Covenant Online Bible Study | Starts Jan 12, 2015

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Covenant Online Bible Study Starts January 12, 2015

Join us for an inductive Bible study for women, using the Kay Arthur workbook Covenant: God’s Enduring Promises. Trust issues develop because people fail us. But Biblical truths have the power to sustain us because God’s Word never fails. Join us in this Precepts study to learn how the Old Covenant points to the Promises of the New Covenant in Jesus Christ. As we study we’ll enter into a more personal relationship with our covenant-making and covenant-keeping God. Whether you are young in your faith or have been walking with Him for years, this study will encourage your heart.

If you’ve always wanted to learn the inductive study principles- observation, interpretation and application- this is the right study for you! Covenant is an introduction to inductive Bible study methods. You’ll spend five days a week exploring the keywords of Scripture.  Sheree Poole, a certified Precepts instructor, will be directing the small group and posting weekly updates on the Womens Bible Cafe™ website.

Join us for a 9-week Covenant online Bible study

  • Learn Bible study techniques such as marking and color-coding key words in Scripture
  • Discipline yourself to daily Bible reading
  • Understand God’s covenant provision for humanity- and you!
  • Journal your observations

You’ll join us online, as we share our observations in a private Facebook group. 

The WBC inductive study meets in a closed Facebook group, by invitation only. You must register for the study to receive the group access information. Twice a week the group will have live events (day and time to be determined) and throughout the week you are invited to fellowship and ask questions.

As you listen to this short video from Kay Arthur, pray earnestly and decide if the Lord has a plan for you to learn the inductive study method at the Womens Bible Cafe™

Covenant by Kay Arthur from LifeWay Women on Vimeo.


covenant online Bible studyResources for Covenant Online Bible study- eBook NOT available!

This is an INDUCTIVE METHOD of study so electronic books are NOT available. You will NOT find a Kindle, Kobo, Nook or other format for this study 🙁

Use these sharing buttons to invite your family and friends to the online Bible study. It’s really fun when you can study with someone you know in another state or even another country! Bring a friend to the Bible Cafe

How to Register for this Online Bible Study

  1. Post a comment below, tell us something about yourself.
  2. Sign up to get the Bible study updates by email. Look in the top right of this page, and you’ll see a place to put your email address, or CLICK HERE to register for the email updates. This will lead you to Google Feedburner, a tool that allows us to send you posts by email. We protect your email address and do not sell or spam with information.
  3. Ask to “join group” on Facebook when you CLICK HERE

Author WBC

Find online bible studies for women at the Womens Bible Cafe. It’s also a place where you can meet other Christian women from around the world and fellowship together. If you’re unable to a attend a church small group bible study then the Bible Study Cafe is just right for you! Look under “Current Studies” to see what we’re reading. Bring your book and let’s study the Word together.

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  • says:

    Looking for an online Bible study due to tight schedule. I realize I an joining late but just found this information

  • olur says:

    Good morning, my name is olu. Because of my work schedule, I have not been not been able to get to my church’s Bible class. I am looking forward to the knowledge and fellowship. Thanks.

  • Hi!
    I am a “seeker” meaning I am still struggling to figure out the Bible and my place in the world. I am also a skeptic, meaning..I am not an atheist, I am just waiting for God to speak to me (maybe He has and I wasn’t listening??) and show me the way to being a better Christian.
    So, in summation, I ‘m lost and trying to find my way. I thought that perhaps an online group would put me in my “comfort zone” and not seem as threatening to me as going to a “live” class. My husband is what I call a “big time Christian” and he intimidates me at times. I don’t feel like I am doing all that I can do to progress as a Christian and this is my way of showing him that I AM trying..

    I look forward to the lesson. Will you be informing us via email as to start times? And, will this be held over Facebook. Please, let me know how I am to participate as I am a newbie!! 🙂


  • Hi My name is Deon and I would like to sign up for the bible study.Thanks!! Deon g.

  • Annel ochoa says:

    Hello everyone!! First of is im very thankful to have found this cite! I am a young woman wanting to learn and just get closer to God. I dont really know how this cite workd so any info would be greatly appreciated ! I want to know how i can get involved with the bible studies amd and join groups! I am part of a apostolic church and im just trying to read and know more the word of God. Thank you and God bless!!

  • tabbsweet3 says:

    Hi! My name is Nicole and I’ve been searching for a Bible Study for some time. I’m thrilled to find this site and this series. I’m new to a Bible study and couldn’t imagine a better place to start than a study about how to study. I’ve ordered my book and hope to catch up!

  • Ellie Werner says:

    I am Ellie. I just found this site and am excited to find a place to study God’s word with other sisters in Christ. I hope I am not too late to join the Covenant Group. I will purchase my book tomorrow and will dive right in if it’s alright. Looking forward to it!

  • Kat Savage says:

    Greetings all and blessings in the Lord. I came across this website link on FB. Looked like a great place to grow and fellowship with other sisters in faith. I’m a “sinner-saved-by-grace”, child of the Most High; praying and praising HIM for my very existence and forever thankful for His call to me to enter into Christ’s life for all eternity.

  • Angie says:

    I’m excited

  • Maureen McNish says:

    I’m ready to study

  • Darcey says:

    Just ordered my book. I’m looking forward to joining this study.

  • Tawana says:

    I’m Tawana and I just purchased my book thru amazon. So excited to start this journey

  • A friend shared with me this site and I hope to learn from it

  • Denise says:

    Hi! I’m hoping this is how I get signed up for this study. Just purchased my book today and am hoping to join in

    • Sheree says:

      Hi Denise. You are signed up when you posted your comment. Be sure to “join” the Covenant chat room and a leader will accept you into the group. We look forward to your joining us! 🙂

  • tiffany macan says:

    Hi I’m Tiffany I’m new here and I’m excited to start!!!!!

  • Michelle says:

    New here… just purchased my book on Amazon. So excited!!!!!

  • I am a little late…………..but want to start anyway 🙂 I just ordered the Covenant member book and bought the first video session…………….I am a little confused on how to register for the study.

  • Yvonne Cook says:

    My name is Yvonne. I’m getting started late but would like to join this study. I ordered my book tonight & I’m looking forward to getting started.

  • Debra De Jong says:

    My name is Debra. I have signed up for Bible studies in the past but it has been awhile. I was going to school at the time and found it difficult to keep up. I have since then finished school and look forward to connecting with other Christian women and learning God’s word together.

  • Ida says:

    I am always looking to know more and more from the word of God and I like to know him better.

  • Hi my name is Wanda and I’d like to join you all in studying the covenant. I’m from Memphis, TN.

  • Linda Davis says:

    I missed the first the first week of the Kay Arthur Bible study. How do I get to the first week’s lesson, or is this week the discussion of the lesson one homework. I’m new at this. Thanks

  • Elizabeth Etnoyer says:

    My name is Elizabeth. I’m almost 32 years old, single but in a new dating relationship, and juggling my last semester of my doctorate in music (piano), babysitting 10 month old twins, playing piano for my church and church choir, accompanying at colleges/universities, teaching 15 piano students, and living with my parents and commuting daily. My life is hectic and exhausting to say the least. I feel this is where God has me right now for a reason. My main goal in my life right now is to seek the Lord and build a strong relationship with Him. I am a virgin and dating a man who is divorced and has a son. He is a Christian but I want my faith in Christ to be what attracts him to me and my prayer is that our relationships draws us both closer to the Lord, not further away. I appreciate prayers and encouragement! I’m hoping to lead this study in my home with my best friend Sarah who is a mom of 3 boys, her mother and my mother and I. Our “four-some” group is like a sister-hood and I know we all desire to have a closer walk with Jesus, even amidst chaotic schedules and life.

  • Amy Cline says:

    My name is Amy and I am 42 years old. I am divorced unfortunately, and have recently been betrayed by someone that I loved deeply. I have suffered a lot of loss in the last year and am looking to strengthen my relationship with God and myself.

  • lizzie says:

    I come this morning for special prayer for my addicted son. I pray for him to be touched by God for an intervention. Prayer and God are the only way.

  • Sarah says:

    My name is Sarah and I am 37 weeks pregnant with my first child, so I will be a mommy soon. A friend of mine just had a baby so we are going to be taking time to grow closer to Christ while trying to figure out breastfeeding, diapering, and how to juggle everything.

    • Congratulations on the pregnancy and new journey. Sounds like it would be fun for you and your friend to start a blogging journal too? We’ve had many nursing moms attending our live small fun to meet online together 🙂 Welcome

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