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conversation peaceWelcome to our Summer Bible Study, Conversation Peace we’re glad that you are here with us today! Have you ever gossiped, lied, nagged, or felt like you talk too much? Don’t get quiet now, we have all done a few of those once. Mary Kassian says “At their deepest root, communication problems are spiritual problems. As such, they require spiritual solutions and, for that we must turn to God.” Get ready to transform your speech using the Word of God.  We are excited to go on this journey with you- a journey where we will come out with new Godly communication skills.  Let’s get ready to sail away!

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Over the next six weeks we’ll discover how to use the word of God to transform our speech from the inside out.  We will identify areas that our speech needs transformed and actively engage in the steps to make the change.  God has a purpose and a use for our speech, and with His help we will began using our words to uplift, encourage, speak love and life to others every time we open our mouths.

Are you as excited as I am? Since I have the gift of gab naturally, I am of course always ready to start or engage in conversation. It doesn’t matter whom I’m with or where we meet, I love talking with others. But can you imagine with me just for a moment how wonderful our speech can be when we use it for God’s glory? I can imagine each of us speaking life into a person who has given up hope, encouraging our children to accomplish their dreams, supporting our spouses with loving words, uplifting co workers who are struggling with life issues. The list is endless and God is ready for us to get started! I cannot wait to journey through this study with you! I know that God is going to bless us in a mighty way.  Hold on tight!


  • Join a small group for study and fellowship
  • Pray and ask God to reveal to you areas where your speech needs transformed
  • Choose a time and special place you will complete your study each day
  • Read Week 1 in your workbook

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK: (You can answer in your small group or post a comment here on the website if you do not have a Facebook account)

  1. What scares or excites you about having a “conversation” with someone?
  2. Each week we will “freshen our breath” by memorizing a scripture verse for the week. What method or technique will you use to memorize each scripture?
  3. What words bring you comfort OR what words make you feel loved and appreciated?
  4. This final question is a question for you to answer in the inside cover of your workbook or in your journal. Think about how healthy your speech is, do you gossip, do you slander, do you lie, do you meddle, do you nag, do your encourage or tear down, do you tell secrets, do you complain, do you have a filthy mouth? Think about your answers and identify three areas your speech needs transformed and write them in your workbook or journal. (We will revisit this later in the study)

Praying for you,

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