Believing God Online Bible Study | Week 9

By October 11, 2015Believing God

Welcome back to womens online Bible study as we finish the Believing God by Beth Moore. This is our final week of small group discussions and we’ll have a two-week break before we launch the next study.

believing god online bible study week 9

“I’m reminded that every leader who is great in God’s eyes is a servant.” Beth Moore

Did you enjoy looking through the Hebrews Hall of Faith and simultaneously reviewing your own footprints in life? As we completed this study were you able to see how God has prepared you for the current season of your life? Can you now complete this sentence with confidence and authority: By faith (your name)________________!

I hope you took time to complete the timeline on pages 200-202 in your workbook. What a lasting treasure for those of you who completed it! Remember Philippians 2:13 says …. for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. Regardless of your past, God can and will use you in the future if you open your heart to Him.

Print the Commission of Faith in the back of your workbook (page 223) and place it where you’ll be reminded of this study. Tell others about the book and post a review on Amazon when you Click here.

Our next study begins November 2nd so please register for the Armor of God study by Priscilla Shirer when you CLICK HERE. If you saw the War Room movie then join us for this study and learn to organize your prayer closet! Missionary Mom Stasia Nielsen will be writing our discussion questions and weekly updates for the study on prayer.

Assignment For the Week

  • Select a small group day and time that fits your schedule. Arrive to the private Facebook group for the one hour meeting.
  • If you are listening to the audio cd’s or watching the videos, watch Session Ten, available through Lifeway (not required for participation in the study)

 Discussion Questions- Answer in your small group or post a comment below

  1. Why is the statement in our pledge of faith- “God is who He says He is”- the most important of all? (page 197)
  2. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as: Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. If someone asks you to explain your faith, how will you personally define what you cannot see? Share your thoughts and let’s learn from one another!
  3. “I am who God says I am” is the most difficult statement in the pledge of faith. Why do you think so many women find this hard to accept? (page 208)
  4. What are a few things you’ve done in the strength of Christ that you knew with all your heart you could not naturally do? (page 212)
  5. God calls us to a sacrificial love, even when we don’t want to or when the person is not deserving of our love. Without using names or dishonoring someone, describe your present challenges to love, or a past situation where you loved sacrificially. Do NOT identify the person by name or role, such as husband or son! (page 214)
  6. What have you enjoyed most about this Bible study from Beth Moore?

With Love,

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  • birdiecutair says:

    Christine, What I really liked about “Believing God” was the in-depth study of it. I really like studying Hebrew and enjoyed looking up both the Hebrew and Greek words in my Strong’s Concordance. I got so much out of the passages where we did the word studies. AND, I liked making the timeline of the important dates in my life, many things I had not thought about in years.

    • This is one of my favorite studies Birdie and like you, I really enjoyed the timeline experience! It’s great to see how God was beside us in those times. Thank you for commenting with your feedback.

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