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Welcome back to womens online Bible study and our fourth week of “Joseph, the Journey to Forgiveness” by Melissa Spoelstra. This week we saw the rollercoaster of forgiveness, the highs and lows in the process. I like to imagine I’m getting into the rollercoaster and preparing for my ride. Jesus would tell me, “Buckle up for the ride..I’m right beside you beginning to end.” What words would He tell you?

Next I think of two words: SAFETY CHECK

I’m not going the ride without a security system in place. Yes, if I unbuckle the results will be deadly. But if I stay in the seat, harness on, I’ll have a ride that reaches my destination safely. So for those of you who are not letting go of forgiveness…stop wearing your OWN harness and start wearing HIS.


When I forgive, it’s done, there is nothing to look back upon. Yet the rollercoaster for me is when the offender makes another offense, and then I have to go through the process again. It has gotten easier with Jesus beside me, but in the times when I’m tired I tend to feel less enthusiastic for the event and it may take longer.

Unrealistic expectations are my barriers to forgiveness. I hold myself to a high level of integrity, honesty and trust. So when someone breaks that unrealistic expectation, it takes me awhile to adjust my forgiveness attitude. It simmers in my heart but never boils over…the Holy Spirit convicts me and together we work on my issues.

Keep working through the study…buckle your seat belt and ask the Holy Spirit for a safety check this week!

BIBLE STUDY TIP: When you join a small group you will notice women with different levels of spiritual maturity. Some are confident and seem to say the exact words you need to hear. As you observe this, please don’t think for a minute that your words don’t matter too! After leading more than 50 online studies I have observed that comments from a new believer of faith are just as powerful as someone further in her walk. Don’t let the devil silence you..speak up in small groups. Ask questions, share our testimony and step out in boldness that comes from Christ.

Assignment For the Week

  • Read Week Five: Grace and Boundaries in your study book and complete the daily lessons.
  • Optional: Watch video session one if you are using the DVD set- available at Amazon
  • Get the YELLOW studybook and register for the March 14th study at the Womens Bible Cafe when you CLICK HERE.

 Discussion Questions – Answer in your small group or post a comment below

  1. How is forgiveness like a roller coaster? How do we see Joseph alternate between the highs and lows of the forgiveness ride? Have you experienced something similar?
  2. This week we saw unrealistic expectations, blaming others, and paralysis from grief, as barriers to forgiveness. Which one of these has landed into your heart? Has it taken root or is this a temporary condition?
  3. When we ride a roller coaster we’re placed inside a harness and buckled up. Then someone will perform a safety check to make sure we’re secure. If Jesus were performing your safety check, what words do you think He would say to you before your forgiveness ride begins?
  4. As you are rebuilding trust with someone who has hurt you in the past, what are some ways you can test to see if it is emotionally, spiritually, and physically safe to proceed? What qualities, characteristics, or habits make a person unsafe for reconciliation? (page 121)
  5. What is a key concept that you discovered this week in your study?

Praying for you,

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