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By October 20, 2014Jeremiah

WBC Jeremiah Online Bible StudyWelcome to online Bible study at the Womens Bible Cafe! Today we begin a revival study using the book Jeremiah, Daring to Hope in an Unstable World  by Melissa Spoelstra. We pray this study will bring you closer to God and revive your faith. Over the next several weeks we’re going to:

  • Learn to navigate the challenges and circumstances of your life
  • Discover six guidelines for intentional living to overcome fear, worry, and doubt
  • Surrender your will to God’s and put your hope in Him alone
  • Develop survival skills for an unstable world


IMPORTANT: The first week of online Bible study, many women are exploring different small groups. Some groups will move very fast and are challenging, while others are easier to read. This changes the second week…and the timelines are much easier to follow. Please be patient as the new women navigate the small groups and learn how they work. We usually have 15 women in the large groups, 8 women in the smaller groups on the second week of study.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Anything shared in small groups is not to be repeated outside of the group. Please respect the women who are transparent with their testimonies.

SENSITIVITY: Please resist the temptation  to interrupt (such as posting Facebook symbols or links to articles and videos), monopolizing by drawing attention to yourself instead of the Holy Spirit, or trying to “fix” shared problems. Women want to be heard and not told what to do.

NON-DENOMINATIONAL: As a diverse group of women, we have different church doctrines, Bible translations and theologies. This is a place to respectfully disagree, rather than judging one another, so that you may grow and understand different viewpoints. It’s okay to question and see things differently, however we ask you to be kind and sensitive to the feelings of others.

BIBLE TRANSLATIONS: The author of this Bible study uses the New Living Translation (NLT) for teaching. You’re welcome to use any Bible translation of your choice, we encourage you to explore parallel (side-by-side) translations to get the most from this study. Use an online program such as BibleGateway, YouVersion, or BlueLetterBible if you’d like to study the Word in many translations- NIV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, and more. Many Bible apps have audio Bibles, so you can listen to the entire book of Jeremiah if you’d like to!

ACCOUNTABILITY: We encourage you to find an accountability partner to pray for you and keep each other on track. If you see someone in your small group that you feel the Holy Spirit is guiding you towards for accountability, send her a friend request. Our leaders are available to serve you too, so if you want a leader to help you then send her a friend request.


  • Write a letter to God on the inside cover of your workbook. Put today’s date inside your book and tell Him where you are in your life right now, and where you hope He leads you during your study of Jeremiah.
  • Basic Study: Complete week 1 in the study guide, about 20-30 minutes each day.
  • Deeper Study: Read Jeremiah chapters 1 to 6 in a Bible translation of your choice.
  • Digging Deeper resources are available at:
  • Optional: Watch session 1 video (optional due to cost).
  • Download: Answers to the Video Sessions: Jeremiah Video Viewer Guide Answers

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK (Answer here or in your small group)

  1. If you wrote a book about your current season of life, what would be the title of your book?
  2. Jeremiah is a story of hope in an unstable world. What has been happening in your life that causes you to need hope?
  3. Is this your first online Bible study? How many online studies have you completed (not just at WBC) or how many offline Bible studies have you completed? Which study have you enjoyed most?
  4. Do you have any questions before we meet again next week?

Before we meet next week, please read WEEK ONE in your study book. Set aside the same time each day, just as you set aside time to watch favorite television shows, attend a local event or an appointment. Be intentional about spending time with the LORD because you LOVE Him, not because this is a chore. Spend 20 to 30 minutes a day with God- set the time in your calendar and don’t miss your date with Jesus!

Welcome to online Bible study!

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  • BA says:

    I am new and you mention workbooks etc. Where do I get these books that are required. I was planning on joining in this evening at 9 but I have no materials

  • Aurora Grace Palumbo says:

    1. The title of my book would be called “Not Walking Alone” or something around those lines. I just recently got broken up with by a guy I thought I could see myself marrying one day. I was the first girl he ever said the “L” word to. However, I’m finding that I’ve been that girl for all my other boyfriends before him and break ups like that are getting easier to deal with. I’m learning from the Lord that they were all learning experiences and that now it’s time to live my own adventures instead of trying to keep up and following others.

    2. This may not be that big of a deal honestly in the grand scheme of things, but I guess hoping that I can actually carry out my own adventures that the Lord is pointing me in the direction to. I really want to join the military when I’m graduated from college (this year) and it gets really scary because I wonder if I’m ready to make such a big step, I’m worried about committing to something and failing miserably. But I have to keep reminding myself that God has put me through many other trials where I’ve felt this way before and if I just keep hoping and praying for him to walk with me through it, then I know I will be alright.

    3. This is my very first online bible study. I felt like it would better fit my life style at this point because I’m very involved in school and it’s been hard managing to attend my on campus bible study that I used to go to on and off. I would say my favorite one I’ve completed (but probably did not fully understand that that point) was Corinthians. It just talked about love and His love for us and His love for me. So that’s when I really started to develop a relationship with Christ.

    4. Yes! Was I supposed to post here if I don’t have facebook or any other social media to post from? I hope it was!


    • I enjoyed reading your answers, and I’m excited that you are joining us! Perhaps someday you will be leading Bible studies for college students…out of our own experiences, we are called by God to serve.

      • Aurora Grace Palumbo says:

        Thanks Christine! Is posting to this site with my answers to the bible study questions the way to post if I don’t have facebook? I have a gmail account and my school email address also, should I be sending my answers via email instead or is posting here like this okay?


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