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By September 29, 2014Power of God's Names


Welcome back to the Women’s Bible Cafe where we are looking at Week Five of The Power of God’s Names by Dr. Tony Evans.  Over these last few weeks we have learned much about the character and nature of our great God by studying the power and meaning of His many names.  We also learned that we develop a deeper relationship with Him as we experience the wonder and majesty of His name.

This week we will be looking at El Elyon: The Most High God, as well as El Shaddai: God Almighty.  El Elyon speaks to us of God’s power in a way that none of His other names can.  It signifies His power over every situation, including our greatest enemies or our worst mistakes.  That’s right, God is bigger than even those two things combined.  Nothing is too difficult for Him.  (Jeremiah 32:17)

Never focus on the size of the problem.  Instead, focus on the size of your God.  Tony Evans

Oftentimes we view life based on what we think we can handle or accomplish on our own but we fail to realize that this limits our view of God and what He can and wants to accomplish in us and through us.  You see, God longs to bless you so that not only you will be blessed, but that you would in turn share His blessings with those around you.  Blessed to be a blessing.

This truly is a wonderful week to begin a journal if you haven’t already begun one.   Here are some ideas for your journal this week.

“Blessed to be a blessing”~write a list in your journal of the ways in which God has blessed you (remember that God has blessed you with special talents and abilities as well).  How can you use those blessings to share His love with those that He has placed in your life?  Write out Psalm 91 and James 1:16-17 in your journal.  Read these verses daily highlighting the ones that are comforting to you.  Finally, consider writing about a difficulty that you may be experiencing and how the truths from this lesson can help you navigate this turmoil in a more victorious manner.


DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK (share answers in small groups)

1.  What do you depend on more, your source or your resources.

2.  How can we support one another as a group in moments when we are waiting for God to come through.

3.  How often do you allow the size of a problem to prevent you from seeking a solution?

4.  What steps do you take to spend time in God’s presence?


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