Job: Trusting God in Times of Adversity| Week 6

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Can you believe it is our last week of Bible study? We just completed Week Six which ends Job Part 1. You deserve a big pat on the back. Well done! These past six weeks have not been easy. These have been tough lessons to learn. My prayer is that this Inductive Bible study of Job helped you discover new meaning in the difficulties of your own life. Job’s inspirational message is our message.

It happened! Job’s spirit is broken. He has lost all hope. He has hit rock bottom. And is he sorely depressed. Death seems to be calling him.

“My spirit is broken, my days are extinguished, the grave is ready for me.” Job 17:1 NASB

Job feels as though all the people in his life have turned their backs on him. Everyone is against him. His friends are no comfort to him. Even his own wife appears to be against him.

Have you ever been there?

No hope.

No comfort.

Nowhere to turn.

Just a dark cloud of nothingness….

So depressed, you feel as if you have one foot in the grave. I have, and it’s not a fun place to be. Those were some very dark days for me, but God showed me how very real He was during my experience with depression. Although I wasn’t suicidal, I felt as if I were dying. I believe this is exactly what Job was feeling when he said, “the grave is ready for me.

What do you do when you hit rock bottom?

Job cried out to God in his distress and anguish:

“You must defend my innocence O God, since no one else will stand up for me. You have closed their minds to understanding, but do not let them triumph.” Job 17:3-4 NLT

I read somewhere that Jesus is the Rock when we hit rock bottom, and that phrase echoes in my mind each time I feel I’m on a slippery slope. Jesus will catch you when you fall. You have nowhere to go…but up!

Look up! The key is to focus your gaze on God and not your circumstances. However, God also places people in our lives when we need help. Therefore, if you have thoughts of suicide, please seek professional help. Call the suicide hotline 24 hours a day at 1-800-273-8255.

Kay Arthur writes in the Thought for the Week…

“One lesson we can take from the book of Job is that the proposition “only sinners suffer” is not true and can’t extend comfort to people who are suffering. It didn’t console Job, and it won’t console anyone we know, including ourselves. Nothing in this statement fully explains suffering or even approximates the teachings of Scripture on comfort, consolation, condolence, and compassion.”

As we wrap up our study of Job Part 1, remember these important truths: God is working through your present crisis. He is sovereign and in control of all situations. He is the God of wisdom and love, and He knows best and has a perfect plan for your life. He is your solid Rock of salvation and strength.


  • Join a small group and fellowship with your fellow Bible students.
  • Job called his friends “sorry” comforters (Job 16:2). Do a word study on sorry at Instructions for doing a word study are located in “Files” in the Inductive Studies chat room.
  • Store in your heart Job 16:21 (Week Six, Day Seven). A “Store in Your Heart” form is located in “Files” in the Inductive Studies chat room.
  • Fill out the “Job at a Glance” chart on Page 97. As you complete your chapter study for the week, decide what the main theme of the chapter is and record the themes for Job Chapters 15 through 17. There is no right or wrong way to write a chapter theme. This is your study and it will help you to remember what the chapter was all about.
  • Register for Job Part 2 Summer Study

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR THIS WEEK (answer in small groups or post a comment here)

  1. What does Eliphaz mean when he says Job’s own mouth condemns him? (Job 15:6).   Have you ever said anything that you wished you could take back? What did the experience teach you about the power of words?
  2. Job’s friends brought great discouragement and despair to Job which finally broke his spirit (Job 17:1).  In other words, Job was extremely depressed.  Have you ever experienced deep depression due to life’s circumstances?  If so, how did you overcome it? What hope is there for the discouraged or depressed? (Job 17:15)
  3. Do you speak God’s wisdom or the world’s wisdom? How can you guard your mouth from slandering others?
  4. What makes prayer pure? (Job 16:17)
  5. What have you learned about Job so far in this study?  Is any of this applicable to your own life? What would you do differently?

Praying for you,

Sheree Poole


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