Conversation Peace Online Bible Study Starts June 8, 2015

Conversation-Peace-Mary KassianONLINE BIBLE STUDY: You’re invited to study Conversation Peace: The Power of Transformed Speech (2014 revised edition) by Mary Kassian, via the Womens Bible Cafe. During our six-week study you’ll experience the power of transformed speech. This award-winning Bible study was first published in 2001, and has been updated for today’s modern women. Our study begins on June 8, 2015 so get your books and join us! We start reading week one- The Power of Negotiation- on June 8, 2015

  • Discover seven powerful speech-transforming elements
  • Master the skills of effective communicators
  • Strengthen your vocabulary with Words from the Word
  • Connect with others in a small-group experience
  • Freshen Your Breath with weekly Scripture memory

Each 20-minute daily Bible study lesson will be completed at home using your member workbook. You’ll then meet with your small group once a week to share your own testimonies and discoveries. Some of the weekly topics in the Conversation Peace: The Power of Transformed Speech book include:

  1. The Power of Navigation
  2. The Power of Cause and Effect
  3. The Power of Exchange
  4. The Power of Open Gate
  5. The Power of Construction
  6. The Power of Instruction

To participate in this online womens bible study, you need a copy of Conversation Peace: The Power of Transformed Speech (2014 revised edition) available at Amazon or  Lifeway Stores.

The workbook is NOT available in Kindle or eBook format. There is a chapter book, so if you are in an international country and unable to obtain the workbook with daily lessons, then consider the chapter book as an alternative. You’ll miss the benefit of daily lessons but still have enough information to join our small group discussions. To order the Chapter Book without daily lessons, CLICK HERE

If you have never participated in online study at the Womens Bible Cafe, it’s pretty simple. You’ll read the book at home, then visit the Womens Bible Cafe to participate in online group discussions. We have small group meetings several days of the week, morning and evening, via a private Facebook group.  Choose ONE small group that best fits your schedule…and if you miss a session then you are welcome to attend another one during the week so you do not fall behind. We will post the small group schedule as soon as we know how many women are participating…about 1 week before the study begins.

Mary Kassian is an award winning author, popular speaker, and a distinguished professor of women’s studies at Southern Baptist Seminary. She has published several books, Bible studies and videos, including: Girls Gone Wise, In My Father’s House: Finding Your Heart’s True Home, Conversation Peace, Vertically Inclined, and The Feminist Mistake.

How to Join the Conversation Peace Online Bible Study

  • Post a comment below. Be sure to introduce yourself, tell us where you live and then answer this fun question: If you wrote a book about your current season of life, what would the title be?
  • Subscribe to the email updates for the Womens Bible Cafe if you are new to our studies- click here
  • Join us on Facebook for small group meetings- click here
  • Get a copy of the Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian Print workbook version CLICK HERE or Kindle Chapter book version without daily lessons (not recommended) CLICK HERE
  • Make sure you read the WBC Getting Started page when you click here
  • Direct link for the workbook:

I look forward to seeing you in the small groups!

With Love,

christine abraham




How do I know if I’m registered?

  • We do not have auto-responder email programs. If you post a comment on the website, you are registered.
  • Small groups are open attendance and you select your own day and time you wish to attend.
  • Once you register by posting a comment on the website, join our Facebook group for updates.
  • Facebook groups meet here:

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Founder and Ministry Director of the Womens Bible Cafe™ since 2009, Christine has led 60+ online Bible Studies for women. She completed a Graduate of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She's an inspired writer, Amazon Top Reviewer and Blogger Follow on Facebook

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  • Karen McMahon says:

    Karen from Minnesota

  • Shalonda says:

    I just got back from vacation. I plan on joining the bible study…”Conversation Peace”. My book would be…”The Busy Bee…Who is Losing Her Mind!”

  • Marianne says:

    Marianne from Manitoba, my book would be…”One day at a time”

  • Amy says:

    Amy from Clearwater “Enjoy the Crazy…Mom of 3 Boys;Then I got 2 Pups”

  • Brianna Thibodeaux says:

    Hi, Brianna from Louisiana. My book title would be, “Life is never hard unless you make it”

  • Melanie says:

    Melanie from Northwestern WI. My book would be “Overwhelmed! Help!”

  • Carla Decker says:

    Carla Decker from Spokane, WA. This study is just what I need as I think my book would be titled: Operation Keep Your Mouth Shut.

  • Susan Young says:

    Susan from San Felipe, Baja Norte, Mexico, temporarily in Northern Calif. Title of my book: Learning to Listen

  • Laura says:

    I’m Laura from Texas, and my book title would be Finding My Way and Purpose in a New Normal. Looking forward to tomorrow

  • Tracy says:

    Hi, I’m Tracy from Central Florida. My book title would be “Leaving the Negative Behind”.

  • tinsey says:

    Makes me wish I had not done it already. This study “rocks”

  • angelic4law says:

    My name is Angela. I live in California, mom to 4 hard working men, and a crafty busy body, lol. The Name of my contemporary book would be “I’m So Fabulous Lord, Why Me…Why”

  • Casig Fielder says:

    Casig Fielder, from Red Oak Texas. Blessed to be here.

  • Kathryn Moretti says:

    Kathie Moretti….Delmont, Pa. I ordered my book and excited to join another WBC Study… thank you and God Bless all of the wonderful women helping to keep the Womens Bible Cafe growing strong on the foundation of the Word!!!!!

  • Marna from Iowa. I’ve lost count of which bible study this would be. My book would be based off of Jer. 29:11. The plans to prosper me, give me hope and a future…. I live by that scripture.

  • Diana Cook says:

    Hi I am Diana Cook from Arnold Missouri and I am looking forward to this study. My book title would be Walking with Jesus through my storms.

  • Renae Richardson says:

    Hi. I am Renae from Alaska, the title of this season of my life would be “Progress Not Perfection”.

  • Beckie Murray says:

    Hi I’m Beckie from Iowa and I know I could use this study! I’m currently studying the new testament with a friend. It’s sure an eye opener. See you in June

  • Nelda Von Gonten says:

    Good morning everyone! I am Nelda from Texas. The title of my book would be Lord! Where Do I Go From Here?

  • Rae Ann Elvin says:

    My title would be Contentment with Room for Improvement. I get complacent in areas of my life at different times. It seems I have a hard time doing everything equally as well. Bible study, my walk with God, eating well, exercising. It tough to get it ALL done. But it want it ALL! LOL. Love WBC!!! You are a blessing Christine!!!

  • lachelle says:

    Labelled from tx- book title help me understand.

  • Tonya Fisher says:

    My name is Tonya and I am from Indiana, my title would be slow down, it goes so fast.

  • Donna C says:

    Just signed up…….Amazon finally had it back in stock……my book would be “This too shall pass”…….as a mom to 4 little ones, I seem to use this phrase alot

  • DeeDee Purvis says:

    My name is DeeDee Purvis
    I just googled … Are there any women’s bible study in Clermont Florida on Fridays?
    This popped up. Sounded interesting especially because I have been thinking about peace in my life greatly for the past week, forget about my whole Entire life ☺️
    The title of my book would be “Letting go….”

  • Lorna Leavitt says:

    Lorna Leavitt here, always enjoy this groups bible studies. i am looking forward to this topic. i am from Iowa and my book title right now would be, ” Jesus first, but wheels on the car are going, going, going. “

  • vanda says:

    Hi I’m Vanda. I just sqw the email on the datr change and ordered the book. hopefully I can get it in time. My book would be “juggling life like an octopus and not be mental”

    My first wbc study was in 2009 when there were about 200 people. Isn’t this amazing!!?

  • Beth Odor says:

    My name is Beth And I live in Spencer, Iowa. My books title would be “what is my next?”

  • Just got my book! Excited!

  • Amber B. says:

    Amber from South Texas. I’m so excited about this study!!!

  • Leisa Patrick says:

    Can’t wait for the new study to begin! The chapter of life I am in would be called “Is it over – I don’t think so: Finding God’s Direction in the Later Years of Life”.

  • Jackie Mcmahan says:

    Hi my name is Jackie McMahan and I live in rural Alaska. Hmm…. my book could be called “Embrace the Mess” or “Making Time for Moments of Peace” 🙂

    • Barbara Welch says:

      Hi Jackie McMahan. Alaska is my favorite vacation spot. What a blessing to live on such a beautiful state.

  • Melinda says:

    Central New York
    Still Standing

  • Melissa Caldwell says:

    Hello my name is Melissa. I’m from Oklahoma. The title for my book would be…soon to be empty nester

  • chellies2015 says:

    My name is Chellie and I’m from Michigan. I think the title of my book right now would probably be Crumbs and Chaos. I’m a stay at home mom to 4 children, whom I homeschool. I’m a foodie, a photographer, and a blogger. Things can be pretty chaotic around here, and yes, there’s always crumbs. 🙂 I love the title of this study, I could use a little more peaceful conversation.

  • Mary Glatt says:

    My name is Mary Glatt–I live in Topeka Kansas–The title of my book would be “Life is a Series of New Beginnings”

  • Meagan Walker says:

    Hello, I am new to online studies and am definitely yearning to learn more and make sure that I am in the word every single day. A book about my life right now would be, “Faithful Mothering – Raising Children with Special Needs with a Godly Foundation.” It can become challenging and I believe easy to constantly question how well you are doing as a mother when you are making significant medical decisions on a daily basis and easy to forgot to stop and pray about every decision.

  • Jody Ross says:

    Just to make sure I signed up, I’m Jody Ross. My book would be called, Yes. He. Can.

  • Amber says:

    Hi my name is Amber from Colorado and the title of my book would be…. Season of Changes

  • Mackenzie says:

    Hi! I have enjoyed online bible studies in the past, and am looking forward to this one. A book title for my current season of life? My Many Hats. Trying to find time to be a mom, wife, daughter, teacher, and follower of Christ.

  • Erica says:

    Hi my name is Erica. I live in California, in the Bay Area. My book title be “Fighting for Peace”.

  • Charlene Koroby says:

    I’m Charlene Koroby and live in Colorado Springs, CO. The title of my book would be “Step by Step”.

  • I am Karen Doyle Buckwalter from Spartanburg SC. I did Conversation Peace in 07 and am looking forward to doing it again.

  • Leandra Nightwolf says:

    Hi, my name is Leandra Nightwolf and I live in El Paso, TX. I’m a 63 yo widow of 9 yrs due to my husband’s suicide and I think my book would have to be hearing God through grief’s fog .

  • Lita Romero says:

    Hi My Name is Lita. I Live in Indonesia. My book’s title will be “Caring for my elderly parents”

  • Corrina says:

    Hello. I am Corrina from California!

  • Donna L. says:

    I’ve enjoyed two WBC online studies now and am looking forward to this one! Donna from San Antonio, Texas. A book about my life right now might be entitled SIMPLY BLESSED! I am so grateful to the Lord, resting in His promises, enjoying the simple pleasures and joys of life, and feeling so immensely blessed at the “empty-nest” stage of life.

  • Kaitlyn J. says:

    Hey my name is Kaitlyn and I’m from Northern Illinois. The title of my book would be Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel with Two Under Two.

  • Annette Grubb says:

    Hi, I am Annette. Looking forward to this study.

  • chrisinpsl says:

    Chris Bures from Florida but in the next month will be residing in Prince William Co. (Gainesville), VA! Yep, my book title: Starting the next 28 with you! We have spent 28 years of our marriage in FL with my family and are returning to my husband’s home town to live out the next 28 with his family. Not quite “empty-nesters” but really enjoying serving God in this new/different way in N. VA! Looking forward to the study.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hello – I am Jennifer from NE Wisconsin. I’ve had this Bible study on my bookshelf for years and am so excited to have an opportunity to finally complete it. My book title would be: I’m Juggling but the Balls are Dropping All Around Me

  • 3hearts1love says:

    The topic of this study had drawn me in, I’ve never done a study on what comes out of my mouth. Even though I wasn’t going to buy any more books; I know this is a God thing and it will speak loud and clear to me.

  • cassiecorsey1 says:

    Looking forward to this study!

  • Valerie says:

    Valerie from Wausau, WI. My book would probably be called Be still and wait.

  • Dorothy Whittington says:

    My name is Dorothy Whittington. I live in Birmingham, AL. My book title would be “Too Busy in Birmingham.”

  • Michelle Stevens says:

    Good Morning I am Michelle Stevens I live in Wichita Kansas. The title of my book would be Embracing the Diagnosis of Autism (My Journey as a Single Mom).

  • Charlene Koroby says:

    Hello, My name is Charlene Koroby. I live in Colorado Springs, CO. My book title would be, “Persevering: Step by Step”

  • Tamara says:

    Hello! My name it’s Tamara and I’m in Tucson, AZ. My title would be, Finding the Fire Again.

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    I am from Westerville Ohio and am looking forward to this study may the Lord bring revelation joy and blessing to this study and transformation in Him 🙂

  • Tiffany Albert says:

    Hello! My name is Tiffany Albert from KY. Can’t wait to start this Bible study.

  • Cheryl Thomson says:

    I have my book nd have been reading it. My name is Cheryl and I live in an unusually wet N. TX.

  • sonni says:

    Sonni from Georgia. Book title Enjoy Life

  • Clarissa Cody says:

    Good evening. I am Clarissa from Flagstaff, AZ. It is snowing here at the moment..just beautiful. My book would be named… Breathe and Exhale.

  • Yajmee Xiong says:

    Hello my name is Yangmee from CO. The title of my book would be called: Baby Blues – The aftermath.

  • Becky says:

    I just lost my bf to heroin. In need of friends

  • Jen Semler says:

    Looking forward to this study.

  • Tracie says:

    Tracie Canada and I am from Arkansas. my book title would be: Im finalky Free!

  • Jennifer says:

    Jennifer in NEFL; “midlife restart” would be the title of my book. 😉

  • Carolyn says:

    Carolyn from Pa

  • Natasha says:

    My name is Natasha and I live in south Florida. I think my book would be titled, Trusting God: Learning How to Make Peace With Your Purpose.

  • Toni says:

    Can’t wait to join this study.

  • comnie says:

    Got my book, can’t wait!

  • I am Sherrese and I live in Maryland. Book title would be Faithfully Standing

  • Pat says:

    Book is ordered. Looking forward to this studt.

  • Kitty says:

    My name is Kitty and I’m from East Central Wisconsin. It has been way too long since I’ve been a part of a women’s bible study and have missed it. I hope this is the right fit for me. “Learning to put my trust in God before others”, would be my book title. We have a blended family of young adult children with some ongoing conflict. My confident and direct personality is a tough pill to take when you’re not accustomed to it. I really need this study and look forward to it. I pray that God gives me the knowledge, wisdom and discernment to learn from this study and utilize it in my daily life in the way He wants me to.

  • Millie says:

    Hi. My name is Millie and I live in Vermont. My title would be Authentic Transparency ; how to be stand fully exposed in grace and humility. And it would the kind of book that begins with a forward/intro of : I am writing this book with no authority, learning as I seek to know and teach.

  • lisagoularte says:

    My name is Lisa and live in Topeka, Ks. This will be my first online bible study. Hoping it fits into my crazy busy life as I need to get back into the word!! If I were to write a book about my season of life right now “Over the Rainbow”. I have two beautiful girls – 6 yo and 16 months. It took 5 years of infertility and 3 miscarriages to bring home my second daughter. My 6 yo is my ray of sunshine and my 16 mo is my rainbow baby after the storm!!!

  • Aeisha says:

    My name is Aeisha. I live in Rochester, NY
    My book title would be called Overcoming Obstacles

  • Noelle says:

    Hello! I am Noelle and I live in Ohio. I would title my book.. ‘(Mostly) Going with the Flow’…. Looking forward to this study. 🙂

  • Ann Smith says:

    I got the book today and am in need of this study!

  • Kendra says:

    My name is Kendra, I’m in Houston, TX. I’ve wanted to join a women’s bible study for some time now, I hope this is the right fit for me. “A room full of open doors”, would be my book title. I’m currently standing at several forks in the road.

  • Gail says:

    Hi! I’m Gail from Washington! My title would be “Watching in awe while God moves”

  • Debrah Veronese says:

    I would describe my season of life in a book title as ” Anticipation, to live in a time such as this”. Looking forward to doing this study with my sister, Gail, in another state!

  • Linda Lawson says:

    i am Linda from Georgia. This is my second study with your group and the name of my book would be A work in Progress.

  • Deana says:

    Hello. I am Deana from Lubbock, Texas. Looking forward to learning. Hmmm, a book title about my current season in life? Finally figuring it out….at 50

  • Beverly says:

    I’m Beverly from GA and I’m looking forward to this study! My book would be called A New Beginning.

  • Bernadette harned says:

    I have just signed up for this. I have the book and I am extremely excited to begin this session!

  • Sherrie Traffanstedt says:

    Hello my name is Sherrie Traffanstedt. I was introduced to this group by Gina Windle. I live in North Little Rock AR. If I were to write a book about my current season of life the title would be The ups and downs of the human spirit in this crazy world that we live in. I look forward to this study.

  • Grace Moore says:

    I ladies! My name is Grace Moore from Southern Illinois! I’m excited about starting this study!

    • Grace Moore says:

      Hi* ladies! Also, If I wrote a book right now it would have to be focused on the importance of life and truly living to the fullest extent.

  • Melissa Baker says:

    Excited to start this study!

  • Hello, My name is Karen and I am from Madison Wisconsin. I am so happy to find on online Bible/Book study. I will be traveling in Thailand (teaching a course) as this study starts…so it is a great way to be part of a study even though “on the road” Thanks for the Women’s Bible Cafe. A bit challenged to think of a book title…but will go with “Grateful to Grow in Christ”.

  • Jameesa Spann says:

    Hi everyone my name is Jameesa Spann and I am in Gergia. If I had to title a book it would be called In the Mist of It All

  • Melody Baldwin says:

    LOOKING forward to this study!

  • Lynn says:

    I love words and conversation! Perfect study for me! Lynn from Indiana!

  • Jen says:

    Looking forward to this study. My book title would be “Where did the day go?”

  • csileebear says:

    Chris from Michigan and my book would be called Unexpected Usefulness-my Faith Journey

  • Rhonda says:

    Hello, my name is Rhonda I was born, raised and am raising my children in Alaska. My book title would be: Loosing It, Falling Short and Forgiving Yourself

  • Renee says:

    Hi everyone!! My name is Renee and this will be my third bible study 🙂 I think the title of my book would be “Growing A Family, A Little Heartbeat At A Time” I am looking forward to receiving my book and starting this wonderful study!!

  • Kay says:

    Hello. I am Kay and I live in Rapid City, South Dakota. My book title for this stage in my life would be “What In The World Is Going On???”

  • janice says:

    Hello Janice from Richmond Va. Title- Loving my fully swamped life!

  • Carol says:

    Hello from Florida! I enjoyed Anonymous so much that I am looking forward to the Conversation study! My last chapter would probably be entitled, “Homeward Bound.”

  • Ginny Bratrud says:

    Hello, looking forward to another wonderful study with this amazing group of ladies!!

  • Kari Warren says:

    Hi ladies! I’m looking forward to doing this study with you all! My name is Kari and I live in northern Colorado. I think if I were to write a book about my current life season, it would be called “Moving Beyond Survival Mode”, about my desire and struggle to live life fully for Jesus in the midst of what often feels like chaos.

  • Maria Graves says:

    Hi, my name is Maria and I live in Bedford, MA. If I were to write a book about my life I would call it Survivor with God.

  • Amanda says:

    Hi ladies. I’m Amanda and from good ol’ Minnesota! I’m excited to jon you all for this. I did write a short story about my current season in life and it is titled “A mother’s life with Jesus and children! The ups, the down and all the in between.”

  • Barb says:

    Looking forward to this study

  • JodiLynn P says:

    Hi everyone 🙂 I’m Jodi, I live in Sandusky Ohio. Hmmm….. I’m not sure if I have only one book title, truthfully, as my life feels like it could be a miniseries. However, I think I would call my book “Dinner, Disaster, and Diligence.”

  • Carla Decker says:

    Carla Decker from Spokane, WA. Looking forward to this study.

  • Barb says:

    I’m looking forward to sharing with a group and getting closer to Jesus

  • Bonjour Ladies from me myself and I , Lol I’m Desiree E. Bryant residing in Montgomery Texas where even our mosques wear saddles! Looking ahead to another wonderful study with such amazing Ladies! As for current life tittle …Hmmmm … Looney Grammy caught dangling from ceiling after discovering she’d soon be watching 6 grandkids by Turkey day!

  • Lori Erickson says:

    I’m Lori from Iowa. My book title would be – “What? I’m Retired? Really? No Way!”

  • Acacia says:

    Acacia from CA. I’m a part of a Bible Study that studies through September to May, so I always feel like I have trouble being consistent with my study during the summer. I’m looking forward to trying out this online study. The title of my book at the moment might be: Taking up a New Grip.

  • Carolyn Wall says:

    As usual I have workbook already and will be a part of this praying and godspeed and victory to all of us amen 🙂

  • Barbra Maxey Jackson says:

    Barbra Maxey Jackson – Hello, I am from SE Oklahoma aka as “Tornado Alley”. If I were to write about the season of my life that I am currently in I would entitle it ” Nothing is Terminal but Everything is Eternal”.

  • Jackie Saemrow says:

    My name is Jackie Saemrow from Mn. I really look forward to being part of this Bible Study.

  • Adelle Arrowood says:

    Hello, I’m Adelle from Georgia. Looking forward to studying this one, I read the book preview and it sounds like just the info I need. If I were to write a book about the season of life I am in now it would be entitled “A beautiful life from a beautiful Father”

  • Patti Pierce says:

    Looking forward to this study.

  • Sher says:

    Looking forward to the next study! My book right now would be “Lather, Rinse, Repeat!”

  • Carol Keeler says:

    Hi I am Carol and I just ordered my book and ready to go, Looking so forward to getting back into the word of God.

  • Tiffany says:

    Hello looking forward to the May 18th session

  • I can hardly wait. I will be ordering the book on this coming Friday!

  • Amneris alvareZ says:

    Looking forward to the bible study

  • Amy S. says:

    …absolutely loved it!

  • Amy S. says:

    Amy S. from Florida-My book title would be “Finding my Footing” So excited about this study. I actually completed the older edition one a few years ago and absolut

  • M Clark-LeBeouf says:

    Hi, I’m Marlela from Louisiana. And my chapter would be “The Balance Seeker”.

  • Cass says:

    Hi, my name is Cass. Can’t wait to start the Bible study. I live in New Jersey. The name of my book would be Bewildered.

  • Lizette Rivera says:

    Lizette “Wait are you waiting for?”

  • luvadoxi says:

    oops–didn’t read the instructions. From Athens, Georgia. This season of life–learning to be patient and trust the Lord.

  • luvadoxi says:

    Looking forward to the class!

  • Rebecca says:

    from Arkansas, “So this is how it feels”!!!

  • Tommie Rutledge says:

    So excited about this Bible study and many more to come!
    ~Tommie Rutledge
    ~Proud Mommy of 8

  • Stephanie Blitz says:

    Hi, I’m Stephanie from Maryland. The title of my book would Patience, Where are you hiding?

  • lawson27 says:

    Darlynn from Mesquite, Tx. The title of my book for this season of my life would be, “Learning to Give it All to God”….Yes, I have control issues… 🙂

  • Megan says:

    Megan from Colorado; What Is God Telling Me to Do with My Life?

  • Lisa Gavazzoni says:

    Hi, my name is Lisa, i live in Indiana and if i were to write a book it would be called ” life after the rapture, where did they go?”

  • Lisa DeFelice says:

    Lisa DeFelice; Marlboro, New York. What Will She Do When The Kids Are Grown? And other silly questions. 🙂

  • Angella says:

    Angella from Colorado…Learning to Trust God’s Plan.

  • Karen says:

    Hello I’m Karen from Houston TX
    My title would be called “God is Good”

  • Annette Burton says:

    I’m from Kings Mtn NC and the title of my current season of life book would be Transitioning during the Storms of Life.

  • Janette Berry says:

    Hi, my name is Janette, I am from Fort Atkinson WI. The title of my book would be: “Finding Peace”.

  • Cheri Hermans says:

    Hi my name is Cheri and I am from northern Canada and I am looking forward to joining this study. I have completed several studies through the Women’s Buble Cafe and loved each one.

  • Hi, I am Teri, from North Carolina. If I wrote a book on my life now, it would be on being a caretaker.

  • Delores Karaffa says:

    Hi, my name is Delores from Countryside, IL. My book would be titled “Lord I need you”

  • Hi, Diana from Ramona, CA. My title would be “Got Outlaws-How to survive In-laws.”

  • Katrina says:

    Hi, my name is Katrina. I live in Cedar Hill, Texas. If I were to write a book the title wood be “Finding A Place Of My Own.” I am searching for my purpose and working on a better me and getting closer to GOD.

  • judy hrncir says:

    Judy from San Antonio , TX. My title would be : Waiting

  • DeAnna Gayle says:

    I love Mary Kassian, I am so glad we are going do one of her studies. I am DeAnna Gayle and I live in Northwest Arkansas. I think the title of my book would be “Whee: Life on a Rollercoaster.”

  • mruwette says:

    Hi! My name is Mary Kay Ruwette and I live in Anthem, Arizona. My title would be “Patience and Obediance”.

  • Susan Holman says:

    I am Susan from Southeast Missouri. My title would be “I’m a Grandmother and loving it!”

  • Amy Perryman says:

    I’m Amy from NH. My book title would be “Onward and Forward”.

  • Alicia says:

    I am Alicia from NC. My title would be “On the Road Again”

  • Margaret watts says:

    I am always eager for enrichment from my father. Count me in!

  • Meagan D. says:

    Hello, I’m Meagan! I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My book title would be “Radiant & Random: A Mother’s Journey”. This is my first Women’s Bible Cafe study and I’m really looking forward to it! <3

  • Megan says:

    Megan Underwood from upstate NY. Title would be Understanding God’s calling for my life

  • Sara says:

    Hello! I’m Sara and I’m from Oklahoma. My title would be “Wondermom.”

  • Tammy George says:

    Hi my name is Tammy G. From the Texas panhandle. My book title would be “Finally free from the darkness of grief”.

  • Sherry Shu says:

    Hi I am Sherry from Western Pennsylvania. My title will be “The Bipolar Mother”.

  • Lisa Sanderson says:

    Hello! I am Lisa from Texas. I am excited about the upcoming study! My book title would likely be, “My Life as a Hedgehog.” 🙂

  • Hi. my name is Tonya lawson Dearborn
    my current season of life is patiently waiting on God a growing in his will for my life, marriage. and entire. family

  • Hi I’m Shannon. I live near Portland, Oregon. The title of my book would be: Oh, the Possibilities!

  • Christine Johnson says:

    Looking forward to this. Christine.

  • Mary Falk says:

    Looking forward to this study. I have always been blessed with WBC Bible studies.

  • Bonnie says:

    Hi, My name is Bonnie, I am living in SoCal and if I wrote a book about this season in my life, it would be titled “The Best is Yet to Come!”

  • Lisa Stone says:

    I am excited to be a part of a weekly Bible study 🙂

  • Lorra Paoletti says:

    Hi, I am Lorra, I am in Michigan. If I wrote a book about my life now, I would have to be the circus director, lol.

  • Doona says:

    I am very excited to join all the ladies in this Bible Study.

  • Bonnie Hazelwood says:

    Hi! I’m Bonnie looking forward to this study

    • sandy says:

      Hello, im Sandy and i can’t wait to start Bible study.

    • Courtney Garcia says:

      Hi I’m Courtney Garcia. I live in New Mexico. If I wrote a book about my current season of life it would be called “How to learn to love everyday as a proof of God’s love.”

  • Looking forward to this study! 🙂

    • Nora DeJesus says:

      My first on-line study. I can not wait for it to start. My name is Nora and I live in the Indianapolis area. If I were to pick a title for my book, it would be “Give me all you have Lord!”

  • Dorothy Whittington says:

    I am in Birmingham, Alabama. My title would be “What now Lord?”

  • violet says:

    I did this conversation peace on my own a few years ago wiyh my hubby, would like to do it again with a group of ladies.

  • Vicki Hardie says:

    Received Conversation Peace already. Amazon Canada has copies.

  • wilmamarler says:

    I just ordered the book.

  • Lori says:

    I’m Lori Hartin, and from Sacramento, California. This book was in my most recent Lifeway Bible Study Insider, so I’ve got it and am ready! Can’t wait! If I were writing a book right now about my life, it would most likely be titled, “This is What I’m Saying!”

  • Rose D says:

    Hi Everyone- my name is Rose. I live in NW Indiana and am looking forward to participating in this study! If I had to give a title the stage of life I am in right now, I think I would call it “How boring is that?!”.

  • My big mouth needs this one…..Can’t wait. Kathy Carenza, Florida girl living in Chattanooga Tennessee. My book name is: “Where do I go from here?”

  • Anita says:

    I am a Kentucky gal born and raised. Love the on line Bible Studies. The Title of my book would Be ” Forever Loved And Forgiven….”

  • LaGertha Phillips says:

    Looking forward to the study. I’m from Ohio. My book title is: Moving Forward… leaving the past behind

  • Michelle says:

    Michelle; Athens, Ga

    `Where Did She Move to Now`

  • Stephanie Coleman says:

    Hi! I’m Stephanie Coleman living in northern Indiana but born in southern Louisiana. The tile of my book would be “FaithWalker”

  • Kim Yecke says:

    Hello, I am Kim.
    The title of my book would be ” Precious Endings, New Beginnings. ” As my youngest graduates High School and I am now a widow.

  • Judi says:

    Judi Rainey this is my first online study with WBC excited to join and be a part of this. I live in Carrollton, GA I think my book title might be “Been there done that! Surrendered”.

  • Lynn Mathes says:

    I’m Lynn from Florida, and my book would be “Grace Upon Grace Upon Grace”.

  • Rachel says:

    Looking forward to the study! Mine would be ‘Progress’.

  • Daena says:

    Hi! My name Is Daena from Maryland. I’m studying this book for the second time in about seven or eight years because I could a refresher. My life stage book would be titled, “From Wedding Planning to Bed-wetting: The Fifty-Yard-Line of a 35-Year Parenting Career”. (My seven children range from 5 to 20. Sounds like a life sentence, no?) wouldn’t change a thing. Blessings!

  • Trisha says:

    Trisha from Austin, TX. Looking forward to this study.

  • Beverly Golladay says:

    My mouth gets me into trouble. Hoping to learn to communicate successfully. And more grace. My name is Bev and I love to read.

  • Vicki says:

    Hi! I’m Vicki from Colorado. The title of my book would be “Finding Peace After Grief.”

  • Tracii says:

    Hello from West Texas. My name is Tracii Logan. The name of my book would be “What Lord? I am back where I started from? How? Why?”

  • Brooke Loch says:

    I would love to join this study! I am from Colorado and I think my book title would be a long the lines of God lead me…. I stay home with our 2 kids and need to remind myself to take time out for my relationship with God- so needless to say I am so excited to have found this group of women to grow with!

  • Jennifer Strohpaul says:

    Hi there! I’m Jennifer Strohpaul in South Louisiana. The book I would write about the season of my life right now would be named “Camped on the banks of the Jordan: Lord, there’s no way around it, only through it!” Or something like that!

  • Rita Schmeckenbecher says:

    I’m Rita Schmeckenbecher from Little Rock AR. The title of my book would be “Love God, Love Others: Sharing Jesus and His Grace”

  • agstg says:

    Hello I’m Agatha and I look forward to this online study.

  • Jennifer says:

    Jennifer Wingerter my book would be called Learning to Listen to the Still Small Voice.

  • Janet Mulford says:

    I am Janet Mulford in Beijing, China and my title is “You shall know the Truth and and Truth shall set you free”.

  • Patty Wilcox says:

    I am Patty from Southern CA and right now I feel like I could have a book called “The Babysitter.” I have a hard time saying no to a little boy (age 6) who calls and asks “Can my sister (almost one) and I come to church tomorrow?” What that really meant was can my Mom drop us off at church with you so she can go do something else.

  • Linda R. Smith says:

    I am Linda from North Carolina. The title of my book would be “Give Me Grace”.

  • melissa reed says:

    I am Melissa reed from pine mt Georgia and my time is starting over and being restored

  • Diane Olivi says:

    Hi, my name is Diane and I am from Florida.

  • Gina Windle says:

    I’m Gina from Arkansas. My book title would be “Finding Calm in the Storm – Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus”.

  • Cindy Webster says:

    Hi, Cindy Webster from Southern California. I will be doing this study. I already have the book!

  • pavane03 says:

    Hi I’m Alicia from Northern California! The title of my book would be “Be Still And Listen”

  • Christel Walker says:

    Hi! I’m Christel from North Texas! My title would be: Wait-

  • allison says:

    Allison Gonzalez from McKinney, TX

    Book title would be: “Loving the many hats I wear.”

  • Kim Heilwagen says:

    HI from Quincy, Illinois.
    My book would be called, Renewing: stepping back IN to His light.

  • Cindy Darnell Shemwell says:

    Hi, I’m Cindy Darnell Shemwell and my book would be “Paint Stained Fingers and Empty Nests”. I’m in the Anonymous Study now. Will be looking forward to the new study at the end of May. It will be my 5th WBC study. Love them!!!

  • Hi, I’m Dawn from book title: In Transition

  • Amelia says:

    Good Evening, I am Ameila from Scarsdale, NY…My book title: Prayers are Answered

  • Mary Beth Floyd says:

    Hi , I am Mary Beth from East Tennessee. My season of life is abundant blessings through many changes

  • Sheila Waki says:


  • Lou Ann Baker Snow says:

    I am Lou Ann from Oklahoma. The name of my book would be “Happy & Content”

  • Angela says:

    Hi everyone! My name is Angela! I currently live in Florida. The title of my book would be Staying Strong through Every Day Stress… This will be my very first Bible Study ever, so I’m pretty excited!!!

  • Rev. Jessica says:

    Hi I’m Rev. Jessie from Louisiana. I’m currently writing a book but haven’t been led to a title yet

  • Ann Heagney says:

    Hi, I’m Ann from PA. My book title: A Season of Change

  • Alicia Saienga says:

    Hey, my name’s Alicia, and the title of this season of my life would be: Still Growing

  • Raena Graham says:

    This sounds like another great study…

  • Barbara says:

    Barbara from Mississippi…my book: My Nest is Empty but My Life is Full!

  • Lori says:

    Hey there it’s Lori .. I live in Kansas .. My book title: how to find peace when living in chaos !!!

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