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By September 15, 2014Power of God's Names

A group of young women bow their heads and pray with bibles.Welcome back to the Women’s Bible Cafe, where we have been studying The Power of God’s Names by Tony Evans.  This has been an amazing week as we have focused on  the names Jehovah Nissi {The Lord is My Banner} and Jehovah Tsaba {The Lord Our Warrior}.  It came as no coincidence that as we studied The Lord as our Warrior, we honored the memory of those who suffered and survived the tragedy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Life is filled with problems and difficulties that we can usually handle under normal circumstances.  There are times, however, when we face challenges that tear at the center of our being, those ‘Goliath’ moments where we need a Strong Defender.  Whether you are facing an serious illness, financial or family catastrophe, God can and will be your strength.  God never intended you to face life’s challenges alone and unprotected.  You can trust Jehovah Tsaba to fight your battles for you.

 But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; then stand still and watch the LORD’s victory. He is with you, O people of Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged,  the LORD is with you!

2 Chronicles 20:17 NLT

Suggested Exercise: Take a few moments this week and begin a journal.  Ask the Lord to give you an encouraging verse or quote for the inside cover.  Whenever you face a challenge that seems insurmountable, write about it.  Search for verses, songs or poems that encourage you.   Use David’s writing example from the book of Psalms as a guide.  David wrote of his difficulties freely yet he always ended each Psalm with a conscious acknowledgment of God’s goodness and grace in his life.  This exercise will provide you with a precious treasure of faith and hope for years to come.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

1.  What ideas or images come to mind when you hear the term spiritual warfare? (page 73)

2. What are some of the giant problems people encounter in our culture today? (page 79)

3.  What habits and activities help you move toward a more heavenly perspective on life?  How can you keep a heavenly perspective in the midst of everyday obstacles and crisis moments?

4. What steps have you taken to remember the great things God has done in your life? (page 90)

5.  How have God’s past victories in your life prepared you to take on the giants you are facing right now?

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