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Welcome to online Bible study at the Womens Bible Cafe! We are having some wonderful discussions in our group time on what it means to be in a covenant relationship with our Lord and Savior. This week we are discussing Week Three, “The Lord Watch Between You and Me”  from the book Covenant by Kay Arthur.  Our weekly lessons included:

  • A Solemn, Binding Agreement
  • Mizpah
  • Come and Dine
  • Sovereign Administrator
  • At the Table

Kay Arthur writes, “Covenants were not to be entered into lightly.”  We saw the seriousness and responsibility of this when Jonathan and David entered into a covenant.  This promise was not only between Jonathan and David, but with the Lord as well.

The Lord will be between me and you, and between my descendants and your descendants forever.” 1 Samuel 20:42

King David remembered the covenant he made with his beloved friend Jonathan by giving Mephibosheth, son of Jonathan, and his descendants after him all the property that once belonged to his grandfather, King Saul.  But not only this, he also gave him a place to dine at the King’s table forever. But Mephibosheth, being lame in both feet, feels flawed and unworthy of his gracious offer.

Oh how flawed I am and unworthy to dine at the King’s table.  But God has given us Jesus who shed His blood for us on the Cross, and offers us the gracious free gift of forgiveness of sins and a place in Heaven where we will dine at His table forever. Did you see that?  For how long?  Forever! By accepting His free gift, we enter into the new covenant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Won’t you dine at the King’s table today?  He is waiting for you with open arms.


  • Join a small group and fellowship with your fellow Bible students!
  • Basic Study: Complete Week 4 in the Covenant workbook, about 20-30 minutes each day.
  • Optional due to cost: Watch Session 4 video or listen to the audio and follow along in your workbook on page 87. To download video sessions from Lifeway CLICK HERE
  • Write a prayer of praise to God in the margin of your workbook thanking Him for your salvation and a place to dine at His table forever.
  • Digging Deeper: Do a word study on “Mizpah” (Genesis 31:49).  Use the resources at  Instructions on how to use this tool is included in “Files” in the WBC Covenant chat room.  Write your findings in the margin of your workbook or your journal.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK (answer in small groups or post a comment here)

  1. Have you ever made a promise to someone that included the Lord in that promise? If so, what does it mean to you personally that the “Lord is between you and me forever”? (Page 71)
  2. How could we explain in simple terms to an unbeliever what it means to dine at the King’s table? (Pages 83-84)
  3. From all that we learned about covenant in our study thus far, how has it changed your thinking in relation to God and to your life?
  4. What is the most significant thing that had a great impact on you from the study this week?

Bonus Question:  What can happen to those who do not judge themselves but take the cup and the bread in an unworthy manner? (Page 86)



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