Job: Trusting God in Times of Adversity| Week 3

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Welcome back to our online Inductive Bible Study on the book of Job, “Trusting God in Times of Adversity” by Kay Arthur.   We just completed Week Three of our study, “I Wish I Had Never Been Born!” What an intense study it has been this week! We observed five chapters (Job 3-7). Do not get discouraged if you weren’t able to complete all the lessons. Just do what you can, a little is better than none.

Job finally speaks in 3:3, “Let the day perish on which I was to be born.”

Have you ever been in such intense pain emotionally, spiritually or physically that you just wished you had never been born? Job was struggling in all areas of his life, and he was completely drained. Intense suffering often prompts us to say things we don’t really mean.

In Job 4-5, we see the response of Eliphaz, Job’s friend, who argued that the innocent never suffer and that Job must have sinned to deserve the wrath of God. We know this is not true. Satan mixes in truth to make his lies seem feasible. Friends have a huge influence in our lives. We must always be careful when advising others and not assuming what God is saying to them. We must always go to God’s Word for truth and not rely on our own interpretations. If we are unsure how to encourage someone who is in pain, then praying for them is the best course of action.

Say aloud to yourself: “I know that God has a purpose in this. I know that He will bring me through this. I know that He is my good and loving Father and that He is doing a good and eternal work in my life.”

If no one else speaks hope to you, then you need to speak it to yourself.

Job felt deep anguish and bitterness, and he spoke honestly to God about his feelings to let out his frustrations: “Therefore, I will not restrain my mouth; I will speak in the anguish of my spirit, I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.” Job 7:11 NASB

The next time strong emotions threaten to overwhelm you, express them openly to God in prayer. This will help you gain an eternal perspective on the situation and give you greater ability to deal with it constructively. This is how we develop a deep meaningful personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. He wants us to bring all our feelings to him openly and honestly.

In our journey through life, we will all have mountaintop experiences as well as deep valley experiences. But did you know that we learn more in our valley experiences than on our mountaintops? This is where we experience the love and peace of God stronger than we ever have before. I know this to be true. When my father passed away a few years ago, I was in deep emotional pain, but at the same time I felt an incredible peace that surpasses all understanding.

Kay Arthur writes in the Thought for the Week…

“You and I might never walk through experiences like Job’s, but God’s Word shows us God’s character and the way we should respond to Him when we have trials. Turn to Him, run to God, hold on to His Word. Let it wash over you, lift you, and sustain you in your trials!”


  • Join a small group and fellowship with your fellow Bible students.
  • Complete your study of Week Four, “Does God Afflict the Guiltless?”
  • Pray before you begin your study. Ask your resident Teacher, the Holy Spirit, to open your heart to wisdom and understanding to learn His truths.
  • Do an online word study on “Perish” (Job 3:3) at Instructions for doing a word study are located in “Files” in the Inductive Studies chat room.
  • Store in your heart Job 5:17 (Week Two, Day Seven). A “Store in Your Heart” form is located in “Files” in the Inductive Studies chat room.
  • Fill out the “Job at a Glance” chart on Page 97. As you complete your chapter study for the week, decide what the main theme of the chapter is and record the themes for Job Chapters 3 through 7. There is no right or wrong way to write a chapter theme. This is your study and it will help you to remember what the chapter was all about.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK (answer in small groups or post a comment here)

  1. How does your understanding of who God is affect your faith as you go through a time of painful adversity? What is God teaching you when you suffer affliction?
  2. How can your faith be strengthened in your current situation as you press on in God’s will?
  3. Do you believe that any unconfessed sins in your life warrant the discipline of God?  Why or why not?  Should we despise discipline from the Lord? Job 5:17 (See also Proverbs 3:11-12)
  4. No one is exempt from low valleys of deep despair, regardless of how closely he or she walks with God.  How do you deal with discouragement?
  5. What was the most significant truth you learned from your study of Job this week?

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