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Welcome back to Week Six, the final week of our online Bible study, Fight Back with Joy by Margaret Feinberg. Over the last six weeks we have learned how to Fight Back with Joy! What a wonderful journey of discovery it has been.

We began by taking assessment of where our joy meters were reading at that time. We have grown much during these weeks of study and our joy has been increasing. The study began by reminding us of God’s tremendous and fierce love for us, and how His love gives us joy.

Facing our fears, choosing joy and resting were also ways that we could increase and lift our joy. What a wonderful discovery that we could say “no” to somethings and that we could actually put our “to do” list down when we felt the need to rest, even if all items were not checked off as complete. We also learned to celebrate on purpose, even when we are faced with obstacles. Not to celebrate our obstacles, but to celebrate that we know and trust that God is with us and will see us thru. We have the choice to be defined by our situation or to allow God to restore us and refine us in the process. Rejoicing and praising God keeps our focus on God and His promise never to leave us, thus increasing our joy!

Surrender, the word that we often don’t like to hear, taught us that when we surrender to God when we know that we need help, He gives us the strength to face our obstacles. When we surrender control to Him who is ultimately in control, there is a sense of relief for us because we know that God will provide. Learning what to do when our loved ones are hurting was our final lesson of the study. We are encouraged to give of ourselves by being present for our loved ones, not necessarily speaking all the time but just to be there to listen, letting them know they are in your prayers and they are loved.

What a wonderful journey this has been! I have been blessed each week of this study by fellowship with you, God’s word and my increasing joy! May you continue to Fight Back With Joy and celebrate God at all times!


  1. Attend a small group this week. We meet here:
  2. Rejoice! Celebrate! You have completed the study!
  3. Continue to record in your journal all the things that bring you joy.
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(You will have the opportunity to share your answers to these questions during your small group time. You may also post them here. Consider also recording your answers in your spiritual journal)

Question 1: During a time you experienced loss, pain, or crisis, what have been the most helpful things people have said or done? (page 166)(When you answer the question, put Q1 before your comment so we know you’re answering question one)

Question 2: Why do you think it is hard for us to give our presence to those who are facing hard times? Does this make it hard for you?(page 166) (When you answer the question, put Q2 before your comment so we know you’re answering question two)

Question 3: JOY CHECK: On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “depleted” and 10 is “overflowing”, where is your joy meter currently reading? Look back on your answer for Introduction week, and week two. Has your joy improved? Do you feel a difference in how you respond to situations now? When you answer the question, put Q3 before your comment so we know you’re answering question three.)

Question 4: Share a picture of something that brings you joy. If you don’t have a picture, describe it.(When you answer the question, put Q4 before your comment so we know you’re answering question four.)

Question 5: Share the most important thing you feel you have learned during this study and how you intend on continuing to Fight Back with Joy?

I have enjoyed my JOY journey with you!

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