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Gods Not Dead 2

God’s Not Dead 2 Movie Review

When a high school teacher is asked a question in class about Jesus, her reasoned response lands her in deep trouble and could expel God from the public square once and for all. God’s Not Dead 2 opens in theaters Friday, April 1!

If you loved God’s Not Dead, get ready: God’s Not Dead 2 opens in theaters on Friday, April 1. Be inspired and motivated to stand firmly in your faith. Where will YOU stand? http://godsnotdeadthemovie.com/theaters

From the college classroom of God’s Not Dead to the public square in GOD’S NOT DEAD 2, the name of Jesus is welcomed less and less with each passing day. If Christians don’t take a stand today, will we even have a choice tomorrow?

When a Christian teacher is asked an honest question about Jesus in a public-school setting, her reasoned response lands her in big trouble. As the principal and superintendent join forces with a zealous civil liberties group, an epic court case could expel God from the classroom—and the public square—once and for all!

GODS NOT DEAD 2 movie is intellectually stimulating for the entire family. It’s unpredictable and captivating from beginning to end! Give your kids the tools they need to defend their faith inside the classroom, and build your own foundation of understanding- Must see!

As a ministry leader and theology student at Liberty University, this movie fascinates me. It confronts the challenge we face as Christians in a liberal and politically correct culture. When you stand up for what you believe, many will try to knock you down. The movie will open conversations with people of many faiths or those who disbelieve in Jesus.

It will spark controversy and where Christians are usually on the defense, this movie places them on the offense simply by its existence.

One of my favorite actors in the movie is Sadie Robertson! She shines bright with her magnetic personality!

Watch the movie and you’ll ride a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. One warning: you’ll probably watch it many more times because it’s so good!

Gods Not Dead 2

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