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prayerbiblecoverIf you’ve always wanted to pray through the Scriptures then you’ll like The Prayer Bible: A Modern Translation. Translated by  Dr. Elmer Towns and Roy Zuck, this unique approach to praying through the Bible is captivating the interest of many women who follow me on social media. I’ve been sharing photos as I’m praying and numerous friends have been commenting on the experience.

Each book of the Bible begins with the identification of a key word, key verses and theme. As you read the Bible you’ll pray back the words. For example, the Modern Translation begins “Lord, in the beginning You created the heavens and the earth.” The passage is followed with a prayer, such as “Lord, I can’t deny Your existence or almighty power; I bow in Your presence and I confess Your greatness. Accept my praise and adoration. Amen.”

In the back of the Bible you’ll find 549 “Principles of Prayer” based on the research of Dr. Elmer Towns, Liberty University co-founder and Roy Zuck, former senior professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.

While I’m not a huge fan of modern translations such as the Amplified Bible or Message Bible, I’m really captivated by this Prayer Bible. Between the verses the authors have painstakingly inserted references to 549 Biblical prayers. In addition to this, they also include written prayers which help me to slow down my Bible reading and pray through the Scriptures. Here’s a sample:

Prayer Bible Sample Page

One Amazon reviewer noted an editing error on Genesis 42:4- I have not noticed any other errors to date.

When my family asked what I wanted for my birthday (I’m hard to shop for when my celebration is a few days after Christmas) I asked for The Prayer Bible A Modern Translation as my gift. It was worth the wait and knowing it’s a gift from family members, I treasure this Bible even more. This would be an awesome gift to honor a birthday, anniversary, baptism, graduation or holiday.

My only disappointment with the Bible is that it doesn’t include a ribbon to mark the page where I’m reading, and it’s rather heavy because of the hardcover. I hope the authors and publishers will consider an imitation leather cover in the future.

If you’re looking for a prayer Bible, then I highly recommend this. If you are looking for a study Bible, I’d recommend the Life Application Study Bible in the translation of your choice.


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  • Wilma Marler says:

    The more reviews, the more excited I become about receiving it.

  • Sheree says:

    Awesome review, Christine! I recently purchased this Bible, and it has quickly become my favorite. I love praying back the Scriptures to God as I’m reading. I’m hoping this Bible will be offered with a nice leather bound cover in the future so I can have it personalized for Christmas gifts. 🙂

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