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fight back with joy introduction

Welcome to our Spring Online Bible study! Have you ever felt that if someone really checked your joy meter it would read “depleted?”  Do you often get the blues for no apparent reason that you can put your finger on?  Are things going well in your life, but you just don’t seem happy? I think we have all been in one of these situations, if not all of them. I know I sure have!

Margaret Feinberg will show us through her book, “Fight Back With Joy” how to get to a place where our joy buckets are overflowing! Who can get excited about that? During this study, we will learn how to reclaim the joy that world didn’t give us, and so the world can no longer take it away!  Don’t you want your joy back?  I am screaming “Yes!” and if you are too, register and join us for this amazing study that will change your life! Here’s what we’re reading and discussing each week:

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During this week, you will join a small group discussion via our private Facebook group.  All small groups meet in the same place each week, so if you miss your regular group you are welcome and encouraged to join another group discussion.  This unique flexibility for Womens Bible Café online studies will ensure you will have access to our group fellowship when your schedule becomes chaotic! Our leaders keep attendance lists to help you stay accountable, will pray for you, encourage you, and journey thru this study with you. So when possible, choose one primary day and time for your meeting.

Your small group meeting will be a mixture of diverse women from different denominations around the world. We find a common ground of discussion, based on the workbooks we study.  Another unique feature of the Womens Bible Café is that we remove barriers to spiritual growth because you will not be judged by your appearance, marital status, economic status, age, knowledge, health, etc.  We don’t divide our small groups and all women are treated with equal respect.  Your voice matters most and our ministry leaders are equipped to help you share your heart and grow in faith.

When you join the chatroom, you will see a SMALL GROUP schedule pinned to the top of the group. All groups are open attendance. Select the day and time that works best for your schedule. Look for the leader photo on the day and time, and then join the discussion which takes place right under the photo. Here’s our schedule for this study (click image to enlarge).

joy schedule


 IMPORTANT: During the first week of online Bible study, many women may be exploring different small group. Some groups will be larger and move very fast, while others will be smaller and easier to read and follow.  This will all change during the second week as the women settle into the groups they have decided to join.  Please be patient – the second week becomes much easier to follow!

CONFIDENTIALITY: Anything shared in the group is not to be repeated outside of the group. Please respect the women who are transparent with their testimonies.

SENSITIVITY: Please be sensitive to the discussion by not interrupting with Facebook symbols or links to outside videos or articles (these can be shared at the end of the chat if necessary), Please also remember that nothing discussed is about one individual; it’s about the Holy Spirit, so please allow everyone a chance to share. Finally, we want this to be a place where women can share what they are going through or felling without being told how to “fix” things.  Somethings we all simply long to be heard rather than be told what to do.

NON-DENOMINATIONAL: As a diverse group of women, we have different church doctrines, Bible translations and theologies.  This is a place to respectfully disagree, rather than judging one another, so that you may grow and understand different viewpoints. It’s okay to question and see things differently; however, we ask you to be kind and sensitive to the feelings of others.

Are you ready to get started?



You will have the opportunity to share your answers to these questions during your small group time.  You may also post them here.  Consider also recording your answers in your spiritual journal.

 QUESTION 1: Tell us where you are from and what you love about the place where you live.

QUESTION 2: What motivated you or drew you to this Online Bible study and what do you hope to receive from it?

QUESTION 3: On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “depleted” and 10 is “overflowing”, where is your joy meter currently reading? (record this answer, we will revisit this question during the study)

QUESTION 4: We will memorize a scripture each week. What method will you use to accomplish this each week?

QUESTION 5: How can our leaders and the other women in this small group support you on your spiritual journey? Do you need encouragement, accountability, Bible study tips, or something else?

“The Joy of the Lord is my strength!” (Nehemiah 8:10)

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  • I joined this group…too late. How can I still access all the information? Is there a printable?

    • Christine Abraham says:

      You need the study book. We do not have printable materials, this is an online study with small group interaction. Feel free to do an independent study and read past our updates each week as you work through the book Janet

  • Ramona says:

    Q1) My name is Ramona, I am from Louisiana. I love living in Louisiana because of the food, food and southern hospitality.
    Q2) What drew me to this study is the title “Fight Back with Joy”, I hope to win back my joy and learn to fight for it.
    Q3) on a scam if 1-10 my joy is at a 3
    Q4) I write verses on index cards and carry them around with me so that I can have access to them
    Q5) I need encouragement, accountability and bible study skills

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