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By April 19, 2015How to Study Your Bible

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Welcome to Week 4 of our online Inductive Bible study at the Women’s Bible Café How to Study Your Bible. We are having an awesome time in our group chat sharing what God is teaching us on how to interpret His Holy Word to discover what it means, and how we can apply His Word to our daily lives.

This week we are going to dive deeper into our study by learning how to use an Exhaustive Concordance to study the original languages of the Old and New Testaments. We will also learn how to cross-reference Scripture to study all the places in the Bible on a certain subject (Let Scripture interpret Scripture). Our daily reading lessons this week includes:

  • Chapter 5: It’s all Greek to Me!
  • Chapter 6: Let Scripture Interpret Scripture
  • Appendix D: How to Use Word Study Tools

The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) and was later translated in English and other languages. In order to gain greater clarification and insight on the meaning of some of the Greek and Hebrew words in Scripture, we need to do “word studies,” which is a major process of Inductive Bible study.

Kay Arthur writes:

“The purpose for doing word studies is to understand the meaning of a word or words in the contest you are studying.”

“Understanding the Greek verb can be an important key to a correct interpretation and application of Scripture. Remember, however, context is the most important key to correct interpretation and application, since the Greek words get their meaning from the context. Context is king!


  • Remember to always begin your Bible study by praying and asking the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth and to open your mind and heart for understanding.
  • Read Chapters 5 and 6 in How to Study Your Bible.
  • Read Appendix D: How to Use Word Study Tools.
  • Continue your observations on the Book of Colossians. Instructions are posted in the Inductive Studies chat room.
  • Practice doing a word study by looking up the Greek word translated “manifested” in Colossians 1:26. You can look this up in an Exhaustive Concordance (see Appendix D) or by using the online resources at Step by step instructions for using this online tool are posted in the Inductive Studies chat room. Write your findings in the margin of your Colossians Observations Worksheet.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK (answer in your small group or post your answers here):

  1. When studying a letter, how do you discover the author’s purpose for writing?
  2. What is the purpose of word studies and how are they helpful?
  3. What is the most significant thing you have learned so far about Inductive Bible study that has already impacted your Bible study in a new and exciting light?


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