Conversation Peace Online Bible Study | Week 6

Welcome back to our final week of the Conversation Peace online Bible study.  What an amazing six weeks it has been as we studied and learned the power of transformed speech.  Being a lifetime learner was the focus of our final lesson from Mary Kassian.

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This week, learning about having a teachable spirit resonated with me.  With a teachable spirit also comes the willingness to accept correction, or discipline.  There’s that word we like to leave out: discipline.  Webster’s dictionary defines discipline as “training that corrects, molds, or perfects that mental faculties or moral character.” Isn’t this definition just how God disciplines us? His discipline is not harsh, does not scar, or tear down, it corrects, builds us up and moves us into the direction of better actions.  But, it does hurt.  And it’s going to, but the end result in becoming a better student and growing in our walk far outweighs the pain of changing.

When I was school age, I loved learning new things. I was always so excited to make the trip to the store to purchase school supplies.  Notebooks, highlighters, pens, pencils, binders.. etc. I would be in heaven.  When I would go to classes I loved, loved being there.  I picked up things easily most of the time, but then I got to geometry, and I hit a wall. Learning all the different shapes, calculating the area and degrees of angles was so hard for me.  Every time I tried to figure it out and thought I was making progress, another deduction of points, another low grade on a test.  I did not think I would pass the class.

At one point, I was not excited about learning at all.  Isn’t this how we sometimes are with our relationship with God?  I realized this week that there are some times, like during this study, when I want to walk away and do something that is easier.  Transforming my speech and words is hard, and there were times when I thought, “I am not going to be able to control my tongue, so I will just stop talking to people.” Funny isn’t it, as if I could do that.  As we see in our lesson this week, it is not out of our reach. God wants us to be successful and He will always provide the way, and we will be able to reach and achieve it with Him as our guide.  He is committed to me, so I need to commit to Him.

This study has shown us that this is not a one time process. It is continual.  We are always in a cycle of producing a harvest with our words.  When we see the fruit of our labor, it excites us to begin again.  The last five weeks have shown us that there are many steps to transforming our speech, but once put all together in sequence, our words will come forth and bless, lift up, show love and build positive and loving relationships.  God has given us His guarantee that He is with us and that He has given us what we need to use our words for His glory.  Ask yourself this question: Do you feel more at peace with your conversations now that you did when we first began this study?

Thank you for joining us in this study. We have been blessed by your presence each week and your commitment to studying and growing in your faith.  Have an amazing summer, and we hope to see you soon for our next study.


  • Join a small group for study and fellowship
  • Give God a moment of praise for being faithful to you during this study
  • Reflect on how your words and attitude has changed since beginning this study
  • Register for Believing God Beth Moore study (starts August 10th) or
  • Register for The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You Kay Arthur Inductive Study (starts August 10th)
  • Write a review on the Conversation Peace member book/study guide- CLICK HERE

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THE WEEK: (You can answer in your small group or post a comment here on the website if you do not have a Facebook account)

  1. Why do you believe that Jesus was the best teacher and the best student? How can we model this behavior? (page 164-165)
  2. Have you committed to achieving transformed speech, or have you given up and decided that it is out of your reach? Why? (page 169)
  3. Think about this statement: “Your desire for transformed speech is an indicator of your longing for God.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? (page 171/184)
  4. Read this statement and personalize it by putting your name in the blanks:“My Spirit, who is on                                   and my words that I have put in                         ‘s mouth will not depart from                                    ‘s mouth!”  (Signed, Father God, the Almighty)How does this guarantee give you hope that you can speak the words that God wants you to speak? (page 180)
  5. Bonus Question: Share one thing you will take away from this study.

I am posting this activity for you to do during the week on your own time:


Give a prayer of thanks to God for completing this study. Thank Him for the progress you have seen in your speech over the last 6 weeks.

Since our study has ended, how will you stay connected to God going forward so that He will continue to transform your speech?  Write your answers in your journal.

Be Blessed,sonya morris nelson


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