Laughing in the Dark: a Bible Study on the Book of Job | Introduction Week

womens bible cafe online bible studyLaughing in the Dark: a Bible Study on the Book of Job by Chonda Pierce and Dale McCleskey begins today at the Womens Bible Cafe. We’re glad you found us and together we’re on a journey of discovery. It’s not too late to register…our studies are free. Get a copy of the study book and the movie, then join us in a small group discussion once a week.

This Bible study is a follow-up to the popular movie “Laughing in the Dark” by Chonda Pierce. The Bible study is co-written by Dale McCleskey, Lifeway editor for many Beth Moore Bible studies. The format is less intense than our previous studies. Instead of daily lessons you’ll have one chapter to read for the next six weeks. Our topics will cover loss, grief, doubt, truth, and grace as we read through the Book of Job. The study book does NOT cover all 42 chapters of Job, so I encourage you to read a chapter of Job each day, from beginning to end. As Chondra writes on page 10, “Do your Bible study this week but please don’t make it a chore.”

Job is not a character in a fictional book, he is a real person who lived in the land of Uz (a real place believed to be modern-day Arabia). He lived in the days of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob- the patriarchal period. He lived to be 200 years old. The author of the Book of Job is unknown and scholars have suggested several possibilities: Job himself, Elihu his friend, Moses, Solomon or even Ezra.

Consider the fact- this is an eyewitness account. In fact…the entire Bible is an eyewitness account from beginning to end. Breathe in that thought for a moment!

I’d like to encourage you to participate in a small group to discuss the lessons you are learning each week. Sharing is voluntary, and we do not expect you to share anything that will cause harm to yourself or another person. We meet in a private Facebook group, or if you prefer, you may answer the discussion questions here on this website by posting a comment below. This first week our small groups will meet for a time of introduction and fellowship where you’ll meet your leaders and the other ladies in your group. Our entire ministry team will be praying for you.

Please note that the first week of study, the small groups are quite populated! Many women will visit the groups to “see what it’s about” and might visit more than one group during the week. The timeline will move VERY FAST during the first week and might challenge you or frustrate you. This only happens the first week….then the small groups adjust in size and the conversation is easier to follow. During the first small group meetings, you might need to refresh your computer screen F5 to keep up. You can always go back later and re-read through the timeline in your small group and jot down the prayer requests. Mobile devices are not recommended, so please use a computer to access the small groups if possible.

One week from today we will begin discussing WEEK ONE of the lessons you studied this first week.


  1. Watch the Laughing in the Dark movie on DVD or streaming video
  2. Make sure you registered for this online Bible study so that you receive email updates each week on Monday
  3. Write a letter to God in your study book or journal. Date your letter and tell God where you are in your season of life right now, and where you hope He leads you during this study. We will not ask you to share your letter. This is personal between you and God.
  4. Pray before you begin reading. Ask your resident teacher, the Holy Spirit, to open your heart to wisdom and understanding to learn His truths.
  5. Select a small group day and time that fits your schedule. The small group schedule is pinned to the top of the Facebook group. Arrive to the private Facebook group for the one hour meeting that you chose to attend. A small group photo will be posted by the leader…look for the discussion right under the photo. We meet here:
  6. Read WEEK ONE in the Laughing in the Dark Study Book
  7. Share some of your favorite book quotes with your social media friends and hashtag #BibleCafe so we can find them too!


(You will have the opportunity to share your answers to these questions during your small group time. You may also post them here. Consider also recording your answers in your spiritual journal)

  1. You’ll need one hour a week to complete a chapter in the study book. What day will you commit to doing this? What challenges might get in your way? (When you answer the question put Q1 in front of your answer so we know you’re referring to this question)
  2. If one of your friends wrote a book about your life, which friend would most likely be the author? Why? (When you answer the question put Q2 in front of your answer so we know you’re referring to this question)
  3. What are your expectations when you read the Bible? Is this just another book, a textbook, history book? Or is it the inspired work of the Lord, His love letter to you? Why don’t we make Bible reading part of our daily routine, just like watching the evening news or a favorite television show? Let’s talk! (When you answer the question put Q3 in front of your answer so we know you’re referring to this question)
  4. There are four major themes in the Book of Job: God’s sovereign (supreme) power, the adversary of God (Satan), suffering of the righteous, and submission (to God’s rule). Pray first, and tell us which one of the four themes you need to pay attention to during the study. Share your answer: sovereign power, adversary of God, suffering or submission. (When you answer the question put Q4 in front of your answer so we know you’re referring to this question)

Praying for you,

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