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By August 9, 2015Misc

WELCOME! We’re starting two new online Bible studies today: Believing God by Beth Moore and The Holy Spirit Unleashed in You by Kay Arthur. This week you’ll begin reading your workbook or study book, join a small group, and spend each day with your Bible. Our entire ministry team is praying for you. Sharon Seymour Lewis has created a special message for you to watch:

Each week on MONDAY you’ll receive an email update for the Bible studies (as long as you registered for the study and confirmed your email address). You’ll receive an email with updates for BOTH studies because several woman are participating in both of them. It’s easier to send one email than to send multiple emails on the same day…and easier for you to not miss important updates with a SINGLE EMAIL each week.

If you have any questions please message me and I’ll assist you.


With Love,

christine abraham


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