know He has for many of you as well.  Dozens of women began this study because they were in a place of despair and from what we have seen in our small groups, God is drawing those who need Elohim, their Strong Creator God, to Himself.  God longs to create beauty from the broken bits of our lives.   Let Him do that for you this week.



  • Read Week Two in your workbook.
  • OPTIONAL: Watch Video Session Two (optional due to cost)

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

  1. What ideas or images come to mind when you hear the word majesty?
  2. In the Lord’s Prayer what does the phrase, “Hallow be Thy name” mean to you in relation to God?
  3. Has your faith in God’s power and provision led you to trust despite the odds or the circumstances?  When, where and how?
  4. Now that we have learned about Elohim: The Strong Creator, how will you connect with Elohim’s power as you live, work and seek to serve Him each day?




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