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By May 3, 2015Experiencing God

experiencing god 6Welcome back to online Bible study at Women’s Bible Café! This week we are discussing Unit 6 of Experiencing God by Henry and Richard Blackaby entitled “When God Speaks – Part II”. Our lessons this week continue the topic we began last week – how God speaks and how we can hear Him.

This week we learn about how God speaks to us while we pray, what do to when God is silent and the importance of spiritual markers in our lives. Prayer is a very important spiritual activity, yet one we too often neglect. Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God. When we ignore prayer, we ignore Him. Through prayer we can build a relationship with a God who is present in our lives. So how should we do this prayer thing? Any way we can, as long as we do it consistently. Prayer opens our communication with Jesus, with the Father and with the Holy Spirit. We certainly don’t want to miss out on that!

This week we also learned about the importance of spiritual markers in our lives and about how they record our lifelong journey with the Lord. Perhaps you are like me and did not come to know Jesus as your Lord and savior until you were an adult. If that is the case, it is tempting to think that God was not part of our lives until we were saved. But as I look back over the first 35 years of my life, the years before I had a relationship with God, I can see that he was there, working on me, placing people and circumstances in my life that would eventually lead me to Him. So amazing!

God knew I would find Him long before I gave it any thought. Wow! He made sure that my grandmother prayed for me. He made sure that my best friend in junior high invited me to see Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway and that I would be enthralled by the music. He made sure that a high school friend who would later become a pastor would invite me to his youth group where seeds of faith would be planted. Regardless of how long you have known the Lord, there are going to be spiritual markers in your life. Look for them and record them. Pray over them and be amazed at how the Lord has marked your spiritual journey.


  • Join a small group discussion for study and fellowship.
  • Complete Week 7 in your Experiencing God workbook.
  • Optional: Watch the Session 7 video or listen to the audio.
  • Record your thoughts in your spiritual journal.


We are at the midpoint of the Experiencing God study. Congrats for making it this far! How can we make sure that we stick to it and get to the end of the study?

First and foremost connect with an online small group if you possibly can. Doing so will give you accountability to a small group leader and your group members that you cannot have if you are going it alone. Second, pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to keep you accountable as well. He will. Ask for the time and perseverance you will need to do your study each week. It is amazing how prayer can work to give you the time in a busy schedule that your need to complete your lessons. Try it – it works! Finally, have a plan. Think about when you will complete your study each day – and what your backup plan will be for if you miss a day. Schedule a daily date with God to work together on your lesson. Inevitably, there will be times when you will miss that date – what happens then? Carve out the time on the weekends, or whenever works for you, to get caught up. Make sure that you are caught up by the end of each week so that you don’t fall hopelessly behind.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK (answer in your small group or post your answers here):

1) Have you persistently prayed for something and not received it, or received something different? (p. 115)
2) Are you currently praying for something God is not granting? (p. 115)
3) If you have experienced silences of God, briefly describe one such time (p. 115)
4) Blackaby says “Now when I pray and God is silent, I still pray through my sin checklist. Sometimes God’s silences are caused by sin in my life. If unconfessed sin is in my life, I confess it and make it right.” Respond to this. Do you pray in this way? If we were to make a sin checklist as a group, what are some thing we might include on that list? (p. 116)
5) How can you use spiritual markers to help you discern God’s direction at a time of decision? (p. 126)

See you next week!



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