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By August 16, 2015Believing God

This week we’re Believing God  as we discuss our first reading assignment from Beth Moore. It was exciting to see women gather in our small groups last week for the introduction sessions. I like to imagine that we’re sitting around a huge round table, big cups in our hands with coffee or tea, and intimate conversations in our hearts filled with the Holy Spirit. I’m visual.

believing god online bible study week 1

A common theme I saw in our small groups last week is a need for accountability. To me this demonstrates a lack of self-confidence and a need for prayer. I’m asking our ministry leaders to write your names on index cards and to pray diligently for you as we continue this study of faith. One of my goals is to teach you to become self-feeders of God’s Word. So you’ll crave more of Him and spend less time on distractions, such as social media or television. We all have 30 minutes a day in our schedules, yet we find it difficult to get started because of procrastination. If you want to break through this annoyance, imagine that Jesus is in your living room. Monday through Friday, He is there waiting to meet you. Bring your workbook, your Bible and your heart to Him. Pour out your thoughts on the journal exercises in the daily study. If you’re a visual personal like me and struggle to imagine He is there, then pour the Lord a cup of morning coffee or tea as a reminder you are not alone. Do whatever it takes and after three weeks you’ll create a habit that shatters your need for accountability.

Let’s talk about the reading assignment. On page 17 in the workbook, Beth Moore asks us to record what Christ says about faith. One verse in particular caught my eye:

“You don’t have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” Matthew 17:20 (NLT)

When I read this I wrote in my workbook: NOTHING HAPPENS WITH UNBELIEF. Then I prayed over this and immediately realized how diverse our churches are today. Some churches believe in miracles and they see miracles, while others do not. Outside the church community, what do you believe? Are you a miracle-believer of great faith, or a conformer?

If you want to explore this further, do some research on missionaries and their miracle stories. Also research the numerous claims of miracles in third world countries, yet not witnessed in modern societies. The topic is fascinating! Perhaps we’ve tamed our faith within the realm of acceptance and approval? Keep praying and seek answers from the Holy Spirit about this.

Beth Moore has this terrific quote on page 18- “We want to continue in our God-testing unbelief and still see Him move mountains.” If we sat at a table together I’d be raising my hand and shouting AMEN. Unbelief and mountain moving… sit with Jesus and have a conversation about that this week!

Post a comment below and tell me one thing you learned this past week of study. I want to know what Bible verse or thought really moved you from Week One.

BIBLE STUDY TIP: If you encounter a difficult question in the workbook, sometimes Beth Moore provides the answer in the next paragraph below. Pray through your lesson and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Skip the question and come back to it later rather than sitting there in “stuck” mode. Once you learn her teaching style you’ll have less difficulty with the answers. She does not give the answer immediately and encourages her students to seek the Bible before they seek Beth.

Assignment For the Week

  • Pray before you begin reading. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart to wisdom.
  • Select a small group day and time that fits your schedule. Arrive to the private Facebook group for the one hour meeting.
  • Begin reading Week Two: Believing God is Who He Says He Is in your workbook
  • Read Romans 4 at least two times this week, in a translation of your choice.
  • If you are listening to the audio cd’s or watching the videos, watch Session Two, available through Lifeway (not required for participation in the study)

 Discussion Questions- Answer in your small group or post a comment below

  1. Which of the Five Statements of Belief do you currently struggle with: 1) God is who He says He is  2) God can do what He says He can do  3) I am who God says I am  4)  I can do all things through Christ  5) God’s Word is alive and active in me.  Let the Holy Spirit convict you of your answer. What is He saying to you right now?
  2. On page 16 Beth Moore asks you to consider some of the biggest obstacles you encounter in diligently seeking God. What are some of the answers you wrote in your workbook?
  3. What are some of the rewards you’ve already received from seeking God? (page 11)
  4. On page 21 Beth Moore invites us to read Romans 4 and suggests using a Post-in note in your Bible to record the date each time you read the chapter. Have you tried this learning tool? How would you summarize Romans 4 (page 23)
  5. How did you do your first week of study: slow to start, jumped off a diving board, or sitting at the edge of the pond and still reflecting? What are some things that touched your heart this week?

With Love,

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  • Patricia Guerrero says:

    Were is the work book

  • Pertunia says:

    Hello everyone

    Please assist Session 1 Subject head caught in the act of believing (It’s your turn)
    Please write all five statements on the lines below. Are these the thing you belive God for or the five statements pledge of faith?

  • Jenifer says:

    Q5: I am behind which is why I am answering these questions here and not in one of the FB groups (my goal is to catch up and join up with a group). Faith’s very essence is dependency.; You’re not going to be the one for whom the rules change. Repent of your arrogance and lay those idols down.; The more we are filled with the Spirit, the more faith we can possess.; Faithfulness–serving and obeying God–is the outward expression of an inward fullness of faith.

    This believing God is actually having faith in Him. It needs to be a living, continual thing. Through the five precepts outlined in the first week’s lesson, my faith can grow and expand with God’s power and my willingness to allow Him to do so.

  • Jenifer says:

    Q4: The faith of Abraham can be our own faith & the rewards are for all of us.

  • Jenifer says:

    Q3: freedom, full assurance that You are in control

  • Jenifer says:

    Q2: Putting other things aside & making the time; fully placing my faith in God & not self.

  • Jenifer says:

    Q1: I can do all things through Christ, my selfishness gets in the way & I try to do things in my own strength and not through Christ. This can really wreck a person’s belief & faith.

  • Morgan says:

    I’ve always worried I have too little faith. To be honest I’ve always heard the word of God preached at me. I’ve never been good at picking up the bible and reading it for myself. I tend to get distracted. I need a goal, a solid purpose. On day five she brings up how to have faith…funny what struck me was Romans 10:17. I think hearing the word of God led me to the bible, and the tenacity to keep listening for something. I keep praying for help even when I go months and in the past years without a solid relationship with God I still know he’s there. I think God was just waiting on me to ask for help to have more faith. Help to delve deeper into that bible and pull out His words. Yes hearing His word has always maintained that little grain of faith, that grain that is solidly growing in me now.

  • Darla says:

    Day 4: p22 Where Beth talks about God letting her know that she was really forgiven.

    Q1: I currently struggle with that I am who God says I am. I feel like he is telling me that I am His and that I need to study His word and just believe what He tells me.

    Q2: time; peoples who need me; and needing to find a quiet place to study.
    Q3: Peace; knowledge; knowing that I am His and that He is always there for me to talk to and pray to.
    Q4: I have Romans 4 marked with a book maker and I have a sticky note on the front of my bible with the times I have read Romans 4. I would summarize Romans 4 as God’s unbelievable Grace!!
    Q5: I was touched to realize how much God Loves me and what He has done for me. I started Slow and I worked steady through the week. I loved looking at the word studies.

  • Sharon Robinson says:

    God is so amazing. I pray for direction for the next chapter in my life and God respond In so many ways. My hearts desire is to draw closer to a God and study His Word more.

  • Becki Rodriguez says:

    I was especially moved by Day 4. Since doing the Day 4 study, I have pondered on how my faith needs to be active, present time, and on-going. What a gift that God gives me righteousness because I believe and have faith not because I live by rituals, do the most good works, and am legalistic.

  • Ramona says:

    While reading day 2 what struck me the most is on page 15, last paragraph before It’s your turn it says “God’s pleasure is the end. Our faith is the means.” To me that sums it up. I have meditated I this ever since I read it. No matter what as long as we believe and have faith in God no matter what the situation is God’s pleasure for us is the end, how awesome is that?!

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