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Spring does this to me.  Butterflies, buds, green shoots, the scent of new-fallen rain, and the brightest blue of the sky hanging over the day remind me of progress, change, newness, fresh starts, and creation.

It’s hard to look at a sprout pushing through earth and feel stuck.

So for the May books in the Book Club, we decided to read about: Moving Forward.  Not stuck in the past. Not imprisoned by the present. Not trapped by regret. Not shackled by shame.  We’re moving on and moving up.

We love learning about Christian authors and discussing the books we read with each other.  At the WBC Book Club, you’ll find a fun place to fellowship, make new friends, share a passion for reading and deepen your faith.

While these selections are available in print, they are also offered in Kindle ebook format for our international guests.  You can find them on Amazon, barnesandnoble.com, christianbook.com, in Christian bookstores, or even possibly at your local library or church library.  Used books can sometimes be found on ebay or other online used book outlets.

Join us as we read and discuss the following books with our Facebook group!

Our non-fiction Book of the Month for May is Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg. We’ll be reading how to “Celebrate More; Regret Less!”


Our Fiction Book of the Month for May is Angels Walking by Karen Kingsbury.


You will start reading your books when May begins.  There is no specific reading schedule or chapter requirement each week. All you need to do is complete the book and be ready to discuss it during the month. It’s that simple! We meet in a private Facebook group or you can post your comments on our website for discussion; either method is fine.

How to Join the WBC Book Club

To join the Facebook group, LOGIN to Facebook first then click here:

Book Club: http://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCbooks/

Are you interested in reading these books in May? If so, post a comment below and tell us which book you’ll be reading.

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