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By December 7, 2014Jeremiah

Jeremiah Online Bible SutdyWelcome back to online Bible study at the Women’s Bible Café! Week six completes our study of Jeremiah, Daring to Hope in an Unstable World by Melissa Spoelstra.  This week, we studied “Finding the Source of our Hope: The Promised Messiah”.  What a wonderful lesson to end our study.  Our week was action packed with the following lessons:

  • An Audience of One
  • Good Plans Ahead
  • Hope That Brings Us Back
  • The Promised Messiah
  • Full Access

There is much to take away from this week’s lesson. I challenge you to spend time working on administering the antidote to the fear of people and circumstance into your life so that you can move into the fear of God and free yourself of the bondage fearing other things.  Remember Jeremiah 29:11, a verse that is full of hope that God will always love us and bless us even when circumstances seem grim and we lose hope.  There is much hope in God, reflect on how having VIP access to God through Christ will give you hope, increase your relationship with Him, strengthen your prayer life, grow your faith, awaken your hunger to learn more about Him.

Here’s a short sample video for Session 6

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK (answer in small groups or post a comment here)

  1. Have you ever struggled with the fear of people and circumstances? How did you move to the antidote which is the fear of God?
  2. What can make it hard for you to trust God when circumstances are difficult?
  3. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for well-being and not for trouble, to give you a future and a hope.” Think on this for a moment. When struggles come in your life, do you find it difficult to believe that God’s plans for you are still good? Why is it difficult even when Jeremiah 29:11 tells us differently?
  4. When have you had to stand alone for God? During this time, how did God sustain you?
  5. Let’s revisit our first week, Jeremiah is a story of hope in an unstable world. After completing the study, do you have hope in God and His word over the circumstances in your life?


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